Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Flood, Flooding and Flooded

Last three weeks, my phone rang. It's my dad.

“Din, our house flooding. Everything has gone.” Long pause. I didn’t know how to respond. He continued, “You need to come back to sort out everything here. I had no one here to help me out.”

I’d felt a silence in my throat. My mind just focuses on that particular thing, it is our most expensive thing in our house ever had. It’s an alphaOne therapy machine. “Did the therapy machine survived?” I ask my dad sounding a very deep hope.

“It's survived. The only thing survives, indeed. Kind of magic, I don’t know how to explain. I will tell you later. Just try to come back as soon as possible.” The call end as my dad said he got some urgent matter to solve. I felt a hugely relieved knew that machine safe and sound.

I made some called to the bus ticket counter to ensure they still sell a ticket to East Coast route.

I need a bus to get me to Chukai. This year, according to some news, the flood at Kemaman was the worst ever happened in the last 65 years. We never expected that as my dad called it as a shock call of God. I felt distressed because at the same time, #PowerShiftMsia was just around the corner.

The shocking news just made me retracted myself in a cocoon, felt helpless and knew nothing what is to do next. I just realised it's my mistakes in making the flooding stuff overwhelmed myself. I’d tell you it's almost a week I kept it hidden behind my smile.

I lied to my friends when they asked me whether the flooding affected my family’s house too. Till now I don’t really understand why I’d reacted such that. I didn’t even tell my #PowerShiftMsia about this and just decided to join them.

It's happening after my dad called telling those bad news.

It's Friday, Dec 6 when my phone rang again. My dad. He sounds angry as I knew him when he made such voices during any conversations. “Did you buy a ticket yet?” My dad yelled at me as he continued, “Don’t you think I really need someone here?”

At that moment I felt a shrugged in myself.

An awakening call. I nodded through the phone and end the call.

I need to think fast, I thought. Next day, I bought a ticket online after the bus service confirmed their services to East Coast on as usual. I gathered my courage to tell my #PowerShiftMsia colleagues about my condition and apologised to them on my silenced. I told my housemates too, after a week of pretend.

On Sunday, I rode the bus, and my dad waited for me at the bus stop. It's just two of us left to settle down everything in our house. My mum was not feeling well to do such cleaning stuff. So she stayed with my sister who lived in Kuala Terengganu.

One of my big brothers had to wait for his wife waiting for delivery. It is expected soon enough. The other one were not able to get an off from his company since he was at offshore. My younger sister had a stressful week at her pre-university college.

So it's just me left to help out my dad. It is on Monday morning, Dec 9 the flood had totally receded. We decided to start the cleaning processes since then.

Myself broke once I entered the house. The smell was hardly stinking. The dirt and thick mud filled the floors and walls. Everything in the house seems upside down. The washing machine, refrigerator, other electrical appliances, furniture, kitchen utensils and everything seem crap and never be used again.

My head spinning when I tried to self-calculated the “might be” lost we had faced in this catastrophe. My dad expecting it to be almost MYR20000 lost if everything couldn’t be used again. The uneasy feeling just made me almost cried at that time.

I knew very well my family and how it would be financial disasters for us. I could just imagine how we end our 2013 with such flooding thing and the surfer would affect our next year planning.

We started the cleaning process by removing all total-lost things such furniture and sidelined leading electrical appliances which I thought it might still operate if repaired in the right way. On the first day of cleaning, there are not many things we could do. The floors and walls left without attention on that day.

We realised another problem. It’s a big problem after all. We didn’t have a water jet machine — the machine which usually used by car wash outlet — making the cleaning process difficult.

Our neighbored at left and right enjoying the machine just made the problem even worse. The water pressure just too little and caused our house did not have enough water.

The water stream was seldom out of their host.

I just could be muttered about the water all day without able to do a thing. We decided to seek a water jet at the workshop store. “It's sold-out already lah. Everyone bought it. Ini banjir punya pasal la.” The uncle at workshop try to look sorry for us, but I knew he glads the disaster just brought him bundles of profits.

It's carried the same on the next days.

Suddenly on Thursday morning, Dec 12 my dad got a called from my sister. She told her friend would lend us the water jet machine. It's such a relief, to be honest. And another relief was, some of my dad’s friends coming over and help us to clean the house.

Well, kind of unexpected things happened this day, I thought.

The floors and walls just need one full day to finish it up and need another entire day to ensure the water totally dried. After that, we started the side task, especially to clean up the clothes and crockeries.

And yet we hadn’t touched any electrical appliances to fix them up. This kind of job, need us to put more patient and go slowly step by step.

I clearly see, and shared my understanding with my dad on this issue. I realise it might be my father is old enough and not really interested in kept many of the household things which seems totally damaged.

He was intent to throw out everything and just simply bought the new one. I disagree with him, and sometimes we argued about this.

I just felt like, we need to try to fix it first and minimise the lost as possible. I know the major heartbroken to my dad is his motorcycle was seems turned into the crap in flood while his car safe, and supposed to grateful for that too.

“I know dad, God is just testing us for MYR500 lost. Not MYR20000 if we patience enough.” I ensure that again and again to my dad. And so we put aside all electrical appliances at the clean spot and intends to start work on it in the next couples of days.

I just forget to mention about the most important event in my family occurred on Dec 11. My sister-in-law soundly delivered a baby boy, such a precious gift to our family by God!

It's my third nephews, even though what we are expecting is a baby girl.

A rejoice came over, despite everything dim in the flooding. This baby boy birth coincidentally just on the same day as his dad’s birth. My brother’s birthday was on Dec 11, 1984, and his son was on Dec 11, 2013. What a wonderful date indeed – 11.12.13.

We always joke about having a baby girl as my dad wish he wants a granddaughter this time. Anyway, welcome aboard Luqman!

Back to cleaning story, as my dad was not totally fit to do every chore, so it left to me to help everything. Nevertheless, I amused, did all these chores. As the process went longer and lighter, I realised how closed I became with my dad. I didn’t say we hadn’t got a good relationship before, but this time was different.

We even talked everything. I always thought it was normal for a boy to have a closer relationship with their mum compare to their father. So does me.

I have easily shared something with my mum and ask her opinion on some stuff. It didn’t go like that with my dad. So the flooding just brought us even closer.

“I start to think about painting and art stuff,” I told my dad as my eye continuously stared at one of the painting canvas which safely hanging on the wall and continued, “painting just like expressing myself. I hope I will get a chance to do that one day…”.

“Please don’t.” He cut me harshly. “You had no gift to do the painting. There’s no way for you to master it,” my dad barking his laugh at me as I continued putting a thought of how possible for me to do this art stuff and might make money through it.

Then he shared about his old friend’s story. Its relate to painting stuff. His friend was a portraitist. He told how gifted that old man, since his childhood, he could and would draw and painted everything he wants.

If he got a piece of wood charcoal and a sheet of paper, then you just need to wait until he showed the output. From his voice, I know my dad greatly admired that old man.

“I wish I had a chance to meet him one day. Is he still alive?” I ask my dad in admiration. “Yeah, he is. But I think he was old enough today. You try to imagine,” my dad paused a while like he tried recalling his old memory, “when I was a small kid he already working at the farm helping his father. I thought he was not less than 10 years older than me.”

I pray in silence, hoping I would get the chance to meet him before he died. Actually, I put a thought to start to do painting as a real thing. It's just unfortunate to me for didn’t get any chance to learn it properly during my childhood. To being set in science major just make the opportunity to play with brush and colour diminished.

My dad seems to enjoy my company when he’s telling the story of some of his old friends.

I took it for granted and wish one day I would have a chance to pay a visit to each of them, and telling them how my dad appreciates them as his close friends and asking them some important questions about life.

At least, I would hear some valuable advice on how to design my life, avoiding myself repeating the same mistakes they did when they were young.

On Dec 15, we started working out on some essential household items such refrigerator, television, washing machine, and some other electrical stuff. We decided to not call a customer service technician for a moment and did it by our own.

As for washing machine, we disassembled all its components and dried up all its electronic parts for 3 days.

We did the same to other appliances except for television. I told my dad since the television was looking too “electronic” to me, so I worried if the disassembly process we did would damage some of its important parts. My dad nodded as he agreed to call the LG’s customer service and let them handle this thing.

After everything has exactly thoroughly dried, we assemble the components and test those machines. And the magic occurred. All the appliances functions as usual. We scream in full satisfaction and relief. At least at that moment, we knew we didn’t lose any.

As I wrote before, my dad was not keen to work non-stop a day as he was old and got some health issues. So I took responsibilities to sort everything as usual. The unfortunate event occurred to me when I washed dishes.

One of my finger injured punctured by broken glass. For that, I took one day off from the cleaning process.

After two weeks we swear off our ass did cleaning operations, everything in the house looks back to normal. Except for some wood furniture, which my dad refused to throw his money to buy the new set.

I’d agreed with him, since all of his children weren’t staying with him anymore, including me. Everyone had their own life with their family and job. My dad realised that the furniture didn’t even use anymore if he insists on buying the new one.

It was the memorable moment in my life for having a flood experience. So does the every living creature in Kemaman. We got some news about mini zoo here just got captured, escaped crocodiles and some other animals. And so the mosques seems to desperately need financial relief to recover their damages.

Speaking about flood reliefs, a big applause should be given to several parties who independently helping peoples facing this disaster. They brought no name or titles in their beliefs. They just offered their sincere hands. They went to the house by house, providing a relief team for cleaning and stuff.

