Saturday, April 27, 2013

Catching Numbers

Since my first journey on public transport
- all aboard the womb
first stop the Doctors arms.
To this wonderfully wet
morning in July,
not even the clumsy age of 16
was important as the 32
not even dad, 40, or mum 35,
Was as important as
the number 32, the thought of the number
32 was fantastic thought
of all the thoughts
that all the thoughts
could think, I thought.

A rainbow sprayed itself across the city
it was 3 min to 2.
3 whole min to 2
step by step and stop by stop
Tic toc, tic toc.
turning the corner in all its double decked glory,
a galleon thundered down
the main road
its captain at the wheel
stern and concentrated
it growled to a gigantic concrete churning
kerb rippling road gripping
high street halt.
the closer it got
the smaller I became
Tic toc.
the double decker docked, never had I felt more powerful than then
a 16 year old lad stopping
a number 32
A traveler to my dreams and
a passenger to my fate
Not a second too early
not a minute to late.

This poet, Catching Numbers written by Lemn Sissay, I put it in my travel journal after found it creatively decorate on Shudehill Interchange Station’s wall at Manchester. Very beautiful poetry with a deep meaning personally to me to be honest. I hope I manage to go to Manchester again, exploring the magic there and discover a nature of British’s Winchester. By the way, Oxford Circus is not at Manchester =)