Monday, September 10, 2012

Internship Week #10 — The Heats Turn On

Hi, everyone. Have a nice weekend, hopefully. 10th week at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd, I realize this. Very long in terms of number, but really it's just a tiny of time in terms of working.

Start from Monday till Thursday, I manage to complete the data for weight estimation for Top Shroud part. I must say it was really difficult since a lot of drawing sheets missing and I need to repeatedly go to Design Department and Production Department to print out and re-confirm all the new sheets with the peoples there.

It’s not sometimes, but every second I am facing with a couple of problems in due to estimating the weight for each part in this Top Shroud category consist 54 drawing sets.

I am also managing to finish up the estimation for the Walkaway Assembly part which consist 15 drawing sets alongside the part mention above. Just for a side note, IE is just fabricating for handrail, support arm, fixing a plate and stair interface excluding flooring section.

Once ago, I wrote about head banging, so for this entire week, I recognize my head started to burn.

After both of this part finish, my hand still got 7 parts of drawing more waiting to estimate. Since I just only had 5 days left before my internship over next week, there’s got nothing to do with it.

Life must continue as well. Start Friday I work on the Staircase Assembly part. It much lucky for me since staircase only had 14 sets of drawing. When I state here 14 sets, that refer to Sub-Assembly drawing.

Each sub-assembly drawing got at least 7 to 8 drawing sheets. It’s consists support beam, handrail tube, infill plate, stringer and kick plate.

Sorry for some of the structural terms that I used here. I suggest if you guys wanna investigate more the kind of chocolate I put here just Wikipedia itself. Ok?

Mr Wong said he wanted to check all the data by next week. Till Saturday noon, I didn’t finish it up. Guess it’s better for me to continue on next Monday.

My learning point for this week, I supposed, to stress out about the working attitude and ethic. Somehow I felt to learn Engineering Ethic in the lecture hall is useless after you put yourself in the real job life.

My supervisor, Mr Tan  yet I may call him as a friend as well  always remind myself of working attitude.

You guys can refer back to my 2nd week of Internship update. Sometimes when you had a lot of jobs and being pushed to submit by a particular date, you will automatically try to find an escape plan by smart shortcut or simply used badass cheating.

Yes, you can cheat so do I. My job always opens for the cheater. If I want to do so, yes, I could do without any hesitation!

But for once I need to always questioning myself. It’s not good practice. I’m a trainee so internship period is my platform for shaping my attitude and ethic. So why I need to betray it?

Again, it’s only my 2 cents. You are free to be yourself. Imma do me, so you do you.

So next week is my last week here?