At the other moment, some group came over to houses and offering some essentials, which each of the essential stamped with the “Barisan National” sign.

We accept every relief provided. Regardless their political views or faiths.

It is flooding and flooded too. It's flooded with ignorant heads.

Today as I wrote this, I couldn’t stop thinking about some of the bloody stupid peoples who used the flood thing as a political campaign.

I would not name any of them, but to call and gathered the public in mosques and community hall just to deliver the hampers, yes, just the hampers and took a stage to lecture about the need to be grateful for the kindness of some parties in helping the peoples is utterly disgusting and sound too gross!

I didn’t care they want to send some sort of relief to the needy. It's their responsibilities at the very first place. To use the flood issue as a granted stage for them to deliver their political campaigns wasn’t acceptable. Why not let it free, as much as many other groups did.

They came by silently, lend their hands and leave quietly too. Again, for those unsung heroes a tight hug and big thanks was deserved to give.

On Dec 22, we went to Marang and pay a visit to our new family member. What a reddish and tender and soft his look like. I didn’t even dare to hold him as my brother ensure me it's OK to hold Luqman.

I just laughed to myself remembered that moment. And a moment when I confess to my mum, “Luqman will meet his cousin from me when he was 9 years old.”

Then I was flooded with embarrassing questions and teasing.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela, You Did More Than Could Be Expected of Any Man

"I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended."
Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

Rest in peace, Sir!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Life Is Like a Grindstone

It's Friday morning, I woke up early thanks to my Lenovo alarm.

Lately, I realise myself is not really a morning person, someone who wake-up and do some regular chores in their life. It's maybe this was my period of searching something, I also don’t know what’s that thing.

Anyway, I just finished wrote a market segmentation and target market for our business plan last night.

This time, it might be a bit different. Actually, I try to find any similarities between PEST Analysis and Market Segmentation and found nothing. I ask Google for the clear answer, the thing feasible enough for 21st century’s generations.

The simplest way to understand this matter is, market segmentation is how you gonna grouping your target market according to the common needs between them like geographic, demographic, behaviour, usability, etc.

As for our industry involved is not much more directly deal with the end-user, so we have the segmentation among the businesses which will probably use the product of ours.

I don’t like to write all about these business plan thing whatsoever right now. Just now, I shared a little about last night progression only to keep myself on the ground by reminding there is some unsettle business. So my babbling is not decent enough right?

OK, buddy!

I also finished reading two books for the last 3 days. You can follow my Goodreads update for that. The last book I read is Out of the Pocket by Bill Konigsberg. I thought I should give 4 stars out of 5 to this author of such compelling fiction.

It’s the story of how a gay boy coming out from his closet and tell the entire world who the hell is he. Despite the plan against his willingness to do so. It's a mediocre excuse, he’s a football player, and there is no one in NFL openly coming out as a gay.

For some reason, I think Mr Konigsberg successfully builds up a betrayal character on Finch Gortzman, the one who outed Bobby just to ensure his place in Stanford. He’s a student reporter, and the only way he seeks for him to have a place at Stanford is by making his story outstanding on media.

And he used Bobby for that and feel nothing for that bullshit.

When the time for Booby took revenge, also through the media by cleaning up his name for being set-up by the amateur journalist I gave an applause to the author.

For me, friendship is a matter the most. In the case of Bobby, he had his back for Finch whenever someone picks him up. Then Finch chooses to ruin everything by making the friendship matter as his purpose to get something else.

The life is just like that, you know, it’s like a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up, unjustly its depends on us.

The way we choose how it will going to be, then we should prepare all the consequences later on. Bobby in Out of the Pocket just reminds me of these things.

The life is short, truly short, even for us to think twice. And on top of all his evil thoughts about his life if he decides to come out as I wrote previously thing are going to get a lot worse before they get worse!

I think I should put a thought for that too, soon.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thing Are Going To Get a Lot Worse Before They Get Worse

I spent my last weekend so content-full, to say the least. I would probably end up with another 2 different occasions, which one of them is really overwhelming myself that is DARE BizStart Showcase 2013 – Inspiring Technology Entrepreneur Leadership. I got a free ticket, though, and I am crying to not make it at last.

And I did something I gave a wrong thought at the very first place. Yes, I went to a wedding ceremony at Rembau. It is sound uninteresting, right?

Wedding ceremony? What’s a big deal?

You know, I have gone through three wedding ceremonies already in my own family, and to be honest, none of them actually gave the same experiences compare to what I went through at Rembau. It's classical perhaps, I should say.

I thought its bad went in and involve deeply in preparing that ceremony, yeah, you know it's none related to my family anyway. It is my friends’ relations does. So no wonder I felt not comfortable with that idea. Anyway, I made up my mind to give a shot on this.

They got two difference ceremony composed in two days consecutively. As of Saturday morning I supposed to attend a program at Cyberjaya, I drove – I meant we drove straight Southern to Rembau.

And the journey started.

It does not wait too long before I start to do some chores with village’s folks. The exciting part is when I got some chances to chat with veterans there and gave some insights into some issues they have to talk about.

I should say, back in my hometown, such practices practically not well endowed anymore. So a kind of grateful in myself blossomed you know, to still get a chance to involve with such kind of traditional activities by doing chores in preparing a wedding ceremony in traditional ways.

It might be my first time ever to watch a group of older women sitting around prepared cooking ingredient and some old chefs, I think it's proper to call them chefs making some firewood stoves and cleaning up a few big cauldrons. It is about to make dishes for at least 1000 guests!

I learned a lot from those folks. Sometimes I felt quite embarrassed after being teased for my inexperienced to do some chores given. Anyway, they taught me some tips on how to cook a great dish!

OK, this part actually took down my bad thought on the decision to go here. After all the things, I did with my friends, and kids and all the strangers here I bet this could be one of my awesome life experiences ever. It's might be, as I said, not a big deal for you but me.

Actually the moral I up here is, whenever you give a bad thought on something ahead, it might be not bad as you think. Just give a shot, and see what will happen next. I start to think, this is what our life would be.

So if we try particularly hard to arrange everything, set up the fixed directions, rigidly stay on the same feet, do not try to deliberate yourself to the other approaches, its dumb, bored life!

It's just like a dream we pursue. The best way is to not follow them, but politely ask them where they are going and try to find them later. That’s we call a life dude!

Anyway, yes, it is right, thing is going to get a lot worse before they get worse!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Toolbox Number 16

I think I'm going to write about this week’s prompt. I usually write it up when I need more words for the soul rehabilitation. OK, I am just kidding!

Do you read my mumbling about the working business model?

So today I am starting an analysis for the approached industry of our startup on how we ensure its profitability ahead. This included on how we define our industry, and how we measure the industry size and their attractiveness to venture about.

This is kind of challenging we are facing at the moment since we know every bit of this analysis is not supposed just to end up on a scrap paper.

To do so, we believe our value proposition for customers, which likely more on promoting environment awareness and an efficient, low-cost product will be the major factor of profit potential, and prepare a quite huge room for improvement in the future planning.

Then I move to market analysis. This one is not very my speciality to make it out. I do some study and thanks to some my friends from Global Startup Youth who taught me on how to do a proper market analysis. It's still ongoing and not finish yet.

I just started a market analysis with PEST, which it is an acronym for political forces, economic forces, social forces, and technological forces.

I stuck at this point. So tomorrow I think I will continue this part and will see from PEST analysis, how our market will be segmented by demographic, geographic and usage factor. OK, let's end this conversation because I had another thing to write about here.

See you tomorrow update for my business plan.

Actually, today is the first day of my Welding Qualification Training (WQT) Program certified by TWI Training & Examination Services under the supervision of TWI-ABM Training & Certification Sdn. Bhd.

So its seems fit well with my so-called engineer by practice right? LOL!

It was 5 days training including a final test this Friday, Oct 22. My supervisor state, there is no way for us to qualify as welder just in 5 days training unless we determine enough to use every single chance we had to improve our skills.

For the first session, we just have 15-minute theory briefing and start our practical session.

For the record, this is my third time doing this welding stuff!

And for the third time ever I start to die once the welding electrode sprays it sparks. According to Wikipedia, its called molten metal sparks. Whatever is it, the primary concern, it is not a girly job!

Our supervisor said we will do a test for SMAW 3G. What’s that?

SMAW is the kind of welding process we are going to do. Its stand for Shield Metal Arc Welding and this term used widely as US standard. The similar method for UK standard is called Manual Metal Arc (MMA).

They let us for the training to use 2 types of electrodes that are E7016 LB52-U for penetration and E7018 for fill pass and capping.

3G, on the other hand, is kind of welding position. It stands for 3 Groove. 3G means the position of welding is vertical upwards. There are several positions start from 1G through 6G. Usually, its represent the difficulty level of the welding process.

So I guess our training is done at the intermediate level of difficulty.

It's trembling like there is no tomorrow when I start the real practical session. Whatever it is, after 10 minutes I let myself be played with those sparkly sparks, I start to think welding is quite cool. Its need time and determination. It's required us to put enough sweats on it.

Then let see how tomorrow’s training will going to be. By the way, I used to assign to toolbox number 16 throughout the training until it completes this Friday.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Work Out on Working Business Model

It's Sunday morning, and I’m sitting in the living room watching television. It's kind of lazy-day created by GOD actually. I put several tasks on my to-do list last night before went to sleep and one of them, go out today and accomplished some unfinished jobs around Kuala Lumpur.

Anyway, when the clock passes the moon, I thought about giving up that idea.

