Monday, August 6, 2012

Internship Week #6 — Thanks Mr. Rashidi

Hi, guys. What's going on?

This week is totally differed compared to previous weeks. I got a lot of jobs. I got an instruction to do this and that. I manage to calculate most of the main metal structure for TNB 1000MW Manjung Coal Fired Power Plant  I mention about this in the previous note.

It’s not a small project. It’s only because I got a chance to do work with Mr. Wong, General Manager of IE. Work with him throughout the week; yes, I am happy, but it gives tremendous pressure on my shoulder.

For the first time, I got a chance to have met with “big guys” of IE like Mr. Wong and Mr.Liang, someone in Production Department. They are questioning my calculation data for every sheet of drawing and ask me to prove it how I manage to get that particular values.

Yes, again, I just think maybe this is the step should be facing before a Mechanical Engineering Degree holder can be recognized as an engineer!

Till Saturday, I still play with these drawings. After all, the total tonnage for each part being calculated then I need to proceed with calculation of total surface area for each part too. To rethink about this, it’s going to make me crazy.

For the record, this surface area data are needed to estimate how much supposedly our company order paint and primer for painting purposes.

Like I stated in a last note, my task is just easy, but when it comes to numbers of drawing like this  it’s not sweet anymore.

By the way, honestly I am enjoying my job.

Oh ya, this week too, I got a visit from my lecturer. He’s Mr. Rashidi from Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering UKM. Simply says, he just like a brother to me.

Thanks for visiting me here Mr!

He made up long chat with Mr. Tan, my supervisor during his visit. I am just sitting there and accompany them talking and discussing everything related to what am I doing at IE. And the thing that makes me feel positive is their discussion boosts my target to get employed with IE after graduating from UKM.

Maybe not for long term, but as a kick-start in working environment I think IE is suits with me.

OK, guys. Guess it’s long enough for this note. I need to off now. Wait, just want to ask this; how’s your Ramadan?

Stay tuned!