Saturday, December 24, 2016

Building Our First Prototype

This is my prompt update, regarding what we have been working for the past two months, starting exactly on 1st November. It is in my intention way long before to start this write-up focusing on our startup journey.

Yes, you hear it right. We have been working building our startup. Not really a startup yet, since we have nothing to show for the time being. Or at least I could say we have our plan, and we are working on that now.

Today, we start building our first prototype.

Kind of bemused, to be honest, to think again how we start all of these.

It starts with an idea to explore the world outside our comfort zone. We start talking about big data, how data influence people and how big data will become our future economy.

Then we coming to the word “coding”. We kind of convinced, to explore the potential of big data, we should start somewhere. It was then, become our turning point, where we actually start seriously consider the importance of coding and computational programming.

It is like we are coming to terms, of believing that ourselves have to start to learn to code.

It was then, we are putting our thought about building our own startup.

On the 1st November, we start our very first coding class, by registering and exploring—a website where anyone can learn to code free of charge, step by step.

Since then, every day we are sitting exactly on 7 in the morning at our university’s library foyer, learning to code. All of us, none having any fundamental in coding or programming, except for me, since I took a C++ class before during undergraduate.

Long story short, today, we built our first prototype. It consists several main parts for our website which later will be integrating with our mobile application. What will our website and mobile application actually be doing?

For that particular question, no we cannot reveal it yet since we are still working building and adjusting our business model canvas.

Nonetheless, my intention to share the story of what we are doing today is, you can achieve whatever you are dreams, as long as you are willing to put efforts and passion for that.

If you ask any of us, either we ever think that one day we are building our prototype by ourselves, without hiring any freelance developer, the answer was big no. Never crossed our mind that one day, we could do what we are doing today.

We are still learning, and we have certainly a way long journey ahead. We realise this trip is not easy, and never intended to be the easy one. We just try our best, and we did what we are deem to, for chasing our dream and for playing our part in this beautiful life.

We believe, in 2017, this challenge will be more exciting. We cannot wait for that.