Saturday, July 7, 2012

Internship Week #1 — Mechanical or Civil?

Alhamdulillah I was successfully reported as trainee at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd start July 2, 2012. It’s a big day for me for doing something new and goes to a new place and the environment.

To say I was inexperienced working at big company and do some work on factory side, it’s a lie because before this I already have a training at industrial site last year almost 3 months at DK Composites Sdn Bhd in order to fabricate our car body for Shell Eco-marathon 2011.

Also, for this year we manage to complete the car body modification processes at the same factory too.

However, to write my feeling during the first day of my internship is quite opposite compared to what am I doing at DK Composites.

Here we go, as I reported as a trainee to Human Resources Department my blood shrunk after introduced to each staff at the management office, also head of each department and introduced to my supervisor here.


For sure!

As I said, it totally differ to what I am facing during working at DK Composites. I recognize it’s because here I am alone. I am the one and only trainee at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd!

Feel great? Don’t know how to answer this.

For the first day, I have been given a task to calculate the total tonnage of oil-palm factory structure. My supervisor is the Asst. Manager (Project) of IE, so everything related to the outside tender and project it will straightforward deal with him. Sorry, forgot to state his name here, Mr. Tan Thiam Heng.

He was a structural engineer. Therefore, what am I doing here is the job scope for the structural engineer. It is curious me a lot since I was a mechanical engineering student and after being at IE I was given a job as the structural engineer as we all known it supposedly in the civil engineering course.

Nevertheless, I am optimist just after he explained to me the big picture of being in the engineer’s world. Engineering is related to each other. Either you are mechanical or civil or anything, it will go to hang out with each other.

My interest is in oil & the gas industry so to be trained as structural engineer is a golden opportunity for me to gain as much as knowledge about this field of industry for structural engineering plays a huge role in oil & gas industry.

So what’s more I want to say here?

Like one of famous motivator, said  sorry I don’t remember his name  you enjoy your work, it will worth every second you have been at the office.

To say the least, I am enjoying my work. Analyst the plant drawing, trace the entire structural element in there and make a calculation. After everything, complete key in all the data in Worksheet. Easy is it?

For the overall record, this week I had one factory visit accompany with my supervisor. In addition, there I ever was being blasted by my supervisor after I made a very simple and incomplete table for data collection.

Hey guys, then I learned now how was a feeling of being blasted by boss on what we are doing is unsatisfied him.

The point here is I learn.

OK, that’s all for my short note for this week. I promise to write the series of my internship experienced every week. What can I say am I having a very great job; even it’s confusing me at first. I hope my supervisor didn’t read this. If you read this sorry ya!

See you guys next week…