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The Bullish Goals

Today such a crazy day for me. In fact, in two weeks, it's driving me crazy. I start a new job at JAB Oceanic as a market analyst. In these weeks too, I have gone through training to be good analysts. In the meantime, I received calls for interviews for two positions at different companies.

It’s a tough training, some interviews, and today a test. It’s a final test. Fortunately, I passed the test. Easy, though, to think I went through all of these. Yet there’s a lot of difficulties and uncertainty, especially in making a decision for what was the best should I do in my life.

Apparently, the training I received and all the conversation I had in the new office here at JAB Oceanic just make me more clear about what I want to achieve in my career progression.

OK, let start with the little explanation of what actually I have been doing here as a market analyst. JAB Oceanic is a financial investment firm. We make a trade in a futures market, yes, we trade in gold. That’s what I understand so far after one-week training, and I know if you read this you will never understand what the heck I am talking here right?

What’s futures market?

What’s gold trading?

There are a lot of “what”, yet I also did feel the same before.

JAB Oceanic is one of the overseas branches of its parent company that is PT. Jalatama Artha Berjangka (Jalatama Artha Futures) – yes JAB is the acronym of its parent company’s name, based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Technically, this was an established Indonesian futures brokerage firm. It was one of the founding members of Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX), or here in Malaysia, we have Bursa Malaysia. Basically, they do have the same business nature.

If you guys familiar or knew a bit about Bursa Malaysia, same goes to JFX. Anyway, I don’t want to talk deliberately about Jalatama and all its technicality. I think I had better write another article in summarising and explaining about this futures market brokerage firm.

Anyway, today I completed the centralised training, including the basic house training on how to be a good market analyst and trader. The obvious here is every day we had brainwashed about the importance of good behaviour and discipline.

What I learned was the greediest in making a profit and arbitrary analysis will get you suffer and completely have no future to be a good and successful trader.

Therefore, to shorten the story, I passed the test with flying colours. It's good, though, since I kind of demotivated at first since I knew all my colleagues who followed the same training have a necessary academic background in this field, I mean at least they are among economics and business studies graduates.

The training is done. So it's time to talk about the real business. At the end of the day, no matter how well you are doing in the test, your performance and value depended on your capability to get clients, to make a profit for them and to gain the high incomes every month.

Easy, right? Yeah, might be.

There is an optimistic spirit. The credit should go to my super manager. I don’t need to mention his name here, yeah because he would never read this, though. However, his restless efforts to make me believe I can do this job well supposed to get some compliments. THANKS!

The journey in front of me is now just waiting for my decision and guts to drive me forward. He did a great job in motivating me. The first thing we discuss back after the training and test done was the marketing strategy and our goals as a trader.

This part kind of interesting because from here, I always wanted to know the big pictures of something before I am willing to invest my time — and money too — to it. When my manager asked me about my goals, I put several accordingly the timeline and milestone for each quarter of my career projection.

Since I joined JAB Oceanic team, I try to follow some important figures — I mean their footpath — in this field and try to get to know them by seeking the way they share the information on social media, the way they talk and behave with colleagues and clients, how they entertains others questions, how they build their career profiles, what kind of news, peoples and groups they followed online and offline, the way they do the analysis, and everything related.

I put this as my self-benchmark. If I want to be like this or that, what should I do in the first month? The kind of question always knocking my heart. Simply talking, what kind of strategy will you use or implement to achieve your goals?

I was somewhat ambitious. There is no lie about that. Here in JAB Oceanic, I admire Jordan Lambert, one of the super senior at JAB Oceanic with an almost decade of trading experiences in his belt. I took him as my self-benchmark.

The thing I admire is the passion for him to share and educate others using all the online tools he got the gold trading techniques, the daily and weekly analysis, and the details of his technicality in each of his explanations.

I put this as one of my goals. In the next 9 months, I was able to do the same — or even better — in passionately sharing and talking about this business to others. OK, so I need a proper planning and strategies to execute it.

I follow some travel bloggers and read some books written by them. They did their job passionately, and they were sharing with others even passionately too. This kind of example, I should follow. What I have been thinking is, I was able to create and established my own brand in this field. So for that, I called it as bullish goals.

It's even tougher. And tougher. If a star in Wolf of The Wall Street only have a background in biology – you know right that was the actual story of Jordan Belfort – and manage be a well-known trader so what was differed between him and me in the sense of I don’t have any excused to not do well in this field too.

The one and only key are, persistence!
“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” – Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933)

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