Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Unbelievable Belgium!

Yes, for the many parts of the Last 16, the match between Belgium and USA majorly entitled as the most exciting gameplay ever during the 2014 World Cup.

The unbelievable, actually I am echoing the commentator said after the game, referring to the gameplay by both teams.

However, to put it mildly, Belgium proved why they deserved to rank to Quarterfinal stage next coming Sunday. From my limited observations, I offer some of the key changing that affected the way of the Belgium play against the USA.

The first, credit should go to Mirallas for his excellent second half of the game, exploiting the slow-pace of left back of the USA, of which part of the reason why they lost position with both goals scored by Belgium in extra time.

The Coach Marc’s decision to introduce Lukaku as a sub in extra time was a sagacious move.

Despite having goals tally in the friendly match before the World Cup, Lukaku failed miserably to make impacts to the team throughout the games before. Origi seems impressive, even though, the lucky never met him in the match after several good chances for goals coming from his feet.

Alas, the Lukaku did a marvellous job by scoring and assisting. Maybe for this Sunday game against Argentina, I prefer Origi for a start and introduce Lukaku later for boosting factor.

Besides, as we watch how Argentina play, we could anticipate the Belgium would give them big trouble.

Speaking about Mertens, yes, today might not be his day.

Personally, I think he was a good player, however, some of his delights about selfishness making his game look awful. He was quick, creative — I hope I can say that, but the lack of team spirit.

Sorry for criticising him, as for my only goal is to see the Belgium proceed to the upcoming stage with style. I hope he learned one or two things from this game.

The midfield duo, Witsel and Fellaini were excellent, supposedly their position for this Sunday never changed. Plus Hazard and De Bruyne, I anticipate the game against Argentina would be absorbing. Commenting on the back line, I foresee there is no problem for them to stop and slowing down the pace of Messi and colleagues.

I just hope, once again, they produced interesting and beautiful gameplay against Argentina!

Finally yet importantly – but not for the final moment, congratulation Belgium for making this far in the tournament!