Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Undeserving Lost

There are two losses in two weeks.

The first, I utterly convinced it was undeserving lost by Belgium and got knocked-out from the World Cup after got beaten by Argentina. For the record, I should say, Argentina never gave a real threat to Belgium throughout the game except the Higuain’s strike hitting the bar post.

However, that’s the game. That’s football. They put you in for full 90-minutes before turning back the ridiculous outcome. Since it does so, me right now hoping the Dutch doing it well and reaching their hand on the glorious cup next week.

Hell yeah, beat the crap out of Brazil!

The second lost, as it was supposedly entitled as undeserving, too, is the loss of humanity. It happened here in Malaysia. It happened here right at the moment the blissful Ramadan started.

It happened here when an arrogant, privileged politician chooses to spark the war against homeless and marginalised.

It was a lost to humanity. As well as we knew the Ramadan promised everything about the remembrance of unfortunate and forgotten, we choose to put that aside and roaring the arrogances. We are nothing but a bastard retarded of arrogant privileged.

I wrote this promptly, as a soft reminder to readers, and myself on how of us as a human being, create by GOD to love each other and to spread the love. To have a compassionate. To be tender and to give to others.

The answer for this second undeserving lost is humanity. To nurture humanity, Ramadan supposedly got you everything to think about. To lose the humanity that was instilled within us by GOD is undeserving lost.

To lose, that means to lose the life. To lose the life, means you are not deserving to breathe in this world.

The homeless, the marginalised, the forgotten, the voiceless – they are ours. They are part of us. We are we.