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Today, I Have Been Robbed at Brasil

Today, I have been robbed. My phone and all the money was taken away by someone bastard at Santa Teresa. I have decided to go to Santa Teresa after having a visit at Christ Redeemer Statue at Corcovado.

I read about how nice Santa Teresa with neighborhood filled with cute little houses in the traditional Portuguese post-colonial style. I know I travel alone, and maybe this is a price I should pay for that.

That bastard doesn't only take away my phone and all my money, but he also ruins all my day. I should go to Lapa and hunting some souvenir for my friends in Malaysia, then walking through Flamengo and going to Sugar Loaf to indulge sunset there before return back to Ipanema. But now?

Yes, I am really upset. Its shocked for the first time being robbed in the foreign land. Some of my friends here remind me about Santa Teresa. It's a rural area and not so recommended to go there alone.

But I think to go back to Malaysia without having a better understanding of Brazilian society…