So I started working on my business plan, the particular thing that always leaves up to the cliff without further love and hug. It's kind of procrastination, I guess. So today I decide to resume my work. So I guess again, this will be my subject of attention in this article.

The last time when I have gone through my business plan, it ended with all the key points for each section. I finish writing my business model generation before and putting it on the paper all in the key points format, so I think today I need to accomplish each of it with complete sentences.

Yes in the proper look I mean. Thanks to Business Model Generation book, that I downloaded online using torrent. It's 21st century I guess, so to use my credit card to buy it online is sound too gross.

I should recommend this book to all who wish to write and planning their own business model for a startup or something.

Undoubtedly, you can use the business model canvas, which also can be downloaded free from their website, however, if you wish to have a further and better understanding of how that canvas working, reading this book is necessary.

We are focusing on manufacturing industry, so our business model running around the supply-chain theory and industrial demand trends. Honestly, talking, it's just melting my brain out of the skull!

In the pragmatic sense, you have to have the product first before you do mumble around about the market.

Yes, that's exactly I tried to do right now. Sorry, I don’t think I need to share what kind of business do we working on right now.

It's enough to say, our business model includes external partner which majorly functioning as a raw material supplier and end customers i.e., heavy industry factories and energy producers.

After I am done several readings on the industrial environment of our business, I should say a bit change is needed by our business model. It's now wise to stay in the conservative approach using one-way interaction with supplier partner, as well as customers.

To stay strong in business, in the sense of to eliminate any threats to supplies sabotage, market shrinking, etc., the precautionary measures need to highlight in the business working model.

I write the word “working model”, its bring up a lot of questions to me during the writing process. The question like how my business model works and how sustainable it is in a certain amount of time is really challenging.

So to answer these questions, I am building up several segments to unbundling the root problems. I begin the business model by briefly explains our primary activities, that named as the main activities in business canvas.

Our activities included locking the market demands, finding suppliers, product manufacturing, delivery and shipment, and research and development.

After the core activities fully-defined, then I move to the second segment, which focusing on the defining the business for creating a sustainable competitive advantage throughout the project roadmap.

I put our value proposition for customers and business partner, which mainly cover the aspects of an environment, relationship and networking, product perception and continuous dedicated research work.

Sorry for some technical sound terms I used here. I try my best to paraphrase each of the phases so you can catch up my message about the business model generation process.

The last segments I used to write today is, defining where our business stands today and what really we need to move forward our business.

I wish I can share our business model diagram here, but due to the respect of my other teammates, I don’t think I can do so. I give you some clues, maybe you might need it later.

Just try google and go through a topic like chain-store paradox and manufacturing business model I think you will get some ideas how to do it.

OK guys, it enough for my sharing. I feel exhausted after spending almost 14 hours working on this stuff and glad I still have the energy to write this up on my blog. Hope you enjoy my sharing!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Story of Engineering Graduate

Well done, well done for having a title as an engineering graduate at the very first place!

So what are you doing now? Manage being hired at any job? Or Still calculating your next step in the dream?

I, myself, was falling on the floor each time peoples ask these questions. Seriously, sometimes it is easier to just admit – yeah, I still struggling to finish up my study, so your questions nothing to do with me icon smile The Story of an Engineering Graduate

Graduates as a supposed-to-be-engineer are not beautiful as peoples do always think before getting a college application. Never mind, it is an old story – almost 4 years back.

I have just graduated as a mechanical engineer, and my status is jobless or unemployed. I spoke this with one my friend, he said just relax and bears in mind you still have 5 months at least before you are actually called as unemployed.

It’s kind of funny to write a confession about your jobless status.

Hell yeah, no one would like to admit I bet. However, in the sense of self-belief, writing is quite a therapy for myself expressing a bunch of frustrations, exhaustion, loneliness, and fears.

One of my best friends told me, he always does a running every time he got frustrated or felt tired with the peoples around him.

I think that is cool, at least for him it was a niche in that sense. People manage to have their own kind of self-reflection when they got angry or failing at something.

OK, now we get back to the track. I am graduating now. Throwback story, and it’s still in planning or I guess itis good to say on-going process, my friends and I am going to have our own startup.

We have several ideas, several plans, several options, and several goddamned proposals. It’s time to tell us when it will be executed.

Having thought about this driving me crazy all the time. It's not easy as we think, as we put a rough idea on papers. It's blatantly fucking out our mind all the time.

Sorry, sometimes it's hard to write and explain everything here. Simply said, we tried our best to build our own company. Whether it succeeds or not, definitely its doesn’t seem our matter and never been on our timeline. Just please send your fully sincere prayers for us, if you keen to do a favour.

Talking about the job applications, it is countless. I don’t pry on the fate by holding up to the uncertainty all the time. As we live on purpose, so do me. I have tried to apply for some positions, which seem to fit with my qualification.

In my deep heart, I love to have a job as an engineer. Maybe it's because my background starts from high school to university, I had been exposed tonnes to technical stuff, that’s one thing. The other thing is, and this fit as hell in Malaysia being an engineer will give you a well-paid job. It is a myth indeed.

Sorry. Also, please pray for my job applications to be ease by any HR departments.

Please, this is my last shot. I also do a lot of reading, just ask me what kind of book I read. Besides writing, reading books also one of my jobs right now. I start to think I need to do a consistent reading, at least 4 books in a month for several genres. I love to suggest this to all my friends to do so.

Please read a book when you feel disappointed, discourage, or fear of something because I believe any books you read will bring you to meet with several different personalities in yourself.

Yes, I mean a fiction kind of books. It's OK to read adult fiction if you don’t really like historical fiction. It's still giving you something afterwards.

Last, I read a story before, a very motivational and full of hope for me. I just want to quote here the priceless value of that story;

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

To think all about this, I think I do not have to worry about all these questions before because I know what am I pursue right now!

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Reflection on Global Startup Youth

About 500 youth around the world was gathered at Kuala Lumpur start yesterday, Oct 8.

The keynote speakers, facilitators, kept talking about the program’s primary objective is to breed a new generation of entrepreneurs which been able to solve some world problems in education, health, women empowerment and the environment.

The expectations are very high, as I start to wonder how in the less than 72 hours, each team, which at least got 10 people around the world were able to come out with an app to solve a particular problem’s addressed.

My teammate from Philippine, Franz have said that the program is just like Startup Weekend but its kind much more challenging because the organiser gave an expectation for us to come out with the prototype of an app by the end of the program and make a pitching to compete for the ideas among the teams.

Like the other team, my team included youth from USA, Philippine, India, Malaysia, Cameroon and Jamaica. And till now we are still waiting for the arrival of our Jamaican teammate since he got some issues about his flight ticket. He’s a coder for our team.

But it's OK, we still proceed even our group only got one coder  Franz, or we simply called a programmer. Sound hard right?


Guys, Dwayne just arrived. So our story's gonna be a bit different. It was the 2nd day of GSY.

It is intense while everyone got ideas on what the environmental problem that we need to solve through our app. One guy said we need to address a wastage food problem, the other one suggested about a trash-tracking app, also got an idea about endangered species conservation.

Mine, I have gone for the notion about practising a low-carbon lifestyle.

A second, we have an excellent welcome dinner after all!

Making short, our group solidly chooses to present the idea of how the web-based app can save many endangered species in the world.

Basically, the app was named as AniBuddy, a combination of animal and buddy which means the app will prepare a platform for the users to adopt an animal or more by making donations to feed, preserve their habitats and cure the diseases.

When this idea was pop-up, the very first question is, the existing app or kind of online adoption is enormous and already boost by the establishment like WWF, to name a few and much more.

Our difference is, AniBudy offering the users to make online donations, adopt the animals and keep updating the animals progress through pictures and videos, and purposely they were able to show-off their adopt animals in all social medias they have. Sound crazy right?

OK, let’s talk about the target market. We are targeting Western teenagers, or just put the North America teenagers which most of them viable to the internet connection.

The statistic by the Pew Research Center said, 93% of American teenagers from 12 to 17 years old go online and also give the same percentage of youth from 18 to 29 years old.

The most interesting facts, Kaiser Family Foundation state they are on average 10 hours and 45 minutes online every day.

How this app gonna get a donation from youth? Aren’t they capable of doing so?

Yes, absolutely. According to 2012 Millennial Impact Report, there is about 75% of young adult in North America was make online donations and 1% from that preferably make online donations to help endanger species and environment.

And the interesting part is, most of the American youth got their own credit card since the high school, which 42% of students there already own the credit card. The number was huge, the market was there. The only left blank is the app must be built in a very excellent user experience and gave some value add-up compare to the existing platform.

Human tend to share something funny online as long it makes them laugh. We use a funny meme as our animal profiles as the attraction for users to share their donation activities through AniBuddy to their friends and encourage their online networking to do the same!

Basically, this is the rough idea which it still needed for a very in-depth research especially when we questioning about the feasibility of the national parks to manage the donations and keep updating the animals progress.

We do have a milestone for the first stage that is the donations will enough to save at least 8 endanger animals. It about to reach some amount of money and put it onto a responsible body to manage the donations and saving the species at African continent.

Just forgot about the app, let move to the pitching day. We practice and practice, and myself busying with all the data and figures. Agnes was done her part pretty well. Franz, Valeri and Dwayne also did a fantastic job. The market research team also did a great job ya. In less than 36 hours, the app was build!

I still remember when Franz said on the very first day, the expectation by GSY organiser is seemed impossible. By the way, we and all GSY participants make it through.

