Sunday, August 26, 2012

Internship Week #8 — Mood Raya On

Hi, guys. First and foremost, I would like to wish Happy Eid Fitri Al-Mubarak to all readers. How’s your Raya?

I could call this week for the saddest week ever after I have to come back to the office on the 5th of Raya. It’s not great at all. And it also was being my shortest Raya ever.

For the remaining three days, I have just completed all the calculation data for the surface area of Channel ports, Fabricating Beams (FB) and all angle parts. By Saturday, Mr. Wong asks me all the calculation data for tonnage so I print out the entire table and gave it to him.

He said will check it first then tell me if there is any misplaced data.

I hope there’s nothing wrong because he just gave to me another bucket of drawing to do the same thing. Only the difference is the project of that drawing is already complete and he asks me to re-check the total weight for each part on the drawing set for the bill of Purchasing Order (PO) purposing.

I guess I would start this job next Monday. Mr. Wong always told me; don’t rush  do your task slow.

So by the three weeks left for the internship program that I have it give to me enough time to finish the job.

Stay tune guys…