Monday, November 10, 2014

The Kei, Echizen and Uniqlo

Tennis comes to its ending this season, after a series of tournaments, it is London for the final showdown. As usual, I enjoy watching this sport as much as I enjoy football, cycling and Formula 1.

ATP World Tour Finals 2014 quite appealing since I have Kei Nishikori, The Kei as my bet to challenge the title. He already got 4 single titles this season alone, including in Kuala Lumpur and his home country, Japan.

He’s unbelievable. I follow him throughout this season and witnessing how his games improving consistently. The best thing about him, and might sound too bias is he is Asian. I bet he will be the best contender for major titles next season.

Right now he leads in the First Round against Andy Murray. Just hope he will do well since Kei, besides Murray, are in the same group with Federer and Milos Raonic. If he manages to win the first game, it's supposed to be a great advantage for him to break the top spot in the group stage.

UPDATE: He won straight set 6-4 6-4 against Murray in the First Round!

He is a versatile tennis player. His appearances just remind me on Ryoma Echizen, a twelve-year-old tennis prodigy in The Prince of Tennis, a Japanese manga, which later adapted into an anime series except for Echizen could play using both hands and Kei couldn’t.

Nah, that doesn't matter. They have a lot of common things. Small in size, albeit Kei have every single chance to realise the prodigy Echizen onto reality.

Plus, he is representing Uniqlo. Sorry, sound funny right. I am just expressing how perfect for Uniqlo and its brand to have Kei as their sponsors. If you read some of my previous articles – years ago, you will know why I love this brand.

All those reasons just making me love Kei more and more. Just hope Kei would not taunt his opponent the way Echizen did, by using the phrase mada mada dane (まだまだだね). It's not polite, though.

I wish Kei good luck and have a successful campaign in London and hope next season, more will come in your grasp.