Saturday, May 7, 2016

Doing Is Better Than Perfect

Everyone knows, that was a Facebook company motto. Literally, everyone knew it. But then, how many of us, getting the real message behind that particular sentence?

As a matter of fact, there are not many people who understand, or I should put here — care — about the meaning beneath it.

It is a sad reality, especially when it comes to the terms of organisation or teamwork.

What were in the first place supposedly to be the teamwork or a job that need a team to work on it, at last, spurned off as if the job is only meant to be on one person’s shoulders only — from the entire team.

Do you read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a scene when Ron growled and snapping on Harry, for what from his point of view, Harry was clueless and always throw away I-don’t-know kind of excuses?

Yes, that kind of particular attitude or mental is what I am pointing out here.

“We thought you knew what you were doing!” 
“I thought you knew what you’d signed up for,” 
“You know, with my arm mangled and nothing to eat and freezing my backside off every night. I hoped, you know, after we’d been running round a few weeks, we’d have achieved something.”

Yes, indeed, that are all the excuses. Just excuses — for doing nothing and hoping the fate always on their sides. It is all fabricating process, that excellently done, historically we know, by people who doing nothing and escaping the responsibilities.

This is the mentality of people who always wish foods coming down from the sky straight into their mouth. When we ask them to contribute to the team — to read, to research, to brainstorm, to throw ideas during discussions — they shrugged off. Easy and cheap.

This kind of mentality is lame and stupid. You do not contribute even a thing, and you bossing people around, asking unnecessary stuff like you're the important one. Bullshit. Again, it is so Ron Weasley when you are doing that.

If I got one thing, to be frank, fired those kinds of people will be my top priority. I don't need this sort of mentality on my team. If you want to be part of the team, then contribute something — deliver what you have meant to. If not, enough talking, start doing.

Generally, what I'm asking from the team are ideas and commitment. No more than that. I need ideas, and I need people to execute it. Yes, it’s a matter of doing. Just do. The problem with those people is they don't. Then they start fabricating excuses. Then, lie upon lie.

Are we expecting the perfect plan, or the novel ideas, or the fabulous strategy game plan?

No, we don’t. We just ask a commitment. We are just asking, participation. We are just asking, a contribution — for doing the task, for delivering the ends.

We do not seek for perfection. We strive to progress. We seek actions. Then, after then, the end will come inevitably. No, don’t. It's still not about the perfection yet, but we realise if you are doing what you are supposed to, then it will be a mean for us to achieve something at the end.

Play your part. Others will, too. Then we can talk about the perfection. Then, you can complain and criticise.

But, I can assure you, if you get your hand dirty by doing, you won’t arrive at those stages mentioned above. You just don’t because you know this is your team, and this is your responsibilities to do — not fabricating excuses.

So, stop making excuses. Start doing.