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The Story of Engineering Graduate

Well done, well done for having a title as an engineering graduate at the very first place!

So what are you doing now? Manage being hired at any job? Or Still calculating your next step in the dream?

I, myself, was falling on the floor each time peoples ask these questions. Seriously, sometimes it is easier to just admit – yeah, I still struggling to finish up my study, so your questions nothing to do with me icon smile The Story of an Engineering Graduate

Graduates as a supposed-to-be-engineer are not beautiful as peoples do always think before getting a college application. Never mind, it is an old story – almost 4 years back.

I have just graduated as a mechanical engineer, and my status is jobless or unemployed. I spoke this with one my friend, he said just relax and bears in mind you still have 5 months at least before you are actually called as unemployed.

It’s kind of funny to write a confession about your jobless status.

Hell yeah, no one would like to admit I bet. However, in the sense of self-belief, writing is quite a therapy for myself expressing a bunch of frustrations, exhaustion, loneliness, and fears.

One of my best friends told me, he always does a running every time he got frustrated or felt tired with the peoples around him.

I think that is cool, at least for him it was a niche in that sense. People manage to have their own kind of self-reflection when they got angry or failing at something.

OK, now we get back to the track. I am graduating now. Throwback story, and it’s still in planning or I guess itis good to say on-going process, my friends and I am going to have our own startup.

We have several ideas, several plans, several options, and several goddamned proposals. It’s time to tell us when it will be executed.

Having thought about this driving me crazy all the time. It's not easy as we think, as we put a rough idea on papers. It's blatantly fucking out our mind all the time.

Sorry, sometimes it's hard to write and explain everything here. Simply said, we tried our best to build our own company. Whether it succeeds or not, definitely its doesn’t seem our matter and never been on our timeline. Just please send your fully sincere prayers for us, if you keen to do a favour.

Talking about the job applications, it is countless. I don’t pry on the fate by holding up to the uncertainty all the time. As we live on purpose, so do me. I have tried to apply for some positions, which seem to fit with my qualification.

In my deep heart, I love to have a job as an engineer. Maybe it's because my background starts from high school to university, I had been exposed tonnes to technical stuff, that’s one thing. The other thing is, and this fit as hell in Malaysia being an engineer will give you a well-paid job. It is a myth indeed.

Sorry. Also, please pray for my job applications to be ease by any HR departments.

Please, this is my last shot. I also do a lot of reading, just ask me what kind of book I read. Besides writing, reading books also one of my jobs right now. I start to think I need to do a consistent reading, at least 4 books in a month for several genres. I love to suggest this to all my friends to do so.

Please read a book when you feel disappointed, discourage, or fear of something because I believe any books you read will bring you to meet with several different personalities in yourself.

Yes, I mean a fiction kind of books. It's OK to read adult fiction if you don’t really like historical fiction. It's still giving you something afterwards.

Last, I read a story before, a very motivational and full of hope for me. I just want to quote here the priceless value of that story;

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

To think all about this, I think I do not have to worry about all these questions before because I know what am I pursue right now!

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