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Hi everyone,

This would be my foremost hello to all of you who come here and spend your time reading through my articles. The About Me section, as usual, coming with the anticipation that; you want to know who’s the writer isn’t it?

On Mediocre Background

I was born in Kerteh, a so-called little Kuwait of Malaysia and growing up in Terengganu, getting educated there throughout the school system and admitting degree studies at UKM for later (28 June 2009).

I love reading books in various genres, including history, philosophy, politics, thriller, and fiction. Yup, romance too.

To me, reading books are necessary if it still not compulsory. As the first Revelation also emphasize about reading, I believe there is no other legit reason why we must read and nurturing that habit among us.

I would say, a serious reading habit started from my childhood. When I was 9 years old, every day I have read Harakah, a newspaper affiliated to PAS and several other political magazines published that time back 1999.

You know what, it was Reformasi 1998 back then. Everyone talked about it and every day the papers preached about Reformasi, Anwar Ibrahim, and Mahathir. If you ask me did these events affecting my political view, yes definitely.

As far as I could remember, only the Harakah provides such information covering the truth behind the 1998’s conspiracy.

I don’t want to talk about that, yet, I must admit the way my dad asks me to discuss with him about the Reformasi, PAS, and the political events at that moment help me to figure the things out qute clearly and fortunately, I manage to build my own perspective during such young age.

Why Time To Change?

Yes, after all, this blog—Time To Changeborn and inspired, if not totally because of the Reformasi, part of it, I can say yes.

Actually, I named it Time To Change to install the aspiration from the political tsunami happened during 12th General Election back 2008. Albeit, the motivation to write undeniably coming from the childhood confabulation with my dad.

Talking about motivation, the Scorpions taught me well.

"Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams
With you and me
Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
in the wind of change"

This blog started around August 2009, writing the very first article (not even an article, to be honest)—a pretty short one—in August after admitted to UKM. Since then, I wrote constantly, expressing my views mostly about politics. What I love about blogs is you have your own sanctuary to express your voice. So do I.

I wrote when I thought it was something necessary to write about. Sometimes, maybe not. You can judge.

If you read through each of the articles here, you would definitely know my political philosophy and what principles I hold. As far as I concerned, myself not favoring any political clan, either individualism or collectivism. I may be stuck in the middle.

Sound not really convincing right (plus ironically bullshit)?

I don’t know. What I uphold is moderation. I hate any form of extremism, fanaticism, and fascism. My personal stance, the Marx’s Das Kapital also offers some good insights to think about. Same goes to Locke’s, my take on them analogous—yes, in a slightly different perspective.

What I disagree was an extremist from any sides, either you are an extreme leftie or extreme righty, I vote for modesty. Therefore, to claims of the one better to another, is sound too mindless to me.

Thus, Time To Change serves this. To write, to voice and making the opinion matters.

And, of course as a writer and human being, which are always develop and reevaluated his understanding on how the world is working and how the realities were perceived, and from time to time, he had undergone different phases in life, my perspectives and views on certain issues are changed.

That being said, my views upon certain issues I wrote in this blog, have changes gradually and you could find on certain articles, I put a special note mentioning that article is not representing my today's stance, views and interest anymore.

I kind of imagine, people might asking on why I kept those articles still?

This blog is just like archives for my views and ideas. If it was not for other people, it is for myself absolutely to revisit those views and remind myself about how incomplete, how lacking, how deficient I am as a human being, so that I can hold myself accountable to my views and recognizing my flaws along the time.

I do hope my reader would appreciate that.


Some of you might ask, why SEGUBANG? And what it means right?

I should say, it is simply my alter ego.

The fact is, Segubang's a small village located in the rural area at Bau, Sarawak. I purposely dedicate the name of Segubang as Time To Change's domain to reminisce my first flying experience from Kuala Lumpur (was LCCT) to Kuching on AirAsia flight.

I went there along ISIUKM colleagues for a community program with locals and unluckily, falling in love with them. They got me quite sentimental, I couldn't explain this by words.

What I realized about them was, I miss them so much. To indulge with the locals there, especially the kids—the Sarawak's future—and the senior folks giving me total goosebumps. I hope we shall meet again!

My Dream

I always dream to travel and writing books and live a simple life. Kind of minimalist life, you can say that too. So I start with Time To Change to practice writing skills, to engage with readers, in response to society and gain some insights through exchanging ideas and perspectives among bloggers.

Speaking about traveling, yes, I do love travel. Perhaps at many moments I always thought to let go everything, embarking a long journey exploring every continent and living nomad. If you do read Into The Wild, my intention here is exactly same to Christopher’s.

A lot of things around me motivated me to pursue this. I love to share a quote from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,

“Where do you want to go?” I asked.
“Everywhere. I want to walk on the Great Wall of China. I want to walk to the top of pyramids in Egypt. I want to swim in every ocean. I want to climb Mount Everest. I want to go on an African safari. I want to ride a dogsled in Antarctica. I want all of it. Every single piece of everything.”

My dear readers, the zenith is I want to seek happiness and the satisfaction that comes from a full and meaningful life. Mine is always being a quest, is to develop a meaningful philosophy of life.

Therefore, I ask myself, what is your philosophy of life?

I always believe in one thoughtful prose,

“Why live when you can rule?”

Exactly right, as what I think about my life. You don't have to live your life the way others expect. You don't need to look to the external for validation.

I hope you enjoy reading my writings—even some of its articles might not make any sense. Sorry for that my dear. Look, I am always welcoming and love any feedbacks and critics, either it was positive or negative, with a big applause.

The Plea

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