Friday, June 22, 2012

Why You No Pledge Support To Turtle Conservation?

I was born in Terengganu, an east-coast state that very popular with turtle and everything related to it. Even our state football team also called as “Turtle”. It is enough to give a picture that my state is one of foremost habitat for this kind of creature.

However, until now, yes, I am 21 and I still did not have any chance to watch and see in front of my eye the real turtle except when I went for shopping at Pasar Payang at Kuala Terengganu, there will be a lot of stall selling buckets of turtle eggs!

Yes, it’s just eggs left now on the market. They were selling it to tourists without any law restriction. Even me ever taste it before and for sure I do not like its kind of taste.

I heard my dad story to me how he rides the turtle body when he was a kid once ago when turtles coming on the beach to laying their eggs. He told turtle would cry during they lay the eggs.

Once ago, there were a lot of turtles coming to Terengganu’s beach, especially around Rantau Abang, Dungun. Nevertheless, it was a story of 40 years ago.

They are crying, but no one makes it as matter. They are broken in tears, but no one acknowledge their feelings. They travel as far as that, but then their eggs totally hijacked by the human without the heart!

That is my dad’s story. How about me?

Now when I came to Rantau Abang Beach there just left buckets of a plastic bottle, polystyrene, and rubbish. Turtle no more want to come at Terengganu. They were trying to find other beaches that may help them to ensure the survival of their descent.

Did you ever foresee the fate of our titles in the next 50 year?

Please, I don’t want to hear that!

Current Situation (Leatherback Turtle)

International statistics reveal that the number of nesting females fell by more than 95% over the last 22 years, making the leatherback the most endangered sea turtle. It is believed that there are only about 900 nesting females left in Indonesia, 55 in Costa Rica, 45 in Mexico, and 2 in Malaysia.

Ranked as endangered on the World Conservation Union red list, Dermochelys coriacea is also listed in Appendix 1 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) which prohibits any form of trade in the species.

Source: EcologyAsia

See; in Malaysia, it was reported we only have 2 nesting females Leatherback left. Guess how serious is our problem we now facing?

It’s Time for Your Action

Do you see a “Pledge to Live Green” banner on right top of my blog?

So guys do click the banner and pledge your support towards the turtle conservation campaign run by WWF Malaysia now. This campaign aim to drive as many of Malaysian peoples as possible to pledge not to consume turtle parts or eggs, and support amending Malaysian laws fully to ban the sale and consumption of all turtle eggs.

Actually, this is a contest among blogger to gain their readers to pledge support for this campaign and I am in too, because I want to ensure my kids and I have a chance to watch turtles laying their eggs at the Rantau Abang Beach again.

Thanks for lending your time to read this. I hope you; my dear reader, will actively play a role to give a support for this campaign.

Our turtles are our responsibilities. Full stop!