Thursday, July 10, 2014

Can We Replay?

"Could they rematch?"

That is the exactly what I thought after Kroos was putting the 4th goal into the net for Germany in the match yesterday. Sometimes the football was too cruel to you. Brazil went on the pitch without their main inspiration, Neymar and their captain marvel Silva.

Thus, the result told us everything about football. The game is not only about the skills and tactics, it undoubtedly keen for leadership and motivation. Yes, leadership. Brazil got everything but leadership.

The commentator says the game was disheartening. It was a Black Day for football, too lost in a shameful margin in the big occasion like World Cup was something unimaginable could ever happen.

For instance, I never am a fan of Brazil. However, the goal scoreboard seems too much to compromise. I am sure I was not alone felt the bitterness of the outcome. It is simply because as a football fan, what you expected is the gameplay was entertaining, competitive and challenging.

The Brazil outmatches the Germany. We can criticise and kept critiques the way Scolari chooses his main line-up because most of the blame should go to him. This is what I thought after the game finish with the score line was 7 for Germany and 1 for Brazil.

What's this Brazil? Consolation goal? Whatever.

I still don't get the point why Scolari to keep playing the hopeless Fred. Why Fred since you got Bernard?

I don't understand this. Please enlighten me. I might write this in favouring my favourite players, which is after the Brazil knocked out so I wouldn't be able to watch their game anymore. I never a fan of Brazil, but Bernard and Oscar.

At some moment I thought this was kind of the GOD wrath on the arrogance Brazil. We knew how Scolari proudly announced Brazil had already one hand on the cup long before the tournament started.

This reminiscent me to what the Titanic's cliché, "Not even God can sink the Titanic".

Thus, the world had witnessed how the Titanic sank and the Brazil humiliated by Germany at their very own land. Sorry, I see this as the showcase of arrogance, not such a confident manner.

Some say, they win some and they lost some. Still not convincing, though. The favorite quip on football is Os ingleses o inventaram, os brasileiros o aperfeiçoaram means "The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it", does this still intact?

I have significant doubts on it.

Alas, to see Brazil bid their last goodbye in the way of the game ended yesterday just make me sad. I hope they would wake up and come back in better shape in the next tournament, yes, in Russia 2018.

In another match between Argentina and Netherlands, I would say this game is fair and competitive although my favourite Dutch couldn't make it to the grand finale. It is OK to lose because in the end there is the only one could be crowned as a winner.

However, to lost in the shameful margins like Brazil was disheartening and undignified.

Is this would be entitled as undeserving lost to the Netherlands?

Might be. They play excellent games throughout the tournament so far. They show such entertaining gameplay, but the fate was not on their side today. Argentina, I take it as they got lucky to win the game through penalty shootout.

Nevertheless, the most credit should go to them. They fought, and they won. The grand finale will be a showcase of which football philosophy would win the cup, either the European or the Latin.

I go for Germany. I hope they live up their long dream to win the cup. As long as I could remember, they tried many times before. Lost to Brazil in final in Japan, lost in the semi-final in both series after and this year, they fought and won the spot in grand finale again.

Would they make it this time? I wish all the best and all the good luck for them.

So, could we replay?

Actually, I ask this, honestly to direct the question to FAM. Can we replay our national football glorious pride history again, in this new millennium?

Every time we are cheering on the teams playing in the World Cup, the questioning should go back to our own self. FAM, is there any hope for Malaysia to replay the glorious football moment post-SuperMokh?

Can we reply? The daunting question in my head. The echoing was never ended.