Friday, November 29, 2013

Life Is Like a Grindstone

It's Friday morning, I woke up early thanks to my Lenovo alarm.

Lately, I realise myself is not really a morning person, someone who wake-up and do some regular chores in their life. It's maybe this was my period of searching something, I also don’t know what’s that thing.

Anyway, I just finished wrote a market segmentation and target market for our business plan last night.

This time, it might be a bit different. Actually, I try to find any similarities between PEST Analysis and Market Segmentation and found nothing. I ask Google for the clear answer, the thing feasible enough for 21st century’s generations.

The simplest way to understand this matter is, market segmentation is how you gonna grouping your target market according to the common needs between them like geographic, demographic, behaviour, usability, etc.

As for our industry involved is not much more directly deal with the end-user, so we have the segmentation among the businesses which will probably use the product of ours.

I don’t like to write all about these business plan thing whatsoever right now. Just now, I shared a little about last night progression only to keep myself on the ground by reminding there is some unsettle business. So my babbling is not decent enough right?

OK, buddy!

I also finished reading two books for the last 3 days. You can follow my Goodreads update for that. The last book I read is Out of the Pocket by Bill Konigsberg. I thought I should give 4 stars out of 5 to this author of such compelling fiction.

It’s the story of how a gay boy coming out from his closet and tell the entire world who the hell is he. Despite the plan against his willingness to do so. It's a mediocre excuse, he’s a football player, and there is no one in NFL openly coming out as a gay.

For some reason, I think Mr Konigsberg successfully builds up a betrayal character on Finch Gortzman, the one who outed Bobby just to ensure his place in Stanford. He’s a student reporter, and the only way he seeks for him to have a place at Stanford is by making his story outstanding on media.

And he used Bobby for that and feel nothing for that bullshit.

When the time for Booby took revenge, also through the media by cleaning up his name for being set-up by the amateur journalist I gave an applause to the author.

For me, friendship is a matter the most. In the case of Bobby, he had his back for Finch whenever someone picks him up. Then Finch chooses to ruin everything by making the friendship matter as his purpose to get something else.

The life is just like that, you know, it’s like a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up, unjustly its depends on us.

The way we choose how it will going to be, then we should prepare all the consequences later on. Bobby in Out of the Pocket just reminds me of these things.

The life is short, truly short, even for us to think twice. And on top of all his evil thoughts about his life if he decides to come out as I wrote previously thing are going to get a lot worse before they get worse!

I think I should put a thought for that too, soon.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thing Are Going To Get a Lot Worse Before They Get Worse

I spent my last weekend so content-full, to say the least. I would probably end up with another 2 different occasions, which one of them is really overwhelming myself that is DARE BizStart Showcase 2013 – Inspiring Technology Entrepreneur Leadership. I got a free ticket, though, and I am crying to not make it at last.

And I did something I gave a wrong thought at the very first place. Yes, I went to a wedding ceremony at Rembau. It is sound uninteresting, right?

Wedding ceremony? What’s a big deal?

You know, I have gone through three wedding ceremonies already in my own family, and to be honest, none of them actually gave the same experiences compare to what I went through at Rembau. It's classical perhaps, I should say.

I thought its bad went in and involve deeply in preparing that ceremony, yeah, you know it's none related to my family anyway. It is my friends’ relations does. So no wonder I felt not comfortable with that idea. Anyway, I made up my mind to give a shot on this.

They got two difference ceremony composed in two days consecutively. As of Saturday morning I supposed to attend a program at Cyberjaya, I drove – I meant we drove straight Southern to Rembau.

And the journey started.

It does not wait too long before I start to do some chores with village’s folks. The exciting part is when I got some chances to chat with veterans there and gave some insights into some issues they have to talk about.

I should say, back in my hometown, such practices practically not well endowed anymore. So a kind of grateful in myself blossomed you know, to still get a chance to involve with such kind of traditional activities by doing chores in preparing a wedding ceremony in traditional ways.

It might be my first time ever to watch a group of older women sitting around prepared cooking ingredient and some old chefs, I think it's proper to call them chefs making some firewood stoves and cleaning up a few big cauldrons. It is about to make dishes for at least 1000 guests!

I learned a lot from those folks. Sometimes I felt quite embarrassed after being teased for my inexperienced to do some chores given. Anyway, they taught me some tips on how to cook a great dish!

OK, this part actually took down my bad thought on the decision to go here. After all the things, I did with my friends, and kids and all the strangers here I bet this could be one of my awesome life experiences ever. It's might be, as I said, not a big deal for you but me.

Actually the moral I up here is, whenever you give a bad thought on something ahead, it might be not bad as you think. Just give a shot, and see what will happen next. I start to think, this is what our life would be.

