Saturday, August 23, 2014

“To all Malaysians, welcome home!”

I’m trying my best to not be overwhelmed saddened to what happened to MH17, by kept reminding myself will be over it. Actually, it is not. It’s not easy to try forgetting to what happening now.

As today everyone talking in every corner about the mourning day and the arrivals of bodies and ashes of the unfortunates MH17, my tears pooling.

People say, let move on. Let bygone be bygone. The latter much more important.

Perhaps it might be true, however, the tragedy itself is a solid remembrance to ourselves to realize how the country should stand up portraying our unity, voices and hearts.

Let it be a Memoriam to MH17, forever. To all Malaysians, who those on board, welcome home. We are with you, our thought and pray with you, always in our hearts.

When I saw a few pictures showing the kids crying at the caskets of their parent’s bodies, realizing they losing their parent in a very young ages, its too much for me. I can’t take it but cried. I can’t even imagine how they would going through all of this.

My pray and thought will always with you. I hope you will be strong to hold your tears. I don’t want to put any encouraging words here, as I think it seems very hypocritical to myself. If I ever in that situation, I know I couldn’t hold my tears too, dik...

Menangislah adik... menangislah. Sesungguhnya tuhan pasti tidak akan mempersiakan air matamu itu...