The pitching session, we are the last team in line. The pitching is not so great since it does not reach my expectation. Yes, it is frustrated when your team is not being questioned enough by the judges, and we really don’t have a chance to explain our market research of why we did this app compare to other ideas on the environment.

During the award dinner – and this is the last dinner for GSY, all of us eager to know which team will win the best app for each category.

We lost eventually. Fuck it, I hate that moment for sure.

I told Agnes I wish to jump on my chair if we were announced as a winner. But God didn’t grant us. By the way, the winner for environment category is not really bad. They come out with a very good idea on how to convince and encourage peoples to plant trees.

I love that idea. It seems like supporting my proposal in my last article, Of Deforestation in Malaysia on how could we get more peoples to plant trees by making it fun do to so. They named it as PlantIt, by having a crowd fund to plant a tree for a particular location they tiny.

For me it sounds impressive without denying this idea might need more deep research. I met their team leader, and wish them luck for grand pitching tomorrow.

Global Startup Youth goes beyond my expectations. I should be grateful for the chance I got to be part of this great event in this year. I joined some international gathering this year, and GSY is one of the best at the moment  without including Global Power Shift, that much more awesome, to be honest.

I do appreciate since I am one of 250 Malaysian among 500 participants around the world. It was fully sponsored by the Malaysian government, so I went there on the capacity of Malaysian taxpayer money. That was the people’s money undoubtedly that government poured on us as a future investment to build a fully equip startup ecosystem in this country.

Using this statement, I should confess my broken heart towards some my fellow Malaysians who didn’t appreciate this opportunity and took it like, “I didn’t pay for any cent here so why I need to be a serious man? Enjoy the food, going to party and sleep at the 5-star hotel!” and the embarrassing one when you met someone who said, “Bro, why you so serious with all these GES talks? Chill man, 3 hari bukan boleh ubah apa-apa pun?!”.

That’s it. Period.

It’s all about attitude.

I didn’t take for granted of all these craps, but I think it is wise enough to remind these craps about the cause of these bullshit attitude towards this nation building in next couple of years.

Please, friends, behave with your words.

We need to realise the importance and urgency of this Summit and GSY mainly. As mentioned by Jonathan Ortmans in his writing for Special Edition of GES, this summit mainly focusing on how the policymakers are able to fine-tune their interest and reactions towards the development of entrepreneurial around the world especially in education, technology, communication, finance and lot more to named.

I put my thought on the Global Startup Youth as the pledge of Malaysian government towards this race. How GSY became the pledge, it was up to us to young generations of this country to answer precisely.

I kept believing in my government, as I put a high hope on my colleagues to behave with a right attitude towards this opportunity.

For Dash and all GSY team, thanks for your restless efforts.

I still remember when I met Dash for the first time in Rio de Janeiro last March during Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2013 and say hello to him after he delivered his talk at one of the fringe events there.

He was announced about the GSY-thing, as he said in next October 2013, Kuala Lumpur will host 500 youths around the world for a biggest ever boot camp.

Each country will be represented by two exceptional selected youth. I said to myself, I need to be one of them and to be part of that event. Yes, I make it at last. The opportunity didn’t come twice. During GEC2013, I still on the blur-phase about all these startup stuff and entrepreneurial-thing. Fortunately, this GSY just put me actually on the clear-water state, oh GOD thanks for this golden opportunity!

I met a lot of cool peoples around the world during GSY.

A party-maniac guy from Jamaica, a cool buddy from Cameroon, a stylish New York girl, a talkative Law girl from India, ambitious Pakistani guy, a do-not-know-how-to-stop-talking Moroccan guy, a half-Malaysian from New Zealand, a Filipinos geeks, some of French guys, lovely Latinos, and all of awesome peoples I met there.

I met Jennifer again, as usual, she is always inspiring and fully motivated!

I met Michael Teoh and told him my dream to go to Antarctic. I met David McLauglin, a guy from Google and told him my adoration towards +Project Loon and some other fascinating project like to prevent death.

Its sound ambitious and impossible, but as Larry Page said, Google is always a bit more ambitious compare to other company. It is awesome!

I love the plenary session for the 2nd day of GES. I hate few speakers from Malaysia who pretending like a hero, but actually a real succumb of bigotry, king of monopoly and politically linked to those in government for their personal interest and wealth. If you know what I meant.

A moment, please.

I try not to mentioned some of mismanaged and wrongdoing by some of GSY team, after your great work here. But this one is exempted, I still can't forgive a guy who responsible hold my GES security pass on the first day after my security check done. Shit man, you just mess up my 1st day of GES!

I lied to the police to get struck into the building after being caught at the front door of KLCC for didn’t have any security pass. It took me at least two hours to settle down everything before I manage to get the new one.

Thanks to Mariano, a mentor for Group 2 helping me for this. I don’t get why you ask us to let you hold our security pass, just like we don't seem capable to kept by our own. And the worse scenario is my friend told me you just lost it when she asks you about the security pass on the last day of GSY. To this guy, good job man, please keep it up!

Anyway, this is really an excellent experience. Not to mention about the last minute friendship at Marini’s On 57, bunch of laugh and ideas, Kit-Kat everywhere, hugs and loves and final goodbye to all major goosebumps I had ever met.

My two cents for GSY, kudos to Dash and teams. We are talking about the very little part of the nation building, and the big thing ahead is how to ensure this country is on the right track to prepare and breed a full equip ecosystem for startup. Sometimes we need a bit change to make the breath clear and sound.

I am absolutely sure Dash and teams have the answer.

See ya at Moscow and Morocco next year!

Note: I start to write this on the first day of GSY and end the writing 4 days after GES. I just too lazy to re-write the article so I kept the introduction. At first, I think it should be my GSY journal, then end up as a reflection on the whole event including GES.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Of Deforestation in Malaysia

Deforestation is a tough guy to beat in environmental crisis nowadays in Malaysia.

The shocking was still after NASA revealed Malaysia has seen a 115% increase in deforestation during the first three months of 2013, according to a forest tracking tool developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) researchers which took us the highest among five countries where deforestation was detected, followed by Nepal (114%), Mexico (92%), Argentina (72%), and Madagascar (51%).

The 5th Assessment Report of IPCC revealed on Sept 27 state human influence on the climate system is clear. This is evident from the increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, positive radiative forcing, observed warming, and understanding of the climate system.

According to WWF, tropical forests hold more than 210 gigatons of carbon and deforestation itself representing around 15% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The remaining healthy forests are functioning to absorb greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions that are caused by human daily activities and contribute to global climate change. How long these forests will last?

We do realize without the tree, more carbon and greenhouse gasses enter the atmosphere.

To make matters worse, trees actually become carbon sources when they are cut, burned, or otherwise removed. They believe deforestation in Malaysia is majorly caused by the vast activities of the palm-oil plantation, uncontrolled logging and land development for residential and power plant.

This observation still did not mention about illegal logging which already contribute at least half of deforestation rate in Malaysia especially at Sabah and Sarawak.

Environment vs. Profits

We can say capitalization is at its best after all since the profit easily takes down all any major policy and law enforcement towards forest preservation. The market demands on crude palm oil (CPO) from all over the world push the local producers vying to produce more to meet the demands.

The large scale cash crops of palm-oil increase year by year according to Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and causing thousands of acres of forests being cut down.

Yes, the profit and urbanization do say it all.

Yet discussed here is, how the looseness of law enforcement and integrity policy make it worse. This issue will get political when environmentalists start to question the government about the ineffectiveness of current policies on deforestation and lack of prudent actions taken to solve the issues at any level of administration.

This is big challenges to people who keen to see this country always take progressive steps to respond to climate change.

I had participated in the policy track during the Global Power Shift (Phase 1) at Istanbul, Turkey. It is an opportunity for me to address the deforestation as a major climate crisis facing by all Malaysians.

I put a dire hope for empowering the local movement to calling a bold climate movement at the local level and restlessly organize the resources to build up the understanding towards climate change in societies.

How do we, the peoples should respond to climate?

I choose to speak about the alternative efforts, as the grassroots environmental movements.

I start to think about the urban farming to replace the burned-down forest areas and functioning as mini urban forests to reduce the urban heat islands effect, absorb greenhouse gasses and city carbon emissions, provide greener surroundings and helping the flood crisis by grounding the water in trees roots.

I do involve in a lot of tree planting events and always thought we had to design a better campaign series to get more public involved and give deep impact to the environment.

Introducing the Mini Urban Forest

Urban farming refers to the allocation of a small portion of the private area in each residential building, terrace houses, playgrounds, office buildings and car parks to plant trees and forming mini forest areas.

It is also included the vertical farming on all concrete buildings, especially the cement pavement of spiral roads. The vertical farming on these cement pavements will give greener looks instead of plain naked concrete structures.

Literally, this idea seems very idealistic.

Yes. And we need some creative approaches to realize it.

I tend to apply a fun theory, a great initiative by Volkswagen in order to change people’s behaviors towards a cause.

Undoubtedly using a fun approach campaign is much easier to get people's involve in. In the past project by Volkswagen, we can see how peoples choose to use the staircases instead of escalators after they introduce a Piano Staircase, and how people’s behaviors on recycling change after they introduce Bottle Bank Arcade Machine.

This slightly gives brief pictures on how to design a new tree planting campaign by applying fun theory on it.

If the Piano Staircase inventor just simply asks, “Can we get more people to choose the stairs by making it fun to do?”  yes, we also absolutely can introduce that question on our cause too, simply by asking “Can we get more people to plant trees by making it fun to do?”.