So if we try particularly hard to arrange everything, set up the fixed directions, rigidly stay on the same feet, do not try to deliberate yourself to the other approaches, its dumb, bored life!

It's just like a dream we pursue. The best way is to not follow them, but politely ask them where they are going and try to find them later. That’s we call a life dude!

Anyway, yes, it is right, thing is going to get a lot worse before they get worse!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Toolbox Number 16

I think I'm going to write about this week’s prompt. I usually write it up when I need more words for the soul rehabilitation. OK, I am just kidding!

Do you read my mumbling about the working business model?

So today I am starting an analysis for the approached industry of our startup on how we ensure its profitability ahead. This included on how we define our industry, and how we measure the industry size and their attractiveness to venture about.

This is kind of challenging we are facing at the moment since we know every bit of this analysis is not supposed just to end up on a scrap paper.

To do so, we believe our value proposition for customers, which likely more on promoting environment awareness and an efficient, low-cost product will be the major factor of profit potential, and prepare a quite huge room for improvement in the future planning.

Then I move to market analysis. This one is not very my speciality to make it out. I do some study and thanks to some my friends from Global Startup Youth who taught me on how to do a proper market analysis. It's still ongoing and not finish yet.

I just started a market analysis with PEST, which it is an acronym for political forces, economic forces, social forces, and technological forces.

I stuck at this point. So tomorrow I think I will continue this part and will see from PEST analysis, how our market will be segmented by demographic, geographic and usage factor. OK, let's end this conversation because I had another thing to write about here.

See you tomorrow update for my business plan.

Actually, today is the first day of my Welding Qualification Training (WQT) Program certified by TWI Training & Examination Services under the supervision of TWI-ABM Training & Certification Sdn. Bhd.

So its seems fit well with my so-called engineer by practice right? LOL!

It was 5 days training including a final test this Friday, Oct 22. My supervisor state, there is no way for us to qualify as welder just in 5 days training unless we determine enough to use every single chance we had to improve our skills.

For the first session, we just have 15-minute theory briefing and start our practical session.

For the record, this is my third time doing this welding stuff!

And for the third time ever I start to die once the welding electrode sprays it sparks. According to Wikipedia, its called molten metal sparks. Whatever is it, the primary concern, it is not a girly job!

Our supervisor said we will do a test for SMAW 3G. What’s that?

SMAW is the kind of welding process we are going to do. Its stand for Shield Metal Arc Welding and this term used widely as US standard. The similar method for UK standard is called Manual Metal Arc (MMA).

They let us for the training to use 2 types of electrodes that are E7016 LB52-U for penetration and E7018 for fill pass and capping.

3G, on the other hand, is kind of welding position. It stands for 3 Groove. 3G means the position of welding is vertical upwards. There are several positions start from 1G through 6G. Usually, its represent the difficulty level of the welding process.

So I guess our training is done at the intermediate level of difficulty.

It's trembling like there is no tomorrow when I start the real practical session. Whatever it is, after 10 minutes I let myself be played with those sparkly sparks, I start to think welding is quite cool. Its need time and determination. It's required us to put enough sweats on it.

Then let see how tomorrow’s training will going to be. By the way, I used to assign to toolbox number 16 throughout the training until it completes this Friday.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Work Out on Working Business Model

It's Sunday morning, and I’m sitting in the living room watching television. It's kind of lazy-day created by GOD actually. I put several tasks on my to-do list last night before went to sleep and one of them, go out today and accomplished some unfinished jobs around Kuala Lumpur.

Anyway, when the clock passes the moon, I thought about giving up that idea.

So I started working on my business plan, the particular thing that always leaves up to the cliff without further love and hug. It's kind of procrastination, I guess. So today I decide to resume my work. So I guess again, this will be my subject of attention in this article.

The last time when I have gone through my business plan, it ended with all the key points for each section. I finish writing my business model generation before and putting it on the paper all in the key points format, so I think today I need to accomplish each of it with complete sentences.

Yes in the proper look I mean. Thanks to Business Model Generation book, that I downloaded online using torrent. It's 21st century I guess, so to use my credit card to buy it online is sound too gross.

I should recommend this book to all who wish to write and planning their own business model for a startup or something.

Undoubtedly, you can use the business model canvas, which also can be downloaded free from their website, however, if you wish to have a further and better understanding of how that canvas working, reading this book is necessary.

We are focusing on manufacturing industry, so our business model running around the supply-chain theory and industrial demand trends. Honestly, talking, it's just melting my brain out of the skull!

In the pragmatic sense, you have to have the product first before you do mumble around about the market.

Yes, that's exactly I tried to do right now. Sorry, I don’t think I need to share what kind of business do we working on right now.

