Sunday, July 15, 2012

Internship Week #2 — Work Attitude Please!

Hi everyone, it’s good to meet you guys again for my Internship weekly update. As I mentioned last week, this week will go to busy with some new project. And of course it comes with sort of drawing!

Start from Monday until Wednesday, Mr. Tan asks me to sort out everything about the drawing start from managing to print out all the drawing at Design Department, make a checklist to ensure all drawing element is completely print out as given in Tender Document.

Just to mention here, for this time Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd gets a project to build a palm oil factory at Tanjung Langsat, Johor. It’s a new project and what make me shock is the drawing set that I need to manage is almost 250 pages per drawing set!

Gosh, it’s too much. I had to manage for 3 sets of main drawing and some more add-on drawing.

Look so naïve, it is my first time ever to see and go through the details of the complete drawing to build a complete oil-palm factory. It does include drawing for refining & dry fractionation plant, main office building, and chemical store, refuse bin, guard house, and canteen.

Actually, I'm not really sure whether what I am writing up here is ethically right or not, but for my concern to share something good with others I will put here some fundamental fact about what am I doing for this project.

Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd is a pioneer in manufacturing of pressure vessel, storage tank, and heat exchanger. That’s what IE is all about. Besides IE also fabricate heavy-metal structural like universal beams, column, truss, structure and anything related to the metal structure product.

So for this project IE was needed to build a factory for one company at Johor by providing expertise in manufacturing of heavy-metal structures.

By Friday, after all, the drawing is completely set-up, Mr. Tan asks me to start the calculation on truss structure, beams and column. It's much differ compared to the last week because Mr. Tan said he will use all my data from the calculation of the tender estimation cost. Is it a challenge for me?


On the other note, I am a trainee as well. So Mr. Tan was going to guide me through everything. To share this point is priceless for me. He reminds me of work attitude.

Yes, work attitude!

He says, to success as an engineer I should be;
  1. A very concern worker means don't ever make careless often. All bosses don't like careless worker even on a small task.
  2. Keep an eye on work attitude. A bad attitude has no place in engineering field work.
  3. Always try to be an aggressive worker. Ask, don’t ever be passive. He reminds me of the right to ask. Ask if you don't know and don't ever try to assume by yourself.
Yes, again, he pledges to guide me on how to be a very good engineer in the future. Thanks, sir!

Overall for this week, again and again, I am trained as well. Doing fault is not a fault, but its a sign of your effort. Like my best friend, Marvin Gau said last week, I’m still foolish and always hungry to learn.

Oh yeah, on Saturday I’m off to Kuala Lumpur to attend a lecture on Rethinking Islamic Reform by Prof Dr. Tariq Ramadan at Renaissance Hotel.

Thanks guys for drop by and read my short note on a weekly update for my internship program at IE.

See you guys next week…