We need to create some better conditions within which communities like house’s owners, offices, kids, and schools will motivate themselves to involve in a tree planting campaign and react to the climate crisis.

It will be awesome when environmentalists no longer fighting climate change alone, but have people’s willingness alongside. This is an alternative approach to recover the effect of deforestation in the urban area.

The peoples need to be enlightened about the crisis we are facing right now. The debate is over, it is a time for action.

In a nutshell, within our small effort towards a greener and better environment, the truth here is the work is never finished.

Deforestation is just a partial of climate crisis happened in Malaysia. It is a lot more to address it up, such a fossil fuel consumption, harsh urbanization, river pollution, inefficient factories waste disposal and more.

At the end of the day, it is a dire need to address the peoples about the needs of practicing lower-carbon lifestyle if they really do want to see our Earth still survive after 2050.

Malaysia Forest Figures

Forest Cover

Total forest area: 20,890,000 ha
% of land area: 63.6%

Primary forest cover: 3,820,000 ha
% of land area: 11.6%
% total forest area: 18.3%

Deforestation Rates, 2000-2005

Annual change in forest cover: -140,200 ha
Annual deforestation rate: -0.7%
Change in defor. rate since '90s: 85.1%
Total forest loss since 1990: -1,486,000 ha
Total forest loss since 1990:-6.6%

Primary or "Old-growth" forests
Annual loss of primary forests: n/a
Annual deforestation rate: n/a
Change in deforestation rate since '90s: n/a
Primary forest loss since 1990: n/a
Primary forest loss since 1990: 0.0%

Forest Classification

Public: 93.4%
Private: 6.6%
Other: 0%
Production: 56.6%
Protection: 18.2%
Conservation: 5.4%
Social services: n/a
Multiple purpose: 19.8%
None or unknown: n/a

Forest Area Breakdown

Total area: 20,890,000 ha
Primary: 3,820,000 ha
Modified natural: n/a
Semi-natural: 15,497,000 ha
Production plantation: 1,573,000 ha
Production plantation: n/a


Plantations, 2005: 1,573,000 ha
% of total forest cover: 7.5%
Annual change rate (00-05): -17,200,000 ha

Carbon storage

Above-ground biomass: 5,661 M t
Below-ground biomass: 1,359 M t

Area annually affected by

Fire: 1,000 ha
Insects: n/a
Diseases: n/a

Number of tree species in IUCN red list

Number of native tree species: 2,650
Critically endangered: 50
Endangered: 99
Vulnerable: 403

Wood removal 2005

Industrial roundwood: 20,600,000 m3 o.b.
Wood fuel: 3,414,000 m3 o.b.

Value of forest products, 2005

Industrial roundwood: $2,081,000,000
Wood fuel: $69,000,000
Non-wood forest products (NWFPs): n/a
Total Value: $2,150,000,000


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kemerdekaan Tulen?

Saya menulis artikel ini sebagai kemas kini kepada maksud yang ingin saya sampaikan dalam artikel terdahulu, Kemerdekaan dan Kebuluran. Tontonlah video ini, dengan harapan kalian menyedari betapa hipokritnya kemerdekaan dan keamanan yang dinikmati selama ini.

Kita mempersoalkan saban hari, di mana janji manis yang dilaungkan oleh setiap ahli politik ketika berkempen di pilihanraya untuk memperjuangkan nasib rakyat terbawah?

Ke manakah menghilangnya agenda-agenda kebajikan kerajaan yang disebut berulang kali dalam paparan television dan segala media arus perdana?

Ke manakah lesap segala kebesaran dan kekayaan milik keluarga diraja tatkala rakyat bawahan kebuluran dan kesempitan? Tidakkah selama ini mereka mendabik dada seolah-olah mereka wajib dihormati dan disanjung umpama dewa penyelamat dan pembawa rahmat kepada sekalian umat manusia?

Saya mengulang tayang menonton video di atas, dengan jujurnya saya menangis. Tiada impian sebesar impian untuk tidak lagi mendengar kanak-kanak terpaksameluahkan isi hati mereka sebegitu rupa kepada ibu bapa mereka.

Kemerdekaan sebenar apabila semua manusia dilayan dalam satu sistem kehidupan yang adil.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Jasa Besar A. Samad Said

Ini jasa besar A. Samad Said, atau kita panggil Pak Samad. Jasa beliau ialah berjaya melondehkan bukti bahawa para menteri Kabinet dan Ketua Polis Negara (IGP) mempunyai tahap keintelekan (IQ) yang maha rendah.

Mengikuti perkembangan isu penahanan Pak Samad kadang kala mengundang rasa geli hati melihat telatah ketidakcerdikan para menteri yang kini dalam barisan kabinet Malaysia dan Polis Di-Raja Malaysia yang diketuai oleh IGP yang serba bijak pandai.

Melihat dan membaca satu demi satu komentar mereka ini yang berada di atas berkenaan A. Samad Said maka tidak hairanlah kenapa Malaysia berada dalam posisi yang begitu teruk dalam pelbagai sektor terutamanya ekonomi dan sosial.

Mulanya, Shabery cuba nasib.

Kemudian IGP. Ini kelakar.

Tambah kelakar, apabila IGP cuba berbuat lawak di depan khalayak.

Cerita pasal IGP ini nampaknya tidak kering gusi dibuatnya. LAWAK!

Ya tuhan, rupanya masih ada orang sebegini ya?

Makin meroyan si IGP.

Alamak, Ibrahim Ali mula menyampuk!

Dan... TPM!

Bersyukurlah wahai rakyat Malaysia kerana Menteri anda sungguh bijaksana.

Agaknya, mungkin dengan kenyataan-kenyataan cerdik sebegini mampu pengalih perhatian rakyat terhadap isu kenaikan harga minyak – mengikut tahap IQ mereka ini.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Harga RON95: Rakyat Malaysia Hanya Menang Sorak Dalam Facebook

Apa yang rakyat Malaysia mampu buat dengan pengumuman DS +Najib Razak mengenai kenaikan harga minyak RON95 dan Diesel sebanyak 20 sen bermula esok?

Bersorak dalam Facebook? Meracau tentang bajet harian yang semakin tenat? Mengkritik Najib dan rakan-rakan pelahap mereka? Dan bersyukur sehingga ke hujung nyawa?

Buat lah apa sahaja, dan ingatlah Barisan Nasional akan memerintah Malaysia bukan untuk setahun tetapi 5 tahun akan datang lagi.

Kalau sehingga penghujung penggal ke-5 harga minyak mencecah RM3 maka jangan salahkan Najib, tetapi salahkan diri sendiri kerana masih dungu untuk berfikir ketika Pilihan Raya yang lepas.

Ini semua nikmat dan rahmat yang Najib cuba hamburkan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia, maka bersyukurlah.

Elok-elok Tuhan bagi peluang untuk buat perubahan semasa PRU-13, tapi masih lagi berdegil dengan transformasi BN maka inilah jawapan kepada pilihan itu sekarang.

Rasanya tidak perlu bincang soal kenapa harga petrol perlu dinaikkan atau ada justifikasi ekonomi lainnya, kalau kenaikan pendapatan isi rumah masih lagi menjadi mimpi di siang hari.

Bersukurlah! Bersyukurlah harga RON95 naik lagi!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kemerdekaan dan Kebuluran

Saya membaca kisah seorang lelaki yang ditahan melakukan rompakan di sebuah pejabat POS akibat terdesak untuk menyara keluarganya. Dia mengaku bersalah, dan menceritakan kenapa halnya dia begitu terdesak sehinggakan mengambil keputusan untuk merompak. Kes ini baru sahaja berlaku, ambang negara kita mahu menyambut 56 tahun kemerdekaan.

Dalam satu rancangan televisyen yang berjudul “Extreme Cheapskates” melalui saluran TLC yang mengisahkan bagaimana sesetengah warga Amerika yang hidup dalam keadaan begitu terdesak akibat kos sara hidup yang terlampau tinggi, sehinggakan melalui rancangan itu dapat dilihat bagaimana mereka cuba survive untuk hidup biarpun terpaksa melakukan sesuatu yang memalukan diri sendiri pada pandangan manusia lain. Oleh kerana terlalu lapar untuk makan, mereka mengutip sisa buangan di restoran-restoran makanan segera atau terus meminta lebihan makanan mana-mana pengunjung yang tidak dapat habiskan. Dan sebenarnya banyak perkara lagi yang mereka lakukan demi untuk terus hidup.

Saya ada membaca kisah seorang ibu tunggal di Southend, UK. Dia menulis kisah hidupnya yang tragis, semuanya atas alasan untuk terus hidup di sebuah negara yang kaya. Kisahnya membuatkan saya menangis – jujurnya. Dengan berbekalkan bajet sebanyak £10 seminggu, dia hidup dengan seorang anak lelakinya yang masih kecil dalam keadaan penuh keperitan. Bayangkan, anaknya merayu kelaparan meminta roti untuk dimakan, dan dia lansung sudah kehabisan roti untuk diberikan kepada anaknya. Dia terpaksa menipu anaknya bahawa dia tidak lapar, apabila sarapan yang disediakan hanya satu hidangan untuk anaknya sahaja. Kisahnya boleh dibaca dalam blog beliau, A Girl Called Jack – moga Tuhan sentiasa merahmati keluarganya.

Apa lagi kisah sedih yang ingin dirungkaikan di sini?

