Sunday, February 23, 2014

August Rush

I kind of late watching a 2007 movie, August Rush. Eventually, I found this film after look at search engine results regarding the music stuff or something like that, and they showed a link to August Rush.

Lucky me when the movie was easily found at several torrent downloadable sites, and I decide to download it without hesitation.

I just want to clarify here, this is not a movie review article or stuff. This is just my anticipation on the conscience of the August Rush movie.

I read a lot of fiction or non-fiction about children’s who’s grown up at foster home especially in the USA. It’s kind of tragic to think how a kid is able to live their life without having a proper parent since their very first day arriving in this cruel world.

Losing a parent caused by accident, or any unprecedented events is still an acceptable reason for them at least, but for parents who thrown out their babies to foster home and releasing the responsibility clause for adoption is desirable to kick their face very hard.

It’s a story about Evan Tylor, a son of a lovely Romeo and Juliet couple, a guitarist Louis, and a violinist Lyla. They have music in their DNA. So what happened to Evan is not such a wonder, when he shows a great admiration and talent to the music. He’s prodigy, like what's said by Reverent J.

I recommend you guys to watch it and understand its plots. I bet the movie will break your tears and sobbing away shamelessly. Yeah, just like it did to me.

His mum thought Evan died in the accident 12 years ago. His dad didn’t know Lyla was pregnant his son. Evan though never met and see the face of their parent. They have been counting every day. They kept in faith to each other. Their love growing day by day.

The separation is cruel and mean to Evan. His character is very innocent and knows nothing, thinking nothing besides finding his mum and dad. He never knew the cruelty of life outside the shelter home. He never knew the value of twelve bucks to survive his day in the city.

And Evan is very naïve to know the Wizard is used him for his own gain!

The saddest moment when Evan duelling the guitar with his very own dad, Louis without even knowing the kind man in front of him is his real father. The scene when they say goodbye to each other only broke the major tears. When Evan told Louis, he had a concert and can’t go there,

“But what if something bad would happen if you did it?

“You never quit on your music. No matter what happens. Because anytime something bad happens to you, it’s the only place you can escape and just let it go. I learned that the hard way. And anyway, look at me. Nothing bad’s gonna happen. You gotta have a little faith.”

He gave advice to Evan to have faith in what he’s doing without him even knowing the prodigy in front of him is his own damn son!

I don't know why the movie is so good mixing up the deep sentimental feeling and lovely music. I bet you guys can imagine how it felt to be tormented by bad news like when a woman told Louis about Lyla went to the honeymoon.

Oh my GOD, please.

Maybe I am kind of person who can’t see a little kid suffer in their life. I just can’t imagine if that case has ever happened in the real world, which is the parent leave their child to foster house without felt guilty about their action.

Or more precisely, to be what happened in the movie when Lyla’s dad cheat on her about her son and put Evan in the alley of hell.

Yes, they do always happen in the real world. May GOD always bless the children at the foster shelter.

One of a very touching moment is when Lyla told his dad about her son was alive. I have been thinking how on earth I could be able to cope with that situation if it happened to me?

The movie is so unique to me. It reminded me of the beauty of music. I couldn’t disagree any more with a Wizard when he said GOD creates music to connect everything in the universe. Evan knows he would found his parent through music because he believes in music the way that some people believe in fairy tales.

Evan’s quote, “I love music more than food.” is sound innocent and polite enough to leave your mouth to hang open like what the little girl Hope did.

Anyway a big kudos to Freddie Highmore for living up the Evan character. As we all know how excellence this guy in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he has done the same excellent job in August Rush.

“Music is all around us. All you have to do is listen.” – Evan Tylor