Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How Belgium Doing So Far?

My favourite to win the FIFA World Cup 2014 still heavenly on Belgium Red Devils, plus they already proved their worthiness by making it to Round 16 knockout after won against Russia. As I predicted beforehand, they might win 1-0 to Russia, and it was then.

Even though, some might say the Group G still undecided, yes, part of it because the Germany needs to win against the USA. After the previous rounds, USA seems like a good contender of Group G so the chances for them to beat Germany still vast.

Only if the USA won against Germany and Portugal won against Ghana – which it seems impossible to them at the moment – the calculation of Group G might differ.

Germany would depend on their goals count to make to Round 16 and Portugal, on the other hand, needs to beat Ghana to a great goal proportions.

Would they make it? I suggest we just need to wait and enjoy the game.

So how this would affect the Belgium chances in this tournament?

The first scene is, if the USA wins or draw against Germany, they might end up as Runner-up of Group G so that Belgium will meet them. USA’s campaigns so far seem promising, thanks to the tactical mastered by Jurgen Klinsmann.

However, Belgium still has several good points to win over them and going to Quarterfinal stage. The attacking should be more critical and creative. It might be to bench Lukaku and bring over Origi in the first eleven.

The second scene is, Germany might end up as Runner-up of Group G. This would be critical to Belgium, only if we analyse the goals scored so far by Germany team. They are the third in the highest scoring team after Netherland and France with total 6 goals for.

Compare to Belgium, yes, undoubtedly my favourite team shows a less passionate in goal scorers.

Whether it was Germany or the USA or even Portugal and might be Ghana too, the Belgium has no reason for knocking out from the tournament.

They might need to realise one or two things, which would help them, as I suggested promoting Januzaj into the pitch for more clever and creative gameplay.

Mirallas and Mertens were excellent so far, so the idea to introduce Janujaz into the pitch in Round 3 should be a good chance for Coach Marc to liberalise the options of flank and wings. I hope Janujaz get featured in the last game of Group H.

Our defence right has now been unquestionable. Kompany and the lads did a very good job so far. Just need to keep the performance lasting as the target is not just going into Round 16, however, far from that.

Talking about our attacking options, we have everything but a striker. Lukaku seems disappears during his last 115 minutes on the pitch.

I am not sure what was the problem surrounding him, for the record, he never got any injury issue. He needs to work out more and more to get used to the team’s tactical.

Nevertheless, so by far of the tournament, I can say the glimpse of Origi, would stamping something incredible for the team if given more chance to the pitch by Coach Marc.

I just hope Belgium in the Round 3 and beyond playing more offensively and putting a bigger statistic on shooting rate and passing completion.