Sunday, April 24, 2016

It Has to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Something clicked in me, telling that this journey is worth taking. It might not sound fancy enough, or may be inviting some overthinking thoughts, or unwelcome feeling about the future or what might lay upon us in the next step taken.

Somehow, I manage to believe this and hold this belief dearly. Of all the time, the incessant thinking about what might happen IF — yes, that capital IF always, unintendedly, touch our nerve. We, the people like us, vividly understand this, as the struggle continues.

Why so vivid, when the stuff you are talking about is something with such degree of struggle?

The next generation will be liberated. They will be liberated. We are going to liberate ourselves. Of the stigmas, the acceptance, the public opinion, the judgement.

Indeed, it has to get a lot worse, and in no time, we never imagine the journey ahead will smooth as planned. But, we also believed, it will get better. The time will tell. The people will accept. The opinion will change, inevitably.

Our task right now is to advocate. Amplify the voice, justify the means, urging for more groundbreaking causes.

Yes, we will be liberated. One day. Stay the way you are. You are everything. You are the defining arch. Nobody will write the story, but we. So, stay where you are standing -- proudly. Don’t budge, don’t let them decide for us.

You are special, and will always be.