Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thing Are Going To Get a Lot Worse Before They Get Worse

I spent my last weekend so content-full, to say the least. I would probably end up with another 2 different occasions, which one of them is really overwhelming myself that is DARE BizStart Showcase 2013 – Inspiring Technology Entrepreneur Leadership. I got a free ticket, though, and I am crying to not make it at last.

And I did something I gave a wrong thought at the very first place. Yes, I went to a wedding ceremony at Rembau. It is sound uninteresting, right?

Wedding ceremony? What’s a big deal?

You know, I have gone through three wedding ceremonies already in my own family, and to be honest, none of them actually gave the same experiences compare to what I went through at Rembau. It's classical perhaps, I should say.

I thought its bad went in and involve deeply in preparing that ceremony, yeah, you know it's none related to my family anyway. It is my friends’ relations does. So no wonder I felt not comfortable with that idea. Anyway, I made up my mind to give a shot on this.

They got two difference ceremony composed in two days consecutively. As of Saturday morning I supposed to attend a program at Cyberjaya, I drove – I meant we drove straight Southern to Rembau.

And the journey started.

It does not wait too long before I start to do some chores with village’s folks. The exciting part is when I got some chances to chat with veterans there and gave some insights into some issues they have to talk about.

I should say, back in my hometown, such practices practically not well endowed anymore. So a kind of grateful in myself blossomed you know, to still get a chance to involve with such kind of traditional activities by doing chores in preparing a wedding ceremony in traditional ways.

It might be my first time ever to watch a group of older women sitting around prepared cooking ingredient and some old chefs, I think it's proper to call them chefs making some firewood stoves and cleaning up a few big cauldrons. It is about to make dishes for at least 1000 guests!

I learned a lot from those folks. Sometimes I felt quite embarrassed after being teased for my inexperienced to do some chores given. Anyway, they taught me some tips on how to cook a great dish!

OK, this part actually took down my bad thought on the decision to go here. After all the things, I did with my friends, and kids and all the strangers here I bet this could be one of my awesome life experiences ever. It's might be, as I said, not a big deal for you but me.

Actually the moral I up here is, whenever you give a bad thought on something ahead, it might be not bad as you think. Just give a shot, and see what will happen next. I start to think, this is what our life would be.

So if we try particularly hard to arrange everything, set up the fixed directions, rigidly stay on the same feet, do not try to deliberate yourself to the other approaches, its dumb, bored life!

It's just like a dream we pursue. The best way is to not follow them, but politely ask them where they are going and try to find them later. That’s we call a life dude!

Anyway, yes, it is right, thing is going to get a lot worse before they get worse!