Sunday, July 29, 2012

Internship Week #4 — Let's Move On

Hi, guys. It's good to get down here again and write up something for my Internship’s weekly update. For the first 2 days, I just sit in the office doing some small task. My supervisor doesn't give any work as he always says “Relax, don’t rush. When time is coming then you will know”.

Yes, he’s right. Start on Wednesday I was asked to go to QA/QC Department and meet with Mr. Fong. There he explains to me if I am interested to follow him do some QA/QC training and specifically he says will let me learn how to do a die-paint test for welding inspection purpose.

Actually, I only got 3 days for this job starting Wednesday till Saturday because Mr. Tan need to prepare a full report for project cost and should submit it by Saturday, so he let me do other work for a while.

But sadly to tell since I got a problem to get safety application  safety application is critically compulsory when you enter the manufacturing side  I ask to follow Mr. Wong Chong Meng, a Project Manager just like Mr. Tan but his working area is to deal with different client compare to my supervisor.

For the record, Mr. Wong deals with the client like TNB  such a power plant company. The first question he asks me is, “Do you know how to read technical drawing?”.


Well, for the information, especially to my friends in engineering field if you guys interested in oil & gas or power plant and anything related to both of these such as piping, metal structural the Must-Master-Software is AutoCAD.

So I am sad to tell him that I am not really familiar with the AutoCAD function since I just leave it for almost 3 years ago. I have almost forgotten anything about AutoCAD.

Then I tell him that I know  not a master yet  how to handle Autodesk Inventor. He just stares at my eye and smile. Kid, here Inventor has no value. Sigh.

The task is still same like before. What I need do a complete calculation of total tonnage for every single part of the metal structure.

Since this time, it was a drawing to build 1000MW Manjung Coal Fired Power Plant by TNB. What I recognized is it was designed by Alstom and Shanghai Chinehwa Engineering & Technology Co. LTD.

Yes, it was a part of the job scope for a structural engineer.

A lot of work  of course!

Complaining  not a good choice though.

The last choice, I have is ENJOY my work. Smile.

Stay tune guys….