Semua perkara yang berlaku di atas – walaupun hakikatnya jutaan manusia lain juga mengalami kebuluran – berlaku dalam sebuah negara yang kaya raya, yang sudah berabad lamanya dikatakan mengecapi kemerdekaan, yang kononnya mempunyai pemimpin-pemimpn yang berwawasan dan berjiwa rakyat.

Kononnya. Apabila menelaah satu demi satu kisah ini, saya cuma mampu bertanyakan – di manakah kerajaan ketika rakyat menderita kebuluran dan kemiskinan?

Di manakah janji-janji ahli politik ketika berkempen untuk mendapatkan undi semasa pilihanraya? Di manakah lestari dan makmurnya perut-perut rakyat yang kelaparan sedang pada masa yang sama mereka tidak henti membaham kekayaan negara.

Di manakah ertinya kemerdekaan negara yang kaya raya dengan hasil bumi kalau rakyat masih lagi kebuluran untuk sebutir nasi?

Apa lagi yang ahli-ahli politik fikirkan saat rakyat mereka terpaksa memilih antara makanan atau penjara?

Jika kemerdekaan itu cuma pada kibaran bendera dan laungan merdeka siang dan malam, dalam keadaan ratyat menangis kelaparan, adalah jauh lebih baik tak usah mengaku sebagai kerajaan.

Maka tidak hairanlah, jika mengambil kira kes ini di Malaysia parti pemerintah begitu senang membeli undi ketika pilihanraya. Saya berbual dengan sorang kenalan dengan mengambil contoh hal yang terjadi di Pilihanraya Kecil Dun Kuala Besut, bayangkan rata-rata pengundi Dun Kuala Besut merupakan golongan yang kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang. Parti yang bertanding di sana datang dengan gumpalan-gumpalan duit sudah tentu menjadi pilihan kerana pengundi perlukan duit untuk terus hidup.

Mereka jauh sekali mahu fikirkan soan polisi negara dalam merendahkan harga kereta, atau skim untuk turunkan harga pemilikan rumah, atau pendidikan percuma dan sebagainya dalam keadaan perut mereka kosong menanti untuk diisikan. Tidak hairanlah, mengapa ahli politik haprak begitu bijak memanipulasikan keadaan ini untuk kekal memerintah.

Umur Malaysia akan terus meningkat, dan ahli-ahli politik akan terus melaungkan slogan itu dan ini yang begitu manis kedengaran. Namun, saban tahun tidak terkira rakyat kebuluran dan kesempitan dalam nikmat kemerdekaan.

Inilah realiti sebuah negara yang kaya raya dan aman damai kononya, tetapi mempunyai barisan pemimpin yang bobrok dan keparat. Hari ini kita semua membaca kisah tragis seorang ayah merompak pejabat POS demi mencari nasi untuk anak-anaknya yang mampu mengundang jutaan tanda tanya dan air mata kepada seluruh umat manusia, lantaran apakah fungsi mereka yang diundi setiap 5 tahun berada di kerusi-kerusi Parlimen?

Menjawablah kalian di depan pengadilan Tuhan yang Maha Adil kelak dengan laungan merdeka kalian yang penuh pembohongan!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Separuh Abad Malaysia Menyambut Kemerdekaan Plastik

Saban tahun Malaysia menyambut Hari Merdeka, yang menjadi simbolik kepada tamatnya kolonial British terhadap tanah Melayu ini setelah hampir 500 tahun di bawah jajahan pelbagai kolonial. Cerita tentang penjajahan dan kemerdekaan ini bukanlah suatu yang mudah dan boleh diringkaskan.

Bayangkan, jikalau Malaysia yang baru berusia 56 tahun ini sudah tidak tertampung dengan pelbagai coretan pahit manisnya, bayangkan bagaimana sejarah 500 tahun dijajah dan diperhamba oleh kolonial mahu dicatatkan secara ringkas?

Maka sudah tentu tidak mungkin. Tetapi itulah malangnya Malaysia, apabila saban tahun ada sahaja pihak yang cuba mengkonklusikan sejarah kemerdekaan itu dalam bentuk yang penuh pembohongan dan plastik. Tahun ini kita bergelak ketawa dengan lawak yang cuba dipaparkan oleh Shuhaimi Baba melalui filemnya, Tanda Putera. Tahun depan bagaimana pula?

Ini belum lagi menyentuh perihal subjek Sejarah di sekolah-sekolah menengah seluruh Malaysia yang begitu berat sebelah dan menjadi alat doktrinisasi sesetengah pihak semata-mata selama ini. Jadi tidak hairanlah apabila ada pihak cuba memberitahu masyarakat bahawa Tanah Melayu pernah mempunyai bendera lain sebelum Jalur Gemilang, bergasak-gasak kumpulan manusia yang buta sejarah menghentam tanpa mereka sedar bahawa mereka lah sebenarnya yang lansung tidak pernah cuba mengambil tahu sejarah sebenar Malaysia.

Apa yang mereka tahu ialah, bila tiba 31 Ogos maka merangkak-rangkak mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang. Kalau boleh dalam tandas pun mahu ditampalnya Jalur Gemilang. Pak menteri pula sehingga umur Malaysia mencecah separuh abad masih lagi sibuk dengan kempen leceh menggesa rakyat mengibarkan bendera.

Hal ini malang sungguh apabila rakyat disuruh mengibarkan bendera tetapi dalam pada masa yang sama parti memerintah tersenyum lebar dengan kebodohan rakyat ditipu bulat-bulat oleh fakta sejarah yang menyeleweng.

Dalam ghairahnya menyambut kemerdekaan yang ke-56, rakyat lansung tidak sedar betapa beberapa monumen simbolik kemerdekaan negara yang menjadi asas kepada kelahiran sebuah negara yang baru telah habis dimusnahkan dan ada yang bakal dimusnahkan tidak lama lagi.

Cuba jawab, siapakah yang memusnahkan monumen-monumen simbolik ini? Tentera Amerika kah? Atau puak-puak Syiah? Atau Anwar Ibrahim? Atau DAP?

Inilah nilai kemerdekaan Malaysia. Saban tahun jutaan dana awam dihabiskan untuk menyambut kemerdekaan di seluruh peringkat. Saban tahun juga parti pemerintah bertepuk tangan melihat semakin dungu rakyat Malaysia untuk berfikir.

Kalau nilai merdeka itu cuma pada sorakan dan kibaran bendera, tidak perlulah Dr. Burhanuddin Al-Helmy bermati-matian berjuang melawan kolonial British.

Kalau nilai merdeka itu cuma pada tembakan bunga api jam 12 malam, mungkin sebelum 31 Ogos 1957 tidak perlu Tunku Abdul Rahman bersusah payah berunding dengan pihak penjajah.

Kalau nilai merdeka itu cuma pada kempen memakai songkok, rasanya Malaysia tidak perlu bersusah payah menuntut kemerdekaan pun.

Namun, sesekali jangan berputus harap pada cita-cita besar bangsa Malaysia. Mungkin Tuhan mahu kita terus belajar dari kesilapan-kesilapan yang lalu. Ayuh kita bersama pertahankan kemerdekaan ini, dengan mencelikkan akal dan jiwa kita terhadap kebenaran dan keadilan yang tulen. Sejarah mengajar kita supaya tidak lupa atau buat-buat lupa dengan apa yang telah berlaku.

Untuk kita benar-benar mencapai kemerdekaan, marilah kita sama-sama memerdekakan terlebih dahulu penceritaan Sejarah Malaysia. Kerana hanya rakyat yang celik sejarahnya, akan teguh jati dirinya, patriotiknya, keluhuran budinya, ketaatan dan kesetiaan yang tidak berbelah bahagi.

Moga sambutan kemerdekaan ke-56 ini mencetus tanda tanya ini yang besar dalam diri setiap warga Malaysia.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Keperluan Asasi Terhadap Capaian Internet

Saya mengikuti perkembangan ini dengan penuh minat berkenaan desakan-desakan beberapa pihak berkenaan keperluan asasi manusia terhadap akses internet.

Statistik secara umum menganggarkan hanya 1 per 3 manusia pada hari ini menikmati akses internet manakala selebihnya iaitu tidak kurang dari 3 bilion manusia masih belum mampu menikmati keperluan ini.

Saya melihat, kadangkala perbincangan mengenai hal ini sering menjurus ke aras perdebatan yang tidak berkesudahan mengenai keperluan manusia terhadap kesihatan dan nutrisi terlebih dahulu sebelum mula menjurus kepada isu akses internet.

Boleh jadi pandangan ini ada benarnya, dengan mendahulukan keperluan asasi iaitu makanan, tempat tinggal dan kesihatan.

Menariknya bagi mencari definisi baru kepada keperluan asasi, ada pihak berpendapat capaian atau akses internet ini sepatutnya tidak menjadi pilihan antara ia dan makanan sepertimana keperluan makanan dan kesihatan.

Rata-rata pihak yang mengangkat sudut pandang ini mula mengambil langkah proaktif, dengan mewujudkan satu rangka kerja yang kelihatan agak memberangsangkan melalui platform

Facebook melalui pengasasnya, Mark Zuckerberg kelihatan begitu agresif dalam perkara ini. Dalam laporan CNN yang terbaru turut mengaitkan tentang obsesi Mark terhadap isu-isu yang tiada kaitan kepada Facebook secara lansung, dan ini menjadikan dia seolah berada di kumpulan yang berbeza berbanding rakan-rakannya dalam industri ini.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is increasingly speaking up on non-Facebook issues. See the five ways he is trying to change the world:
Posted by CNN on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Secara teknikalnya, ia kelihatan tidak berkait. Namun meneliti taktikal Mark Zuckerberg, usaha memperjuangkan kebolehcapaian internet kepada seluruh penduduk dunia boleh jadi sebagai strategi Facebook untuk terus bertahan dan terus menjana keuntungan.

