Sunday, July 13, 2014

What I Learnt So Far

Today we are already entering the second half of Ramadan, which means only about 15 days are remaining to fast and to indulge the month of blessing and mercifulness of The One. The last two weeks taught me a lot of things, especially on rethinking my journey ahead, which is seemingly blurring and uncertain.

Maybe it is not that bad as I thought; however, I believe as a human being to keep revisit our life planning is something certainly need to do, often to say the least.

And so the Ramadan is coming, for the last two weeks what I always ask in every prayer was the guidance to walk and to live the life. At some moments, it majorly frustrated to recall what I have gone through in life and failed miserably to achieve the end accordingly as it should be.

Yet, GOD is fair. He didn't give us the thing we think the best for ourselves; instead, He grants us the thing that nicely fit ourselves. This I thought was happening to me right now.

I believe this is the reason why ALLAH grant us a full month called Ramadan, like a magic moment and the period to rethinking ourselves and do some corrections in life.

To keep preaching about the problems we got, absolutely there was never ending for that. Sometimes, it's easier to cry and putting every single of blame words to others. The last two weeks taught me to do so wasn't wise.

Ramadan taught me about to dare to make mistakes in life, however, never repeating the same mistakes. Undeniably, this was a sorrow thing to think about. Being unemployed for some period of times – to the moment I wrote this – making it too hard to swallow.

I should be grateful for having some great friends along during a hard time, even though to be honest, to have a straightforward kind of friends isn’t the nicest thing, albeit, it's tremendously helped me to sort the things out.

Sometimes when having a rough day, we simply put everything aside, try to forget it and let it go. The same tendency goes to me. The only thing I hope the Ramadan would give me is the guts for a constant reinvention of my life.

It is not easy. It’s never easy to move from what you believe and what you see your life should be before. To take a different corner after having laid for longer periods on a particular corner of life making it was difficult to reinvent.

I hope the remaining Ramadan, ALLAH would grant me this. To have the guts and to dare to challenge my own-self of believing, stereotypical of worldview and perceptions on life.

It might be making a critical decision which is turning 360 degrees to what am I planning long before, who know?