Saturday, August 4, 2012

Internship Week #5 — When The Responsibility Comes

Hi, guys, this could be my super-fast update. Today I need to go to #UndiMsiaChats at Pusat Rakyat LB. So I am on leave for today – with full permission from my supervisor.

Back to the topic, this week is not gonna love me so much. It's sound legit yeah?

Throughout the week, I need do re-calculation for all parts done by last week. It was a usual procedure here to do a double-check for each calculation we have made. If for the last week’s job I made a calculation by referring to Assembly Drawing, to do re-calculation process I need to look at Details Drawing.

Just to mention here, Details Drawing for this project got 131 sets of drawing. Much enough?

By Monday, I finish all the 1st round of calculation process and this enough to make me take-off from office for tomorrow morning. Then the 2nd round of calculation being started on Wednesday and I manage to finish it up exactly on Friday at 5:25 PM.

The job scope still seem like last week, but for this time its much burden me as well when I need to re-confirm all the area of sheet metal plates and flat bar that being stated in Details Drawing instead of just do the calculation for total tonnage for these parts.

Like I have stated above, there are 131 sets of drawing. Doing a calculation of such numbers of drawing is not sweet anymore.

My head banging.

Honestly, I told you I just do a very simple calculation. The basic one like to find the total area, some trigonometric and some more of simple mathematics, but the hard side is revealed when it comes in numbers of drawing like this.

And to add oil for this week is; I have been told all my calculation will being used for project purpose and automatically I linked with Mr. Liang, someone in Production Department. He told me he need the total tonnage of steel plate part and its quantity which mostly used Q235B material by Friday evening.

Guys, me on speed-up mode yesterday seriously!

Everything need to rush. Production Department needs the calculation data for purchase purpose. They need the total tonnage of material to order it from the outside market. Being told that my calculation will be used to cause me; yes, trigger but it's not sound so nice to me.

That’s why I mention in this update about the responsibility. For the first time ever I feel a scary burden on my shoulder. This makes me do a double check for every single part of steel plate. Gosh, I don’t really like that kind of feeling.

After everything finish, I go to Mr. Liang and showing all the data that I compile in Excel file. He asks me do you put 5% of margin for every weight that you calculate?

Me: Not sir. I’m not acknowledging about that before…

It's a lucky moment when he replies that’s OK. He will re-add the missing information by referring to Mr. Wong later. I just smile and thanks to him.

Remember kids, it’s not easy when you work with the million-profit company that requires you to take charge of every single thing you have done.

Thanks guys for read this piece of blur-minded writing here. Enough for this week, I need to prepare myself for #UndiMsiaChats after this.

See you guys next week!