Formula yang mudah, semakin ramai yang mendaftar di laman sosial tersebut maka jumlah keuntungan yang diperoleh bakal meningkat. Skeptikal ini menjalar dalam kalangan peneliti isu ini tanpa ragu.

Walaubagaimanapun, saya lebih suka meninjau perkembangan ini secara positif. Dengan meminjam sedikit masa bagi membaca perancangan dasar Mark bagi mencapai hasrat ini melalui tulisan terbaru beliau di laman Facebook membuktikan Mark bukanlah sembarangan entrepreneur.

Titik asas kepada kasus beliau ialah memastikan kebolehcapaian internet kepada keseluruhan penduduk dunia dengan memberi penekanan terhadap penurunan kos penghantaran data melalui data-compression technology dan penghasilan teknologi yang affordable bagi semua lapisan masyarakat.

For nine years, we've been on a mission to connect the world. We now connect more than 1 billion people, but to connect...
Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Menariknya, dalam desas desus ini Google telah pun melancarkan +Project Loon, iaitu sebuah projek menghasilkan belon udara panas yang akan menjadi router bergerak bagi kawaan pendalaman untuk tujuan pencapaian internet.

Projek ini telah dilancarkan awal tahun ini dengan menjadikan sebuah kawasan di New Zealand sebagai kawasan kajian bagi melihat tahap kebolehlaksaan projek ini. Google seolah menyendiri dalam isu ini. Melalui video ini, kita dapat melihat mekanisme projek ini dijalankan.

Kita tunggu dan lihat bagaimana mereka selaku pemain-pemain utama dalam industri teknologi dalam talian ini membentuk dunia baru bagi seluruh warga dunia. Usaha +Google amat terpuji dan boleh diiktiraf sebagai contoh terbaik bagi social business cases.

Bagaimana di Malaysia?

Ini persoalan yang perlu setiap rakyat menjawabnya. Saya yakin tidak kurang dari 50% populasi di Malaysia masih belum menikmati capaian internet terutama dalam kalangan penduduk di Sabah dan Sarawak. Sudah lama saya berhajat untuk memberi komen dalam perkara ini.

Amnya, Malaysia mempunyai kekuatan yang tidak pernah diperlihatkan sebelum ini untuk mengadakan capaian internet ke seluruh pelusuk bumi Malaysia. Tidak mengapa hal ini kita akan bincangkan dalam tulisan akan datang.

Saya mahu memberi kredit kepada usaha kerajaan melalui projek mereka iaitu Kampung Tanpa Wayar 1Malaysia dan pelbagai lagi inisiatif bagi menggalakkan celik IT yang dilancarkan oleh Perdana Menteri DS +Najib Razak. Optimis saya, niat awal projek ini begitu baik.

Namun seperti yang kita maklum, projek ini kelihatan tidak kemana. Saya sendiri bimbang jikalau ada yang mempersoalkan tentang impak sebenar projek ini yang telah menelan jutaan inggit dana awam terhadap perkembangan celik IT masyarakat luar bandar khususnya.

Sehingga kini laporan Bernama menunjukkan sudah wujud 4210 kampung tanpa wayar seluruh negara.

Usaha ini bagus dan terpuji. Cuma saya selaku rakyat yang merasa bertanggungjawab membangkitkan perkara ini ingin mengingatkan kerajaan tentang keperluan perlaksanaan yang berkesan bagi memastikan projek ini benar-benar menghasilkan impak kepada masyarakat Malaysia.

Sebelum meninggalkan ruang perbincangan ini, satu persoalan yang perlu dijawab iaitu adakah capaian internet itu benar-benar boleh diangkat sebagai keperluan asasi manusia menyamai keperluan manusia terhadap makanan, kesihatan dan tempat tinggal?

Moga ianya bermanfaat.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Terima Kasih Ya ALLAH

ALLAH, Tiada Tuhan Melainkan Engkau!

Terima kasih atas nikmat Ramadan yang Engkau sampaikan kepadaku dan sekalian umat Islam serata dunia. Benarlah sabda kekasih-Mu, tiada yang lebih beruntung selain senantiasa diberkahi dengan nikmat Islam dan Iman.

Untuk sekian kalinya. kita dipanjangkan umur untuk bertamu dengan Ramadan. Biarkan Ramadan berbicara, usah kita bazirkan peluang ini untuk memperbaiki diri, merenung kembali setahun yang berlalu selepas Ramadan 1432H – menghitung diri yang tidak terkira silap dan mungkarnya.

Ini kerja yang tiada kesudahannya. Ianya akan berulang saban tahun. Cuma tinggal diri kita sahaja untuk menjadi bijak dengan Ramadan. Ramai teman mengungkapkan, Ramadan ini sama sahaja saban tahun kerana yang membezakan antara hari ini dengan Ramadan setahun yang lepas ialah natijahnya kepada diri kita selaku hamba Tuhan.

Dulu, saya pernah menulis sepatutnya Ramadan menjadikan saya yang bernilai 2 mampu menjadikan nilai itu bertambah kepada 3 atau seterusnya. Namun hakikatnya ia begitu mudah untuk ditulis di sini, untuk diwar-warkan dalam laman Facebook, untuk mendapat jumlah LIKE yang banyak dan mudah untuk menjadi modal bicara.

Tidak lain, kesaksian kepada natijah Ramadan itu bergantung kepada sejauh mana kebijakan kita mengaut ibrah Ramadan, kesungguhan memohon keampunan dan bertambahnya kualiti ibadah kepada Tuhan.

Ramadan itu serba rahmat. Moga Tuhan memberkati usia kita yang dipanjangkan untuk bertamu dengan Ramadan 1434H.

Terimalah usaha kami ya ALLAH. Terima kasih ya ALLAH!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Menjelajah Kota Istanbul

Jika ada peluang ke sana, jangan sesekali lepaskan. Itu sahaja yang mampu saya ungkap untuk menggambarkan betapa Istanbul tidak seperti mana-mana bandar yang pernah anda jelajahi sebelum ini. Ini antara catatan bergambar ketika berada di sana, hampir seminggu lamanya untuk program Global Power Shift anjuran

A view from the cruise. Fascinating right?

Oleh kerana pemergian ke Istanbul itu atas tajaan mereka, makanya bolehlah merasa menaiki cruise dengan percuma. Kalau pergi sendiri, mungkin tidak mampu. Mungkin. Di atas kapal itu sempat berkenalan dengan seorang budak Libya hibrid (sebenarnya dia separuh Libya, separuh Malaysia), kerana lahir di Malaysia tetapi permohonan ayahnya untuk menjadikan dia sebagai warganegara tidak diluluskan. Sayang betul!

Gambar diatas itu adalah pesisir Selat Bosphorus. Cantik bukan?

With a half-Libyan, half-Malaysian friend.

Inilah dia, Abdul Benghazi, budak Libya hibrid.

The landmark of Istanbul. Blue Mosque. BLAWG!

The decoration of Blue Mosque.

Tentang Masjid Biru di Kota Istanbul, rasanya semua maklum akan kisah lagendanya. Sempat bersolat di sini sambil menikmati aiskrim dan gula-gula manisan Turki. Dan bersebelahan dengannya, adalah Hagia Sophia. Bangunan yang kini menjadi muzium. Berasal sebagai sebuah gereja Roman Timur, kemudiannya bertukar menjadi masjid saat Al-Fateh menawan Byzantine.

Hari ini, sudah menjadi muzium dan masih mengekalkan warisan seni bina dari kedua-dua tamadun besar itu.

From the outside of Hagia Sophia. Another breakthrough scenery!

Inside Hagia Sophia, Jesus in between ALLAH and Muhammad PBUH calligraphy.

Hagia Sophia

Gambar diatas, merupakan gambar yang paling saya gemari. Gambar lampu chandellier di tengah-tengah dewan utama Hagia Sophia. Dibawah, adalah gambar ketika menyertai protes Anti-Coal yang dianjurkan oleh Greenpeace. Bertuah kerana dapat memegang sepanduk di barisan paling hadapan.

Join Anti-Coal Protest organized by Greenpeace. Another world is possible! #DirenGezegen

Soal makanan, Istanbul tidak pernah kalah. Kebab kambing dihidangkan bersama teh Turki? Apa lagi kami mahu wahai manusia?

The kebab. Delicious, no more question.

Turkey tea, a compulsory!

Oleh kerana ketika itu sekitar Julai, Istanbul sedang hangat dengan protes besar-besaran di Taksim Gazi Park. Sempatlah juga menyibukkan diri bersama para demostran.

In the middle of riot.

Mustapha Kamal erect at the square.

Akhirnya, di Istanbul jua, kali pertama belajar menikmati hookah atau kita popular dengan panggilan shisha.

Shit I’m not virgin anymore!

Sebenarnya, banyak lagi gambar sepanjang seminggu disana, cuma untuk tatapan pembaca, cukupla beberapa gambar yang boleh bercerita, betapa kota Uthmaniyyah ini kaya dengan pelbagai warisan sejarah. Moga kita ketemu lagi di lain masa, Istanbul!

Friday, May 24, 2013

4 Tahun Bersama PEMATRA

Alhamdulillah, untuk sekian kalinya Tuhan memberi peluang untuk bernafas di bumi ini. Artikel ini ditulis, setelah saya sudah tidak lagi bergelar PEMATRA secara rasmi setelah 4 tahun tempoh bersusah dan senang dengan persatuan mahasiswa ini.

