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Work Out on Working Business Model

It's Sunday morning, and I’m sitting in the living room watching television. It's kind of lazy-day created by GOD actually. I put several tasks on my to-do list last night before went to sleep and one of them, go out today and accomplished some unfinished jobs around Kuala Lumpur.

Anyway, when the clock passes the moon, I thought about giving up that idea.

So I started working on my business plan, the particular thing that always leaves up to the cliff without further love and hug. It's kind of procrastination, I guess. So today I decide to resume my work. So I guess again, this will be my subject of attention in this article.

The last time when I have gone through my business plan, it ended with all the key points for each section. I finish writing my business model generation before and putting it on the paper all in the key points format, so I think today I need to accomplish each of it with complete sentences.

Yes in the proper look I mean. Thanks to Business Model Generation book, that I downloaded online using torrent. It's 21st century I guess, so to use my credit card to buy it online is sound too gross.

I should recommend this book to all who wish to write and planning their own business model for a startup or something.

Undoubtedly, you can use the business model canvas, which also can be downloaded free from their website, however, if you wish to have a further and better understanding of how that canvas working, reading this book is necessary.

We are focusing on manufacturing industry, so our business model running around the supply-chain theory and industrial demand trends. Honestly, talking, it's just melting my brain out of the skull!

In the pragmatic sense, you have to have the product first before you do mumble around about the market.

Yes, that's exactly I tried to do right now. Sorry, I don’t think I need to share what kind of business do we working on right now.

It's enough to say, our business model includes external partner which majorly functioning as a raw material supplier and end customers i.e., heavy industry factories and energy producers.

After I am done several readings on the industrial environment of our business, I should say a bit change is needed by our business model. It's now wise to stay in the conservative approach using one-way interaction with supplier partner, as well as customers.

To stay strong in business, in the sense of to eliminate any threats to supplies sabotage, market shrinking, etc., the precautionary measures need to highlight in the business working model.

I write the word “working model”, its bring up a lot of questions to me during the writing process. The question like how my business model works and how sustainable it is in a certain amount of time is really challenging.

So to answer these questions, I am building up several segments to unbundling the root problems. I begin the business model by briefly explains our primary activities, that named as the main activities in business canvas.

Our activities included locking the market demands, finding suppliers, product manufacturing, delivery and shipment, and research and development.

After the core activities fully-defined, then I move to the second segment, which focusing on the defining the business for creating a sustainable competitive advantage throughout the project roadmap.

I put our value proposition for customers and business partner, which mainly cover the aspects of an environment, relationship and networking, product perception and continuous dedicated research work.

Sorry for some technical sound terms I used here. I try my best to paraphrase each of the phases so you can catch up my message about the business model generation process.

The last segments I used to write today is, defining where our business stands today and what really we need to move forward our business.

I wish I can share our business model diagram here, but due to the respect of my other teammates, I don’t think I can do so. I give you some clues, maybe you might need it later.

Just try google and go through a topic like chain-store paradox and manufacturing business model I think you will get some ideas how to do it.

OK guys, it enough for my sharing. I feel exhausted after spending almost 14 hours working on this stuff and glad I still have the energy to write this up on my blog. Hope you enjoy my sharing!

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