Sunday, September 2, 2012

Internship Week #9 — Engineer Got Confuse?

Hi, guys. I’m back for my internship weekly update. I stress out here; this is Week 9 out of 11. So simply says I just have 2 more weeks to go then will finish up my training as practicing engineer.

Throughout the week, I am working out on the drawing for the Eco-Hopper machine by B&W AUMUND Group. In fact, this project is already done by Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd couple month ago, but I need to re-calculate all the part of the Purchasing Order (PO) purpose.

So what I need to do is ensure the total weight of Assembly Drawing is same to Sub-Assembly Drawing. If there got any misplaced data, so I need to refer to Detail Part Drawing.

Mr Wong gives to me 4 buckets of drawing which include:
  1. Main Frame
  2. Stair & Walkway
  3. Top shroud & Air Filter
  4. Plenum Box
I start with Stair & Walkway drawing sets, but after almost three days’ work it, I stuck in confusing since a lot of drawing sheets missing and the total weight data can’t be calculated.

I refer to Mr Wong and he advises me to try to look at another drawing set. So I move to Top Shroud drawing set. Yes, I manage to get all the data and found several data on Assembly Drawing is just wrong. So I put all the new data on it and re-confirm with Mr. Wong of what I changed.

On Saturday, Mr Wong asks me to meet him in the room. He told me to try another way to ensure the data is right or wrong by using the Summary of Weight Data for this project. IE is only working on the steel fabricated part like the wall, hinge plate, pivot shaft, equal angle and several more steel parts exclude bolt, screw, nut and washers.

By using this summary, my task going more easy I must say. I guess by next week task can be done.

I can conclude what I have done for this week a just bit of engineer supposed to do. This is part of the tender requirement in project management. IE as a contractor must always be precise in material cost and calculation so that it will help this company avoid profit loss in business.

So guys, enough for this week. Stay tune…