Thursday, May 1, 2014

Between Torres and van Persie

I watch a football match between Chelsea and Liverpool at Anfield. I meant, they played at Anfield and I watched on television. The game was nothing special to me since neither teams I was a fan.

I just watched for the sake of a football game, you know, it is for sure a very big game since it was between a contender team for the league title.

In addition, we know, the Manchester City chasing the title too. Therefore, whatever outcome of this game will determine the champion of BPL, at least, for clear prediction. The note before we go further, I was a Manchester United fan so my writing do not favor of any teams here.

I do not want to preach about the game. Yes, it was exciting and the result was unprecedented for Chelsea because many thinks they are underdog comparable to Liverpool. Chelsea won by two goals over Liverpool and this might affect the Liverpool’s dream to crown as champion of BPL after for how long?

Sorry, it is too long for them to not win the title and too long for me to remember the last time they were crowned as champion.

However, I do not want to talk about the game. See how many times me repeating the same phrase. OK, I want to talk about 2 world-class players, two worlds most stylish number 9, two most expensive strikers in BPL, it was then, the Torres and van Persie.

Mourinho played Torres and he produced some kind of excellent performance in helping Chelsea to secure the win at Anfield. Sorry, my dear readers, if my analysis is wrong. It's just my opinion about Torres’ game during the match.

At the end of the game, he got a crystal-clear chance to score a goal. However, the unprecedented happened. He gave up the ball, pass through to his teammate, William, and let the young striker score the goal instead.

For me, if I think of it again, or if I was in his position as a striker who desperate to prove my worthiness to the fan after the club spending on me £50m price tag, I would score without thinking twice. Nonetheless, I gave up the chance. Why?

Oh, I forgot to mention here, the Torres was a former player of Liverpool.

That was a Torres’s story. Here got another story. It was about Manchester United striker, the van Persie. The Dutch, the injury-prone and the great as well. He played for Manchester for his second campaign at Old Trafford, already stamped his name on the great goal-scorer list of Manchester, without excluding how frustrated of us as he was constantly injured throughout the season.

Last year, if I am not mistaken, on December, Manchester hosted Arsenal at home for their first game between them this season in BPL. As usual, Manchester at home, they tried to win the game at whatever might cost them. Partially wrong indeed, especially this season under Moyes’s tenure Manchester seems to be struggling at home.

In that game, Manchester won by a single goal from van Persie.

He scored on a set piece, a corner, after getting a fine delivery from Rooney. He scored the winning goal, which was not a problem. Or a subject here.

The question came out when he celebrated the goal — in my own interpretation – a very mad crazy ball of douche, bad satanic super gazillion terrorist — or what more fucking way for me to describe — yes, also the unprecedented — the unprecedented celebration ceremony by him after scoring the goal.

For a note here, he was a former player of Arsenal, a club where he spent almost a decade of his career. He celebrated the goal in front of Arsenal fan like what I was described just now.

Here come the point of discussion. What I want to discuss here is the differences between Torres and van Persie, in many ways, and in many differences we can analyze them, from their behavior towards their former club, and precisely, their fan whom once adore them and bought their jersey, and spending hundred Pounds to watch their game in the stadium.

In many seasons at Chelsea after transferring from Anfield, Torres solemnly scored against his former club. Nevertheless, if he did like last December 2012 against Liverpool, he would not celebrated the goal at all. He tried to show respect to his former club, at least, and to show a respect and sorry especially to his fan at Liverpool.

Compare to van Persie, this lad was totally different. He keen to show his decision to join the up North England club was right, to his former club and his former fan.

I took it as his Arsenal fan supposed to be very angry about his behavior towards them. So they might not a fan of van Persie anymore.

No, my writing never means to judge them from a single example. I just want to take this two situation as a superficial example for imagining the true meaning of friendship, by referring to their particular behavior during the game against their former club and how they treat their former club fan, without asserting any other part of their life.

If someone gives me these two examples of a human being and ask me to choose which one will I do a friend with, without any doubt I will choose the Torres as my friend.

I choose a loyalty over the betrayal, I vote love over hatred, I precede a respectfulness over a rudeness.

In friendship, for me solely, I would rather to a friend with a nerd who really appreciated my present, who always tried to not nettle me, who intentionally trying his hardest to comfort my feeling and at all, tried his hardest to not hurt me, no matter of excited he was or of sad he was or of happy he was during particular time.

In return, sure I am, does the same to him. Therefore, it was, after all, what the human being was.

Van Persie can do better than that on respecting his former club, or importantly his fan at Arsenal. Because on top of that, they are still your fan at their heart. They are still if not all of them; pray for you to one day to return to the Emirates.

I love the way Torres is treating his fan and his former club. The way he put respect and love far apart from anything else was deserved a floor-applauses. For me, to treat people with respect and dignity is the hardest thing to do, especially when you are in the power of something.

Yes, like here, when you are scoring against your former club in front of your former fan.

Back to our business, yes, friendship. I would appreciate someone who seeks intrinsic value within friendship. It is entirely not talking about friend for benefits. Same goes to me, I think in living this life, it is cannot be, no matter how long we have tried, to distinguish the needs of friendship and the needs of finding intrinsic value within.

Therefore, from this notion, I think, the only way to discover the intrinsic friendship and universal virtues of humankind, I would never knock the respectfulness and the dignity of humans, of peoples, of friends, of animals, of trees among me.

If I dare to put here, as Runaway Journal live up the quest of mine for meaning, it goes also to the quest of mine to find my intrinsic friendship and relationship among everything around me and live with me.