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All Hail Perdana Leadership Foundation Library!

I try to write this promptly. I enamoured, to say the least with the gorgeous Perdana Leadership Foundation Library (Perpustakaan Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana).

It was located in Precinct 8, Putrajaya with an alluring lake view surround it. I never made any comment on any library I went before, except PPAS Shah Alam. However, this Perdana Library is worth my time to put some nice words for them.

I supposed to praise all the great works they did here. I just start discovering Perdana Library and went there almost every day since was about 3 weeks ago. Quite guilt literally, after I realised I have settled at Putrajaya practically nearly 3 years, never heard about this charming place.

My interest here, I am sure some of you know I was kind of book addicted. I love reading, collect books — meant bought it, even though, find it is hard to finish read all of them, and I love to spend my time at the library or bookstore.

For me the sexiest shop lots at KLCC was Kinokuniya because I can read The Fault in Our Stars freely – yes, of course, part of the reason was I didn't have money to buy my own copy, ditto for the library, it was the sexiest building the GOD created for us.

OK to stop my grumbling; the oration here is about Perdana Library. My first day here 3 weeks ago, almost one day I just kept strolling around the book collections they have.

They just have a small number of collections to compare to other libraries, for example, UKM’s Perpustakaan Tun Sri Lanang, which I heard their collections and volumes was million!

This is what I quote from the Perdana Library website,

“To date, the Perdana Library has more than 10,000 items in a multilingual and multi format collection, having started with only 2,000 volumes of books when it began in early 2004. The collection emphasizes contemporary information resources on various subjects on Malaysian leadership,”

Therefore, they got 10,000 items. Massive, though. They got a lot of architectural books; most of them was the personal collection of Tun Mahathir.

What I heard from one staff here, Tun Mahathir have a lot of architectural books because he got a passion for architecture and from there; he tried to implement the designing stuff and ideas to develop this country during his tenure, including all the bridges in Putrajaya.

What makes me feel astonish about this library is the book collections they got are very amazing.

You know what, when surround of you was the Einstein’s The Meaning of Relativity, Darwin’s On The Origin of Species — I wonder when will JAKIM and JPM haram-ed this book from Perdana Library, in leather-bound, just to name a few, you know you exactly happen in the realm of knowledge.

They also got a lot of books authored contrary to or heavily criticised the past Prime Ministers. Their openness makes me love them more. I do not remember each of the great collections they had, albeit I can assure you they have many.

The Al-Attas’ Prolegomena, the Locke’s Treatise, the Smith’s Wealth of Nation, the Marx’s Das Kapital, the King James Holy Bible – yes, in a very classic leather-bound! The everything great…. Phew, I cannot remember every masterpiece they have here.

There are a lot of other great books and the magnum opus of all the past great minds and present too, a few.

Most of them were the collections of the previous Prime Ministers, to think again, it was normal when you became a prime minister or somebody, anyone would give you books as gifts, so no wonder they got a lot of great collections like these.

I adore with the classicists of most the books here, in leather-bound, seems like a very first edition of published and the books’ scent — the vintage aroma — you cannot just stand there and staring without touching those books and sniffing them.

I can guarantee, you cannot resist your mind to automatically order you to do that.

I wrote my gratitude, in my latest column in, towards Perdana Library for having such immense collections and importantly, being very democratic for letting all the books freely without strictures or banning of certain materials.

I hope this will perpetually, as I always emphasised the paramount urgency having a prominent public library with important collections and resources.

We knew, it was hard to find that kind of library, I mean the collections they have and the services they offer, in Malaysia. Part of them, I blame the government for the entire blunders they did in the public library.

So to have an established and prominent library like Perdana Library, in Putrajaya, near to Sri Perdana, occupied such great publications and other digital resources, they supposed to get a round of applauses from us — citizens.

Their openness and they serve very well the freedom of information and resources, is everything we crave.

To my dear readers, especially who happened, staying at Putrajaya, I highly recommend you have a visit here and utilise this enchant library.

If you are a student, or a teacher, or a parent, please, you are more than welcome to have your own picnic here.

Brings your kids, if you have one. Bring your friends, if you got them.

Perdana Library also got a Wi-Fi so you can browse your iPad without any problems.

Finally, all hail the Perdana Library for their noble incitement!

For its zenith, I am quoting Walter Cronkite,

“Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”

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