Friday, November 29, 2013

Life Is Like a Grindstone

It's Friday morning, I woke up early thanks to my Lenovo alarm.

Lately, I realise myself is not really a morning person, someone who wake-up and do some regular chores in their life. It's maybe this was my period of searching something, I also don’t know what’s that thing.

Anyway, I just finished wrote a market segmentation and target market for our business plan last night.

This time, it might be a bit different. Actually, I try to find any similarities between PEST Analysis and Market Segmentation and found nothing. I ask Google for the clear answer, the thing feasible enough for 21st century’s generations.

The simplest way to understand this matter is, market segmentation is how you gonna grouping your target market according to the common needs between them like geographic, demographic, behaviour, usability, etc.

As for our industry involved is not much more directly deal with the end-user, so we have the segmentation among the businesses which will probably use the product of ours.

I don’t like to write all about these business plan thing whatsoever right now. Just now, I shared a little about last night progression only to keep myself on the ground by reminding there is some unsettle business. So my babbling is not decent enough right?

OK, buddy!

I also finished reading two books for the last 3 days. You can follow my Goodreads update for that. The last book I read is Out of the Pocket by Bill Konigsberg. I thought I should give 4 stars out of 5 to this author of such compelling fiction.

It’s the story of how a gay boy coming out from his closet and tell the entire world who the hell is he. Despite the plan against his willingness to do so. It's a mediocre excuse, he’s a football player, and there is no one in NFL openly coming out as a gay.

For some reason, I think Mr Konigsberg successfully builds up a betrayal character on Finch Gortzman, the one who outed Bobby just to ensure his place in Stanford. He’s a student reporter, and the only way he seeks for him to have a place at Stanford is by making his story outstanding on media.

And he used Bobby for that and feel nothing for that bullshit.

When the time for Booby took revenge, also through the media by cleaning up his name for being set-up by the amateur journalist I gave an applause to the author.

For me, friendship is a matter the most. In the case of Bobby, he had his back for Finch whenever someone picks him up. Then Finch chooses to ruin everything by making the friendship matter as his purpose to get something else.

The life is just like that, you know, it’s like a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up, unjustly its depends on us.

The way we choose how it will going to be, then we should prepare all the consequences later on. Bobby in Out of the Pocket just reminds me of these things.

The life is short, truly short, even for us to think twice. And on top of all his evil thoughts about his life if he decides to come out as I wrote previously thing are going to get a lot worse before they get worse!

I think I should put a thought for that too, soon.