Sunday, July 22, 2012

Internship Week #3 — Trainee or Permanent Staff?

Hi everyone this could be my very short update for throughout this week’s experience working at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd. Oh, sorry, I’m here not for working purpose, but as a trainee.

Do you understand what trainee means is for?

So I was trained with a bundle of jobs to finish in a short period. By continuing last week’s unfinished job to calculate the total tonnage of metal structure for palm-oil factory in Johor, my supervisor asks me to do the calculation for each drawing set including Refining & Dry Fractionation building, Boiler House, Chemical Store and Pipe.

It’s a lot. The calculation needs to finish in short time because IE want the cost estimation for tender bid purpose. The most suitable cost being proposed by any companies for this project will raise their opportunities to get the contract. Simple is it?

Sometimes I feel like I am not a trainee, but a permanent worker there. Sound interesting indeed, but believe me being a worker is the real boring thing you ever do in your life. I think my entire friends who doing internship got the same feeling.

By Saturday, I just key all the data in Excel file before submitting it to my supervisor. And it’s also the 1st day of Ramadan.

To conclude, all of this I just need to leave some word; remember kids please appreciate your precious moment at school and university.

If not I bet you will die with regret. Stay tuned next week…!