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Internship Week #11 — Hallelujah!

Everyone, finally it’s done!

Means my internship will be the end today after the 11th week with a sandwich of joys and suffers. At the moment I write this, I must say that I’m at my office desk, sitting in front of the computer that has been used since I start working here.

To be honest, it’s not really easy for me to leave what I am doing for the last 11 weeks here.

Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd, a fabricator factory that located in Ipoh, Perak — I have to say that I have been enjoying serve you for several weeks!

First of all I would like to pay my highest tribute to my friendly supervisor, Mr Tan Thiam Heng for being so caring and cool with me along this internship. Thanks for everything. Your kind words and aspiration for always reminding me of work attitude and ethic is a much precious thing that I ever get here.

I will always remember once you said, “Technical skill you will able to gain from the practice. Anywhere and anytime. But working attitude and ethic is something that you …

Internship Week #10 — The Heats Turn On

Hi, everyone. Have a nice weekend, hopefully. 10th week at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd, I realize this. Very long in terms of number, but really it's just a tiny of time in terms of working.

Start from Monday till Thursday, I manage to complete the data for weight estimation for Top Shroud part. I must say it was really difficult since a lot of drawing sheets missing and I need to repeatedly go to Design Department and Production Department to print out and re-confirm all the new sheets with the peoples there.

It’s not sometimes, but every second I am facing with a couple of problems in due to estimating the weight for each part in this Top Shroud category consist 54 drawing sets.

I am also managing to finish up the estimation for the Walkaway Assembly part which consist 15 drawing sets alongside the part mention above. Just for a side note, IE is just fabricating for handrail, support arm, fixing a plate and stair interface excluding flooring section.

Once ago, I wrote about head …

UMNO & Falasi Kemerdekaan

Minggu lepas menjelang sambutan kemerdekaan ke-55, banyak di kaca televisyen rancangan-rancangan sempena kemerdekaan. Saya antara yang mengambil peluang ini untuk menonton beberapa rancangan terutama yang berkaitan dengan sejarah dan pengorbanan orang dulu untuk menuntut kemerdekaan Tanah Melayu – sebelum ditukar kepada Malaysia selepas 16 September 1969.

Saya menonton dengan separuh jiwa, kerana saya tahu rancangan itu tidak lebih dari untuk mendoktrinkan penonton tentang jerih perih penat susah pejuang terdahulu yang diambil cuma dari sebelah pihak sahaja dan dibuang sama sekali kebaikan jasa yang ditabur oleh penggerak kemerdekaan sebelah kiri.

Kita tinggalkan persoalan itu dahulu kerana saya menulis ini adalah respon terhadap falasi yang telah dilaksanakan dengan jayanya oleh media di Malaysia terutamanya media arus perdana tanpa perlu saya sebutkan nama mereka. Terima kasih untuk usaha anda pihak media yang mengadakan rancangan berkaitan sejarah ini.

Ya saya yakin skrip untuk obj…

Internship Week #9 — Engineer Got Confuse?

Hi, guys. I’m back for my internship weekly update. I stress out here; this is Week 9 out of 11. So simply says I just have 2 more weeks to go then will finish up my training as practicing engineer.

Throughout the week, I am working out on the drawing for the Eco-Hopper machine by B&W AUMUND Group. In fact, this project is already done by Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd couple month ago, but I need to re-calculate all the part of the Purchasing Order (PO) purpose.

So what I need to do is ensure the total weight of Assembly Drawing is same to Sub-Assembly Drawing. If there got any misplaced data, so I need to refer to Detail Part Drawing.

Mr Wong gives to me 4 buckets of drawing which include:
Main FrameStair & WalkwayTop shroud & Air FilterPlenum Box I start with Stair & Walkway drawing sets, but after almost three days’ work it, I stuck in confusing since a lot of drawing sheets missing and the total weight data can’t be calculated.

I refer to Mr Wong and he advises me to t…