Friday, October 24, 2014

Friendship Has No End

When you grow up, you’ll find that there are certain things that you’re expected to do and to accept, whether you like them or not – to gain friends and to lose them.

Sometimes, things happen to us that aren't so pleasant. Things that we can't change or that hurt us almost more than we can bear. But those things make us stronger and able to deal with what comes next.

Indeed, to lose friends (was a friend) is one of those things. It ridiculously hurt when those people, whom we were once called them friends now turn their back on us.

I keep reminding myself, you may have friends with no friendship. For me, friends are a being, friendship is subtle. It is sacred. For the sole reason, I believe friendship – once you have them, you won’t ever lost them again. It has no end.

Once ago, I thought friendship was merely like a marriage or couples, but in a different way. Sounds weird right? Let me explain further. You have unspoken promise, and you need to fulfil that promise with zero advertize.

Like many long-term couples or the marriage, they sometimes take each other for granted. At some point, we might do that and blew it away like a normal. Then the bored coming. Then the bigger problem coming, too. Then all the shaking started.

So the couple starts to have a problem. This might lead to, without any wonder, a breakup or divorce. Or slightly cliché – take a break from each other. The worse is, found someone else much more entertaining and charm.

Like friends, it's often we get bored with each other. ; however to many consequences, mostly on the emotional rather physical. Like couple analogy I gave, being with friends also carried us to do the same – taking them as for granted.

The difference is, like marriage, they have commitments while with friends, I don’t prefer to call it as responsibility per se but a promise. This pledge – unspoken one – actually casting the sacred being called friendship. Or camaraderie, something we tend to do as much as we love to do with our own family.

Simply put here, we always stretch unnoticed, consider the real friend as part of our own family. This is normal, as a human being, yes indeed.

Nonetheless, unlike a married couple, a friend with friendship always tries to do that as little as possible. I mean to take them as for granted. I quite believe this. This is the reason why I said ahead, friendship has no end.

We try to seek creative new ways to shake things up, so we remember to appreciate each other. Bluegh... I think by saying that it's like I try to level up the friends as a lover, though. Please don’t misunderstand about this. It just “like a couple”, but definitely not in the same way.

These range from the mundane, like making sure we don’t get too used to hang out at the same restaurant, sitting in a particular seat at the table and sharing the same lame joke, to the sublime, with adventurous holidays exploring the world together.

Oh, my GOD, this is bizarre to talk about travelling. How I always dream to embark road trips around the world with the real friends. Glum. Tears. Sniffs. Enough talking about that, please focus. OK, where are we now, huh?

Yes, shaking up the conventional.

Nevertheless, above all, is keep praying the best for friends. I think this quite intangible since it is the only way to make our friend matters. Meaning, we will never take them as for granted. We will appreciate them, be generous to them, be kind and compassionate and understanding.

They might turn to be nothing to us in the materialistic orbit, or we might not see them often, or the distance between us hundred miles away, however, the constant pray to each other is so content and heartening.

Truthfully, the unspoken promise is to detach ourselves from what belongs in the pocket of our friends. Indeed, fulfilling this, the friendship will have no end. We will unearth the real friends – a platonic. A friend, or many, who will never give up on us at the time we have everything or nothing.

Again, in the lovey-dovey scene, most, and the romance stories — movies and books — end when the couple commits to sharing life together, “and they lived happily ever after.” But I've often thought the best part is what comes after the Happily Ever After — the daily grind of making a life together year after year after year.

Seriously guys, the friendship, goes totally in the same fashion. To know whether someone would end up as our real friend or not, just waiting by the time we broke, has nothing, lost, abandon, stumble and fell. Whoever refused to ditch us away from their life, yes, he or she is a friendship material.

Appreciated them, love them. They will never let you fall apart. They are neither look at our praise or approval or recognition to be friend with us, nor for fear of the loss of face, status, praise and approval to be their friend.

This might sound morbid coming from me, but you can’t live your life being afraid losing friends. Live every day, you know? Tomorrow you could get hit by a bus or whatever. If they want to ditch us, so be it.

Keep believing, the friendship is real, and the real friend will find their way to encounter us.

Once you meet them, there is no end, for both.