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Understanding Social Network Impacts to Organizational Performance

Nowadays the world was booming with the series of social networking site that's taken place in mainly of human life and give an impact regardless of positive or negative.

As the world becomes more vibrant and volatile, social media networking such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and much more become virally induced into human life as well as give an impact to the businesses and entrepreneurs.

In fact, without all of these social media human will not progress and moving like today and will cause any of major problems in communications and management strategies of particulars organisations and country as well.

This social networking come out with an outstanding number of active users since the very first medium exists. This type of communications medium seems to develop and expand rapidly year by year. This situation makes not only the effect on human but also affecting the business performance.

As reported by eBiz, Facebook and Twitter become the most popular and high-rank in the wor…

Understanding Impacts of Entrepreneurial Skills on Business Performance

Entrepreneurship is referred to the act of being an entrepreneur or “one who undertakes innovations, finance, and business acumen to transform innovations into economic goods”. [1]

This field of work is essential with ideas, innovations and inventions for a better life of the human and capitalise the materials.

The entrepreneur has always been connected with the business manner. In fact, in the real world, many of the businessmen did not do entrepreneur job, but comfortable being as regular businessmen which they are not able to invent something new to their product, do not have entrepreneurial skills and just gradually making a profit by selling and buying the ready-made product in the market.

By means of full respect for the entrepreneurship spirits, the entrepreneur is someone who made up the idea, design the product, manufactured the product and selling it into the market.

This kind of job required sort of skills which will help the entrepreneur survive in the business world. This…