Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Toolbox Number 16

I think I'm going to write about this week’s prompt. I usually write it up when I need more words for the soul rehabilitation. OK, I am just kidding!

Do you read my mumbling about the working business model?

So today I am starting an analysis for the approached industry of our startup on how we ensure its profitability ahead. This included on how we define our industry, and how we measure the industry size and their attractiveness to venture about.

This is kind of challenging we are facing at the moment since we know every bit of this analysis is not supposed just to end up on a scrap paper.

To do so, we believe our value proposition for customers, which likely more on promoting environment awareness and an efficient, low-cost product will be the major factor of profit potential, and prepare a quite huge room for improvement in the future planning.

Then I move to market analysis. This one is not very my speciality to make it out. I do some study and thanks to some my friends from Global Startup Youth who taught me on how to do a proper market analysis. It's still ongoing and not finish yet.

I just started a market analysis with PEST, which it is an acronym for political forces, economic forces, social forces, and technological forces.

I stuck at this point. So tomorrow I think I will continue this part and will see from PEST analysis, how our market will be segmented by demographic, geographic and usage factor. OK, let's end this conversation because I had another thing to write about here.

See you tomorrow update for my business plan.

Actually, today is the first day of my Welding Qualification Training (WQT) Program certified by TWI Training & Examination Services under the supervision of TWI-ABM Training & Certification Sdn. Bhd.

So its seems fit well with my so-called engineer by practice right? LOL!

It was 5 days training including a final test this Friday, Oct 22. My supervisor state, there is no way for us to qualify as welder just in 5 days training unless we determine enough to use every single chance we had to improve our skills.

For the first session, we just have 15-minute theory briefing and start our practical session.

For the record, this is my third time doing this welding stuff!

And for the third time ever I start to die once the welding electrode sprays it sparks. According to Wikipedia, its called molten metal sparks. Whatever is it, the primary concern, it is not a girly job!

Our supervisor said we will do a test for SMAW 3G. What’s that?

SMAW is the kind of welding process we are going to do. Its stand for Shield Metal Arc Welding and this term used widely as US standard. The similar method for UK standard is called Manual Metal Arc (MMA).

They let us for the training to use 2 types of electrodes that are E7016 LB52-U for penetration and E7018 for fill pass and capping.

3G, on the other hand, is kind of welding position. It stands for 3 Groove. 3G means the position of welding is vertical upwards. There are several positions start from 1G through 6G. Usually, its represent the difficulty level of the welding process.

So I guess our training is done at the intermediate level of difficulty.

It's trembling like there is no tomorrow when I start the real practical session. Whatever it is, after 10 minutes I let myself be played with those sparkly sparks, I start to think welding is quite cool. Its need time and determination. It's required us to put enough sweats on it.

Then let see how tomorrow’s training will going to be. By the way, I used to assign to toolbox number 16 throughout the training until it completes this Friday.

See you tomorrow!