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5 Tahun Time To Change

Bulan ini genap 5 tahun +Time To Change berada di pelayaran dunia internet, memuatkan ratusan artikel variasi tema bermula dengan sebuah cetusan artikel ringkas pada 3 Ogos 2009 yang memberi dampak kepada gerak yang ingin di kuak oleh penulis sepanjang memberi khidmat di blog kecil ini,

"Give a second to think about islam...
How much you are ready yourself to be mujahideen?
This is a time to change our self...
Insya ALLAH..."
5 tahunbukanlah masa yang singkat. Saya mula membina blog ini kira-kira bulan pertama kemasukan di UKM, sehinggalah kini masih lagi setia menulis di sini walaupun sudah beberapa kali berpindah-randah dari segi branding dan teknikal.

+Time To Change mengalami perubahan besar akhir tahun lepas apabila saya mengambil keputusan untuk mula venture dalam Wordpress, namun seketika bersama platform baru tersebut tidak dapat mengatasi kepuasan menulis dan berkongsi dalam platform percuma bernama Blogspot.

Ya, mungkin seperkara lagi alasan mengapa self-hosted Wordp…

“To all Malaysians, welcome home!”

I’m trying my best to not be overwhelmed saddened to what happened to MH17, by kept reminding myself will be over it. Actually, it is not. It’s not easy to try forgetting to what happening now.

As today everyone talking in every corner about the mourning day and the arrivals of bodies and ashes of the unfortunates MH17, my tears pooling.

People say, let move on. Let bygone be bygone. The latter much more important.

Perhaps it might be true, however, the tragedy itself is a solid remembrance to ourselves to realize how the country should stand up portraying our unity, voices and hearts.

Let it be a Memoriam to MH17, forever. To all Malaysians, who those on board, welcome home. We are with you, our thought and pray with you, always in our hearts.

When I saw a few pictures showing the kids crying at the caskets of their parent’s bodies, realizing they losing their parent in a very young ages, its too much for me. I can’t take it but cried. I can’t even imagine how they would going throug…

Because Family Matters

Family is a funny thing. The Hari Raya experiences so far throughout my entire life, this year taught me personally the most important thing I need to understand: family.

To understand what is family meant. And to understand why Mother Teresa asks me to go home and love my family. And to understand too, the family is a funny, actually.

An encounter with someone who never came home for decades, suddenly making a U-turn and got realized they still have a family behind, can’t it make something to ponder about?

My dear reader, again, a family is a funny thing. Our parents, our siblings, they’re always there, you know?

They’re always there. Our stinky little brother. Our super stinky sister. Our super-duper stinky older brother. They’re always there, for us.

Deep inside of us. We don’t choose them, we get mad at them, and sometimes we feel like we don’t want them. But we always, always need them. Undeniably.

I know guys – yes, a very close one and other, mostly narrated by my dad – who hav…