Monday, March 20, 2017

Dizziness of Dream Big

Last year, before 2016 was ended, I wrote about the progress we have made so far in our start-up journey. Starting with consistently putting hours in our coding classes, then proceed with prototype building process, we got quite confident this year—2017—will become something for us.

Yes, I should say so. 2017, so far is different.

Most significantly, our way of looking and analysing something. We think we are on the right track for our self-challenge this year: building a strong fundamental for building something meaningful and contributing something towards solving the problems facing by many in years to come.

However, this journey is not easy. Yet, we found it were exhausting. And, still is. The most part that exhaust us was the confabulations with our self-doubts. Sometimes, the one who needs constant reminder are ourselves.

The reminder, to not giving it up our dream.

The reminder, to keep going and keep doing.

The reminder, to look upon our own steps, retreating and reanalysed.

The major problem, and yet an opportunity, with our team right now is we are all starting with zero. We are building from scratch—our understanding, our knowledge, our worldview. Thus, I feel it is an advantage for us, to define our own meaning and ways of doing things.

Giving for example, up until now we keep changing our ideas. Start from one stuff, to another stuff. Everything looks greats, all looks like something that able to storm the world. Yet, we are still here. Nowhere.

My take on this is, our team not yet comprehend the principle of doing. Just do it, like the commercial of Nike sell. We keep talking, and talking are not doing things. Talking are cheap, so are ideas.

You might come out with thousand great ideas, or at least you yourself thinking it is a great idea. But then, those great ideas, will always be an idea, if there are no doing factor. The idea kept still on the papers, no movement, no shaking whatsoever. Unless, we start doing.

Doing of what?

This is always being a question for our team. Sometime we wonder, what should we do, to get things done?

For me, learning to code, for now, is one of the thing to do. We should do, for other thing, revisit the business model, and building teams especially the builder, since we really need one. It is indisputably hard to find someone who are willing to join our team without a real payment for quite an unforeseeable future.

This one, seems to be quite an obstacle for us, thus far. I wrote on the last article, about looking forward a far more challenging year for this 2017, and yes this is what we are facing now. We admit sometimes we felt dizziness of dream big, fearing our own weaknesses.

But, we don’t think, giving it up is an option. It will never be.