Monday, June 9, 2014

Roland Garros for The Lefty

The Lefty rules the world!

For instance, I never a fan of Rafael Nadal. As long as I remember, Roger Federer always be my choice in tennis. I am not entirely sure why Federer always gets mine before, except I tend to watch over and over again the same people won the game and making the record hard to break by the newcomer.

Anyway, this Roland Garros changes my way on tennis. I felt a bit depressed after Ferrer beat Federer, for the record at that moment I still hope Federer would reign as the champion at Roland Garros this year.

After Federer lost his way, I still watch the games till the one between Ferrer and Nadal. Seriously, that game changes my perception on The Lefty completely.

The fact is, if I am not mistaken, Nadal was the only lefty tennis player. It only makes him just an impressive player after all. The way he returns the served ball using the left hand, I can say, is superb and in his own class.

One of my friends lamenting him as a predictable player. He says Nadal was easily predicted on how he return the ball and which direction would he took. Alas, tonight Nadal proved my friend was terribly wrong!

Nevertheless, we should not forget how Djokovic continuously made a series of unforced errors throughout the game. Yet we knew these surely gave advantages to Nadal, plus he already claimed as the King of Clay.

To make mistakes at Roland Garros when you have The Lefty as your opponent is unacceptable if you ever dream to be crowned as champion there. Another obvious turning point in this game is the deuce. It always is a booby trap to Djokovic.

The last time I checked, Djokovic failed in all deuces in this game. See, how many points drops to The Lefty just drags the game into the deuces.

For all those great displays and courage, The Lefty crowned for the 9th title of Roland Garros. Congratulation!

The Lefty now only 3 Grand Slam titles behind Federer and only need another 4 more titles to become the all-time successful tennis player. Like I said earlier, I love to see the champion retain and regain the titles as it would make the newcomer tried damn hard to break the record.

Why I choose to support The Lefty? Yes, I will continuously explain in upcoming articles time by time. Carpe Diem!