It's enough to say, our business model includes external partner which majorly functioning as a raw material supplier and end customers i.e., heavy industry factories and energy producers.

After I am done several readings on the industrial environment of our business, I should say a bit change is needed by our business model. It's now wise to stay in the conservative approach using one-way interaction with supplier partner, as well as customers.

To stay strong in business, in the sense of to eliminate any threats to supplies sabotage, market shrinking, etc., the precautionary measures need to highlight in the business working model.

I write the word “working model”, its bring up a lot of questions to me during the writing process. The question like how my business model works and how sustainable it is in a certain amount of time is really challenging.

So to answer these questions, I am building up several segments to unbundling the root problems. I begin the business model by briefly explains our primary activities, that named as the main activities in business canvas.

Our activities included locking the market demands, finding suppliers, product manufacturing, delivery and shipment, and research and development.

After the core activities fully-defined, then I move to the second segment, which focusing on the defining the business for creating a sustainable competitive advantage throughout the project roadmap.

I put our value proposition for customers and business partner, which mainly cover the aspects of an environment, relationship and networking, product perception and continuous dedicated research work.

Sorry for some technical sound terms I used here. I try my best to paraphrase each of the phases so you can catch up my message about the business model generation process.

The last segments I used to write today is, defining where our business stands today and what really we need to move forward our business.

I wish I can share our business model diagram here, but due to the respect of my other teammates, I don’t think I can do so. I give you some clues, maybe you might need it later.

Just try google and go through a topic like chain-store paradox and manufacturing business model I think you will get some ideas how to do it.

OK guys, it enough for my sharing. I feel exhausted after spending almost 14 hours working on this stuff and glad I still have the energy to write this up on my blog. Hope you enjoy my sharing!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Story of Engineering Graduate

Well done, well done for having a title as an engineering graduate at the very first place!

So what are you doing now? Manage being hired at any job? Or Still calculating your next step in the dream?

I, myself, was falling on the floor each time peoples ask these questions. Seriously, sometimes it is easier to just admit – yeah, I still struggling to finish up my study, so your questions nothing to do with me icon smile The Story of an Engineering Graduate

Graduates as a supposed-to-be-engineer are not beautiful as peoples do always think before getting a college application. Never mind, it is an old story – almost 4 years back.

I have just graduated as a mechanical engineer, and my status is jobless or unemployed. I spoke this with one my friend, he said just relax and bears in mind you still have 5 months at least before you are actually called as unemployed.

It’s kind of funny to write a confession about your jobless status.

Hell yeah, no one would like to admit I bet. However, in the sense of self-belief, writing is quite a therapy for myself expressing a bunch of frustrations, exhaustion, loneliness, and fears.

One of my best friends told me, he always does a running every time he got frustrated or felt tired with the peoples around him.

I think that is cool, at least for him it was a niche in that sense. People manage to have their own kind of self-reflection when they got angry or failing at something.

OK, now we get back to the track. I am graduating now. Throwback story, and it’s still in planning or I guess itis good to say on-going process, my friends and I am going to have our own startup.

We have several ideas, several plans, several options, and several goddamned proposals. It’s time to tell us when it will be executed.

Having thought about this driving me crazy all the time. It's not easy as we think, as we put a rough idea on papers. It's blatantly fucking out our mind all the time.

Sorry, sometimes it's hard to write and explain everything here. Simply said, we tried our best to build our own company. Whether it succeeds or not, definitely its doesn’t seem our matter and never been on our timeline. Just please send your fully sincere prayers for us, if you keen to do a favour.

Talking about the job applications, it is countless. I don’t pry on the fate by holding up to the uncertainty all the time. As we live on purpose, so do me. I have tried to apply for some positions, which seem to fit with my qualification.

In my deep heart, I love to have a job as an engineer. Maybe it's because my background starts from high school to university, I had been exposed tonnes to technical stuff, that’s one thing. The other thing is, and this fit as hell in Malaysia being an engineer will give you a well-paid job. It is a myth indeed.

Sorry. Also, please pray for my job applications to be ease by any HR departments.

Please, this is my last shot. I also do a lot of reading, just ask me what kind of book I read. Besides writing, reading books also one of my jobs right now. I start to think I need to do a consistent reading, at least 4 books in a month for several genres. I love to suggest this to all my friends to do so.

Please read a book when you feel disappointed, discourage, or fear of something because I believe any books you read will bring you to meet with several different personalities in yourself.

Yes, I mean a fiction kind of books. It's OK to read adult fiction if you don’t really like historical fiction. It's still giving you something afterwards.

Last, I read a story before, a very motivational and full of hope for me. I just want to quote here the priceless value of that story;

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

To think all about this, I think I do not have to worry about all these questions before because I know what am I pursue right now!