Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Disenchanted Privacy

Today I got an email that notified me about someone from an unrecognized location, try to login to my Facebook account. I just read away the email and decide to do nothing since I am not really active on Facebook for an at least past couple of months.

However, the email keeps dangling in my mind and make me asking a question: why someone tries to log into my Facebook?

After finishing up my work in the lab, I decide to log in to my Facebook account.

At first, it startled me after getting a notification about the account lockout. Facebook says someone tried to log in into my account and they lock it out for a while until I try to log it in again. To do so, Facebook is asking some security question to rectify me as a real owner.

After several stages of security questioning, I was able to log in again to my account. Facebook asks me to review the Activity Log, and I did so.

Guess what, it's actually proving that someone has been using my Facebook account to post some adverts into many Facebook groups, on my timeline, and pages too. Indeed, it is annoying!

Part of it, I never like and will never use Facebook as adverts display platform.

If I desperately want to sell something, I prefer to do in specific focusing groups. And another part of it, someone has been intently using my account to post adverts for their products without my permission. And it is truly morally unacceptable.

For a response, I deleted all the post that has been made by that culprit and change all the security setting of my account. I don’t believe it will work forever; however, I thought for a while it is a good measure since I decide to activate a double-layered security, which means whoever want to access my account, they need to get access to my phone too.

The overall point of all of this mess is not wholly about the mere Facebook account that I have. I don’t really care about the Facebook itself. It's just a Facebook, what a big deal?

No, it's not about it that I care. What I care is the privacy space. My Facebook account is my space. And space does matter to me, no matter what. That's a rule of thumb here.

I am all aware of the environment of online stuff, and it's dystopian on privacy. To some extent, I accept that there is no real privacy ever exist in the online world.

Albeit so, I fully accept that the story of my Facebook privacy breach is just part of many other same stories that happened every day everywhere around the world.

So the complaint here is not to make a point that I am making fuss for something puny like this. It just about the feeling of disenchanted on the breach of privacy.

It's just to remind myself and readers about the hopelessness of the online world of making the privacy matter. And to attest that, never put a trust for privacy on any online social media.