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The Right to Ask

Yesterday I went to a forum about MH370, our long missing aeroplane organised by REFSA. Before I went to KLSCAH to attend the forum, I read some responses from public on Twitter and Facebook about the forum, mostly condemning the organiser for not tabling any aviation specialist in the list of the panels.

On the instant, this argument sounds entirely legitimate. Plus, myself also asking, why they weren't trying to table someone who has credentials to talk about this issue, instead just inviting a politician and a lawyer.

Yes, it succeeds to assign some scepticism on the forum and the intention of REFSA for organising this event.

I kept my sceptic deep in my heart and attending the forum instead. The forum succeeding, through my observation, it was full house yesterday. Some additional chairs added in front near to panellist to accommodate the public.

For me, most of the good parts coming from Tommy Thomas, which is most of his questions in the way of the authority handling the issues was definitely acceptable and MUST be asking start from the beginning.

This is what I felt, and when he goes explaining his arguments for each of the raise questions, I never felt better before about the distress on the issue.

I will try to enlist all the questions arose by all panellists and putting here, and right now I still collect those questions. Once I got the full list, I will put it here.

My point to writing this article promptly isn’t about condemning the forum or making a remark on yesterday event. What my intention tries to do is to validate my own right to ask the government, the authority of the MH370 investigation starts from the beginning.

As for all of us knew, start the first day of tragedy, media and everyone says to respect the authority, let them do their work, stay calm and waiting for the press conferences every day at 5.30 PM by Hishamuddin Tun Hussien, and never questioning about the government transparency on this issue.

Really? Indeed, we don’t need to ask a damn single question about them?

Is that a right move, as you and me, as we are the citizens of this beloved country, as the MH370 was carried our flagship air carrier name – MAS?

Did you really think you don’t need to ask all about the distresses happened around the issue?

Did you really believe that you have no right to ask about all of these?

The forum went smoothly as it planned, only broke its rigidness once the questions open to the floor. Yesterday, I met a best friend to Captain Zahari, and he did share some of his thoughts on the forum.

Literally, he agreed that the forum like this need to continue as the MH370 start to forget by the public.

The good point comes from an ex-employer of MAS, according to him, 14 years experiences with this national carrier. He points some misjudgements made by panellist about the facts, for me that was OK, since it was an open forum and you have everything on your right to questing others facts.

The interesting part was when he questioning the media and public who never care to do homework on how the aviation world working and always making the blunder when publishing news.

His biggest remark was of the cargo mystery, as we were told it was about 2 tonnes, of unidentified cargo in the manifest issued en route to Beijing along with 237 passengers.

What’s this? What’s the game of all of this try to play with?

The ex-MAS says it was never a chance for all of the parties playing in this game can hide the truth about the cargo manifest unless the two sides actually handshake behind the door. According to him, the cargo manifest and the passengers too, both of the countries – Malaysia and China – have the complete database.

He asks, if the Malaysia authority said everything was a mystery in the cargo manifest, why don’t we ask China for the same question, as the legitimate reason is China, as a receiver SHOULD and MUST know everything inside and outside the MH370 before the flight starts the engine!

Because, my dear reader, it was a public aviation law.

OK, let us get back to my main point, about the right to ask. We, as citizens, have everything in our right to ask the government. The forum too, never, ever “can’t be organised” if there is no a single aviation specialist in the panellist.

What’s wrong with asking the thing we want to know?

What’s wrong to live up the discussion about MH370?

You know what, the utmost wrongdoing here is, the SILENCE of the government about the issue and till now they hesitate to establish a royal commission of inquiry or at least, as Lim Kit Siang says, a white paper in parliament on the MH370 incident.

Yes, we need to ask this. And it never wrong, ever, to ask.

Actually, I want to write more; however, I need to watch World Cup Netherland against Australia. It is about 20 minutes before the game now. Just stop reading here, but please, don’t stop thinking all of the questions arose here.

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