Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Internship Week #11 — Hallelujah!

On the last day at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd
Everyone, finally it’s done!

Means my internship will be the end today after the 11th week with a sandwich of joys and suffers. At the moment I write this, I must say that I’m at my office desk, sitting in front of the computer that has been used since I start working here.

To be honest, it’s not really easy for me to leave what I am doing for the last 11 weeks here.

Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd, a fabricator factory that located in Ipoh, Perak  I have to say that I have been enjoying serve you for several weeks!

First of all I would like to pay my highest tribute to my friendly supervisor, Mr Tan Thiam Heng for being so caring and cool with me along this internship. Thanks for everything. Your kind words and aspiration for always reminding me of work attitude and ethic is a much precious thing that I ever get here.

I will always remember once you said, “Technical skill you will able to gain from the practice. Anywhere and anytime. But working attitude and ethic is something that you will never find everywhere unless you have been reminded every second of it by someone who cares about you”.

Thanks, sir!

I would like to thank to Mr Wong Choong Meng, General Manager of IE that I used to work under him start Week 4 until today. Till today, I don’t get why you easily put trust on me to handle buckets of drawing to do weight estimation for a huge project like ALSTOM Coal Fired Power Plant at Manjung, Perak. I realize that is not an easy task since I’m a newbie here!

Anyway, thanks for this chance you gave to me sir. I don’t know how to appreciate it. After this project finish, I think I have a right to say that I’m a part of this power plant too!

To all IE’s staffs, thanks for welcoming and comfort me here, especially ladies in Human Resource Department. I smile during writing this – for sure because of your kindness and always nice to me.

IE just a small steel-based construction company. This is what I have been told by Mr James Todd, a guy from ALSTOM that is working in IE to supervise the Manjung project when I have a little chat with him yesterday.

And IE also didn’t take many trainees at the same time. According to Mr Wong, the maximum place for a trainee that possibly at the same time is only 2. To think about this, I felt much lucky to train here indeed.

Again, thanks for everything!

For this week, since it was my last week here I have to finish up all delay jobs from last week. It includes weighted estimation for Eco Hopper machine by the B&W AUMUND Group and surface area data compilation for painting purpose for Manjung project by ALSTOM.

Alhamdulillah yesterday I manage to finish all relating jobs for Eco Hopper Project. Even though I could feel several of my calculation data isn’t really precise since some of missing drawing, so I leave it to Mt Wong to decide the best and ideal data for it. Before this, I couldn’t imagine that I will manage to complete this task because of time constraint.

If you guys curious what is an Eco Hopper Machine, please feel free to read here. That was an Eco Hopper Machine fabricated and assembled by Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd.

So for today I am focusing on Manjung project to finalize the total surface area of all steel structures for painting purpose. This not really hard since I am just continuing what I have done before in Week 8. It only consists 2 main parts that are fabricated beam and I-Beam. Both of this structure have entirely had 48 drawer set.

Again, if you are interested to know what Manjung project is all about, feel free to read here. According to ALSTOM press statement;
“The Tanjung Bin power plant is to be commissioned in 2016. Combined with the new Manjung power plant also being constructed by Alstom and due to come online in 2015, the power plants will jointly provide an additional capacity of 2000 MW for Peninsular Malaysia. The Tanjung Bin power plant is Alstom’s second contract for a supercritical coal-fired unit in Malaysia, following the order to build the 1000 MW Manjung power plant in March 2011.” 
Source: ALSTOM
I must say that it boosts an extraordinary feeling to realize that I am a part of this project too!

After 11 weeks working in IE, I directly involve in three main projects that are;
  1. Fabrication and installation of steel structure for palm-oil plant at Kawasan Perindustrian Tanjung Langsat, Johor
  2. Fabrication and installation of the gas duct for 1000MW Coal Fired Power Plant at Manjung, Perak by ALSTOM
  3. Fabrication and installation of steel structure for Eco Hopper machine by B&W AUMUND Group
I hope every inch of experiences and knowledge I gain here will be useful for me to discover the future in front of me. I realize there is none in the world will come free with me unless I must put sweat and time on it before I have a right to claim that I deserve it

Internship boosts my goal in life for sure. It teaches me a lot. I can’t deny how internship changes my perspective on Master studies.

Yeah, some of circumstances happen during the training  may I call it as coincidence  but enough to make me think about the chance of study that I had now been very precious compared to many peoples at factory that don’t have the same.

It’s very unfortunate when suddenly the environment surrounds of you allow you to see the world that you never ever imagined before.

These circumstances lead me to re-think my life planning again and again.

The internship also makes me more human. I have learned how every factory labor who work very hard and spend their life every second on the risks but get a very small salary. If I have a chance to critique any companies, this is the point that I will arise upon the right of laborers to get a higher salary. Yet I know it is not easy for the company to do that.

Goodbye, IE. If the time comes, I will serve you again after graduate!