Saturday, August 18, 2012

Internship Week #7 — A Technical Awkward

Hi, guys. Thanks for dropping by and continuing to read my note about the internship at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd. May it will be my quick update for this week.

Yeah, you know this week is the last week of Ramadan. Also, be my last week working during fasting I guess. I am not even writing before my experience fasting during working at the office so I think for this note I should shout some here.

I tweet before on Twitter on the 1st week of Ramadan. Just for record in the office only have 2 Muslims there and that’s meant only both of us fasting. Others are non-Muslim.

They as usual recognized us as we are fasting during Ramadan. They show their respect by not eating and drinking in front of us even I am not bothered whether they want to eat or drinking in front of me at all.

Yeah by the way I respect their honor. That’s we call as tolerance between us. It’s a beautiful thought.

To fasting during working,  in the true means of the essence of Ramadan – is not an easy job. Maybe I manage to fast by not eating and drinking, but to fast my other senses is the matter now. Yet I know I am far from perfect so I will take granted by it.

This is serious. In the process to find the ultimate reward as promised by ALLAH God Almighty, I hope this will give me some good lesson.

OK, enough for my Ramadan experience at IE. Let’s move to my note of internship.

As well, I said in the last note, my boss and me working out to find and compiling all calculation data for total weight and area of each part. So it is in this week. Some of part that I made last week need to be re-check and they spot some careless that I have made. This is part of learning process. They need a precise value. The value must come with fine justification.

“Why it’s so small Tajuddin?”, Mr. Wong asks me. “I think this value is not compatible. Based on your total length, it’s weight supposedly around 9 tons. Please do re-calculate for this one.”

Then he adds oil, “So next time supposed do minimize this careless.”

Yet I know this will not be my last error.

The point of learning for this week;

I do check all the detail drawing and assembly drawing for all parts (metal structure) in order to make sure the material that's being used is as stated in drawing or got other materials. The problem comes when I just recognized all the parts used Carbon Steel Q235B.

Yes, all drawing state they used Q235B but in another document from the client state some part also used differ materials.

It’s awkward when I found one and only drawing use Q235A instead of Q235B. Everyone wonder. And it terrific when all structure is not even used other materials beside both of these.

Mr. Wong asks me to search for the mechanical properties and chemical composition for Q235A and Q235B. He says if these materials got similar properties so he will just order Q235B. What I found is the differ point of these materials is their carbon percentage.

Seem like Q235B is much stronger than Q235A. I show all the data I got to Mr. Wong and leave it to him to decide. I am quite sure he knows what the best option we gonna approaches now.

Sometimes this is the recycled problematic in the engineering world. We cannot keep playing with assumption, but it’s must come with solid justification. I dare to say what am I experienced so far is thousands behind of what the real engineer facing. To get wrong, make a mistake time by time; just give to me a room for improvement.

Let’s live and let live.

So appreciated it, kid!

Note: By the time you read this, please do note I am already at my lovely calm hometown, Kerteh for Eid Fitri. I wrote this on Thursday – a last day at the office before off to hometown. And will off till next Thursday. See ya!