Mungkin sebelum pergi lebih jauh, seeloknya saya bercerita dan berkongsi hidup saya bersama PEMATRA selama tempoh tersebut. Saya bermula di PEMATRA selaku Exco Kerohanian, dilantik ketika penghujung Tahun Pertama pengajian di UKM. Tidak, itu tidak benar. Saya bermula sebagai ahli sehingga dilantik sebagai exco di penghujung semester.

Selama sesi pertama bertugas sebagai Exco Kerohanian, saya banyak belajar dari senior PEMATRA dan alumni. Mereka hebat, moga rahmat ALLAH kepada mereka semua. Selama menjadi exco, juga menjadi ketua pengarah kepada bebrapa buah program pada sesi tersebut telah membuka ruang yang luas untuk saya belajar mengenali PEMATRA. Ternyata PEMATRA bukan sekadar kelab, ianya persatuan mahasiswa.

Tuhan terus membuka peluang kepada saya dengan diberi amanah untuk memegang posisi Naib Yang Dipertua I untuk sesi 2011/2012. Saya menjadi orang nombor 2 PEMATRA ketika penghujung Tahun Kedua pengajian. Tugas saya mudah, saya adalah pembantu kepada Fakhrie selaku YDP ketika itu.

Menjadi NYDP menjadikan saya semakin mencintai PEMATRA. Saya menetapkan cita-cita saya tersendiri untuk PEMATRA. Ketika itu, saya telah diberi kebebasan oleh Fakhrie untuk membentuk PEMATRA, sesuai dengan jiwanya selaku persatuan mahasiswa.

Mungkin lagi enak jika saya menyebut nama beberapa individu yang begitu mendokong usaha dan cita-cita ini. Terima kasih Rosilina, Nurfatihah Adnan, Rashdan, Syazwan, Khoiri, Roslina, Nor Zawani, rakan-rakan Tahun 2 ketika itu – yang saya tidak mampu menyebut nama mereka satu persatu.

Kami melaksanakan agenda kami, bermula dengan Karnival Teknologi Kejuruteraan atau lebih popular dalam kalangan kami dengan panggilan EngTEC. Kami belajar membuat unjuran matlamat dalam beberapa jangka masa.

Mungkin ianya berjaya, dan mungkin tidak brgantung kepada persepsi dan penilaian masing-masing. Kami juga memulakan beberapa kerjasama denga pihak luar, terutamanya NGO dan badan-badan kebajikan.

Kami punya target yang besar di masa hadapan, kerana kami yakin prospek PEMATRA bukan sekadar kelab biasa tetapi sebagai sebuah persatuan mahasiswa. Kami membawa gagasan dan semangat kesatuan pelajar, atau mungkin rakan-rakan luar negara lebih popular dengan terma student union. Kami sebahagian itu, kerana kami yakin jiwa PEMATRA adalah student union.

Akhir sesi selaku NYDP I, ALLAH memberi ruang kepada saya untuk bergerak selaku Yang Dipertua PEMATRA sesi 2012/13.

Ini tanggungjawab besar. Perkara paling bertuah saya kira ketika saya dilantik memegang jawatan tertinggi persatuan ini ialah, saya mendapat Mukhsen Abdul Kadir selaku NYDP I, menemani saya dan membantu saya segenap segi.

Beliau tidak pernah berhenti menyokong setiap cita-cita dan usaha yang saya cuba terapkan dalam PEMATRA sepanjang saya menjadi YDP. Untungnya PEMATRA, jika saya tetiba berundur atau tiada – sudah tentu Mukhsen berupaya untuk memimpin PEMATRA dengan lebih baik tanpa ragu.

Saya menulis idea dan corak pembawakan saya dalam artikel ini, Memacu PEMATRA Yang Berjiwa Demokrat dan Merdeka. Apa yang saya lakukan sepanjang sesi 2012/13, artikel tersebut menerangkan segalanya.

Saya mengambil ruang dalam artikel ini untuk mengucapkan terima kasih dan momohon ribuan kemaafan terutama kepada seluruh rakan-rakan Exco saya yang telah bersama saya selama satu sesi. Pelbagai certa kita telah coretkan.

Pelbagai ragam kita rakamkan bersama. Mungkin ada antaranya membuatkan kita tersenyum lebar, namun saya tidak menolak ada juga antaranya mampu membuatkan kita menangis dan mengetap bibir menahan marah.

Saya tidak nafikan sesi saya begitu banyak kelemahan PEMATRA. Kami berusaha untuk menampung kelemahan yang ada, berusaha sedaya mungkin mencapai setiap objektif yang digariskan bersama, membanting sekeras mungkin memenuhi cita-cita yang diimpikan.

Saya tiada hak menyebut kejayaan PEMATRA, kerana itu bagi saya tidak penting berbanding saya menulis kelemahan PEMATRA yang boleh diberi perhatian untuk kepimpinan akan datang. Beri perhatian seterusnya mencari jalan untuk memperbaikinya.

Ya, silap. Bukan kelemahan tetapi peluang yang wujud untuk kita terus berfikir dan bekerja untuk menyelesaikannya!

Izinkan saya berkongsi sedikit pandangan mengenai PEMATRA secara jujur,

  1. PEMATRA masih belum mampu menghapuskan persepsi bahawa kesatuan ini hanya untuk orang Melayu. Tidak dinafikan majoriti pelajar FKAB adalah Melayu, tetapi saya tidak merasakan bahawa kesatuan ini perlu mengikut ras sebegitu. Saya adalah Malaysian, maka saya tersangat berimpian PEMATRA mampu menjadi pusat integrasi yang baik. Saya gagal untuk melaksanakan pada sesi saya. Kami sudah berusaha, tetapi masih belum diberi jalan penyelesaian. Saya berharap, dan ini benar-benar bukan pengharapan yang palsu bahawa ingin sekali saya lihat PEMATRA menjadi dokongan semua mahassiwa tanpa sekelumit persepsi bersentimenkan ras ini.
  2. PEMATRA perlu lebih menekankan aspek kebajikan selaku teras utama yang menggerakkan kesatuan ini. Tanpa tonggak kebajikan, apa lagi yang tinggal pada PEMATRA?
  3. PEMATRA juga masih belum berupaya menjadi jambatan antara alumni dan fakulti secara berkesan dan meninggalkan impak yang berkualiti. Ini cita-cita peribadi saya, yang dikongsi bersama ramai rakan-rakan exco untuk melihat PEMATRA bejaya menyusun strategi mewujudkan liga alumni yang bersedia menyalurkan khidmat ilmu dan pengalaman mereka kepada fakulti secara sukarela. Sebagai gambarannya, kami bercita-cita memulakan langkah untuk mewujudkan satu kursus (course) di mana barisan pengajarnya adalah alumni FKAB. Ramai antaranya begitu hebat pencapaian mereka sekarang, bayangkan betapa bertuahnya adik-adik junior jika PEMATRA mampu merealisasikan cita-cita ini. Saya sendiri yang akan menjadi bakal alumni FKAB tidak lama lagi, akan menyahut seruan ini tanpa ragu!
  4. PEMATRA perlu berusaha menjadi initiator kepada usaha menyuburkan semangat kesukarelawanan dalam kalangan mahasiswa. Saya menyebut hal ini sebagai usaha ke arah FKAB memulakan kempen social engineering pada setiap sudut dan elemen yang wujud di fakulti. Persoalan utamanya ialah, bagaimana PEMATRA dan FKAB memberi manfaat kepada masyarakat luar sebagai kapasiti mereka selaku sekolah kejuruteraan dan kesatuan mahasiswa kejuruteraan?

Sebenarnya ini bukan masalah, tetapi peluang kepada PEMATRA untuk menjadi semakin berkesan dan benar-benar memberi impak kepada persekitaran. Ketika sesi saya, mungkin 2-3 perkara diatas sudah cuba dilaksanakan tetapi masih gagal. Jadi PEMATRA sesi ini sepatutnya berusaha mencapai dan menyelesaikan permasalahan ini.

Saya menamatkan kisah dengan PEMATRA selaku Yang Dipertua. Begitu banyak lompang dan kekurangan yang ada, jika mahu disenarai satu persatu mungkin mampu dijilidkan sebagai novel.

Tidak mengapa, saya percaya zaman universiti adalah tempak untuk melakukan kesalahan tanpa perlu merasa risau. Kerana ini tempat kita belajar. Jika bukan di universiti, dan bukan sekarang masanya maka bila lagi?

4 tahun bersama kesatuan ini cukup bermakna. Umpama kata Prof Kamal dalam ucapan perasmian AGM PEMATRA semalam, usaha kita pada waktu sekarang akan dapat dilihat hasilnya dalam beberapa jangka masa yang akan datang.

Selama 4 tahun ini, secara peribadinya saya cuba membawa idea saya tersendiri dan mengajak rakan-rakan bersama menyokong idea tersebut. Ada yang berjaya, dan tidak kurang juga yang tidak berjaya.

ALLAH, sesungguhnya percaturan dan ketentuan Engkau itu yang Maha Sempurna!

Moga segala usaha dan penat lelah PEMATRA berbakti kepada fakulti, mahasiswa FKAB, universiti, masyarakat dan alam sekitar mendapat ganjaran setimpalnya oleh ALLAH SWT.

The work end, the bond never.

Ahmad Tajuddin Abdullah,
Mantan Presiden PEMATRA 2012/13