Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why Belgium Will Win World Cup 2014?

Well, I cross my finger to confirm almost everyone who watches upcoming World Cup 2014 at Brazil believe the glory will seize safely by Brazil on July 13 at MaracanĂ£. Someone says I read somewhere on the Internet, the Brazil was one hand already on the cup.

That still not count on Spain, the current champion of the last series at Africa. Or Argentina with Messi or Portugal with Cristiano. Or Netherland at least. France? I have little doubt about them.

Yes, those I mentioned was former champions. They got plenty star players, or I should say world-class footballers in the team. Their historical narratives in World Cup series was never unglorified with the successes, legendary, tears, sweats and medals. That was theirs.

Here, another team I will go unclassified their secret. The Belgium.

The Belgium roaming endlessly in World Cup until this series, they succeed to consecutively participate in the competition, just the luck never on their side till then. However, this year their story – as I strongly anticipate – will be entirely different.

To say Belgium never got qualities before, that was an understatement. Nevertheless, we know the Rio will offer something for the Red Devils. Why?

They Goes By the Name of Red Devils

They got the great history of everything. The notable victories over reigning world champions that are 2–0 against West Germany in 1954, 5–1 against Brazil in 1963, 1–0 against Argentina in 1982 and 2–1 against France in 2002 was the unbeatable record so far. Why they were able to do that?

Simple. They are Red Devils. Who can beat the devil? Who? Enlighten me, please!

Am I exaggerating? No, because of they are completely doable to do so. In football, is that impossible? NO! So does them!

They Are a Complete Team

In the final selection to Brazil, start from goalkeeper to the upfront man, they are complete. They are a dream team, whoever dream to played for. They got Thibaut Courtois, hey, who didn’t recognise this young keeper chased by thousands of European clubs next season?

They got Kompany, the tough guy at the backline of Manchester City who helped his club to regain the league title in England. Plus, he is accompanied by Vermaelen, the shining fullback armour from The FA Cup winner’s Arsenal!

The speedy Hazard, the ginger De Bruyne, the alfro brothers Fellaini and Witsel, and do I need to list all those great midfielders in this team? Yes, they got enough quality to beat Brazil to death, or to embarrass the tiki-taka Spain. I still not mentioning about the rising star, the Januzaj.

In the upfront, Lukaku has everything to make the Belgium’s scoreboard never going to be nil at the end of each game. Others, yes absolutely they are important, and they will form a complete team at Brazil undoubtedly.

With all those players, do you think Spain would be able to beat them? I don't believe so.

They Are Comparatively Young

According to FOX, the average age of the Red Devils is 25. Wow, I am sure now the ageing Spain and Netherland, and the reckless Brazil would tremble tremendously if they happen to meet Belgium after the group stage.

To say they are not experienced enough to claim the glory, which was not truly a right thesis; they already form a synthesis by proven their record of accomplishment in the European leagues.

For instance, Courtois help Atletico Madrid went through Champions League to the final in Lisbon. Hazard did a great job at Chelsea. Please count the goals and assists by De Bruyne during his time at Chelsea and Wolfsburg last season.

Also, do not forget to count the goals by Lukaku too. The Januzaj at Manchester United cannot be underestimated at all.

Yes, they are young; however, they are worthiness-ly proven.

Their Defence Is Untouchable

I already explain this up there. Go run and re-read.

Their Midfielder Are Kind of Wizard

Also, please re-read what I had explained up there. Anyway, the Januzaj itself would be a wizard during the time at Brazil. Let watch this young’s debut for Belgium.

Got any comment?

They Are in Group H

Group H supposed to give no problem to the Red Devils. The Algeria, the Russia and the South Korea. What should I anticipate from all these games with Belgium, except the Red Devils won all the games and proudly finish at the top of the Group H.

According to FIFA, Belgium is the most experienced thanks to their 11 previous campaigns, even if they have not taken part in Korea/Japan 2002.

They got a bit tricky, as what mentioning by Kompany in his Twitter, however, since my higher expectation of the backline of the Red Devils, the scoreboard would be like this; 3-0 against Algeria, 1–0 against Russia and 2–0 against South Korea. Not a single goal conceded? YES!

They Got Marc Wilmots

Since he took charge of Belgium, he only lost in 4 games from the total 19. They lost no a single game in the qualifications! Compare to Roy Hodgson of England, OK, I hope no one here tries to do so. Please, I am dead serious my dear reader!

Marc also won every recent friendly game in the Road to Brazil program. These for sure would boost the Red Devils to produce a devilish performance at Brazil. Are all these reasons still not enough to prove my prediction about the Red Devils? OK, how about this one?

They Got Royal Blessing


To all the fans of other teams, I wish you a very good luck and please pray hard for your team to not be scheduled to meet with this devilishly unbeatable Red Devils.

As the only reason is, this 2014 World Cup only has one winner and the winner is BELGIUM!