Friday, December 28, 2012

Protes Lapar 100: Tolak Ancaman Alam

Protes ini bermula semalam, 27 December 2012 selama 100 jam tanpa henti. Insya ALLAH dengan keizinan-Nya dijangka akan tamat pada 1 Januari 2013 jam 12:00 AM. Saya kira mereka yang datang ke Dataran Merdeka bagi menyambut perayaan tahun baru boleh menjenguk mereka dan paling tidak memberi sokongan moral kepada para protestan.

Kita bicarakan soal mengubah nasib Malaysia. Ini bukan soal mengubah susun atur sofa dalam pejabat atau soal mahu pilih restoran mana untuk makan malam. Berilah sedikit ruang kepada diri untuk menjengah apa yang dibicarakan umum sekali sekala. Jangan terus merasa cerdik dengan "smartphone" di tangan dan Twitter 24 jam sehari. Maaf saya terpaksa menyindir sebegini.

Moga kita termasuk dalam golongan mereka yang cuba berusaha dan ada cita-cita untuk melihat Malaysia berubah ke arah yang lebih baik.

Meningkatkan kesedaran orang ramai tentang projek-projek yang mengancam alam sekitar dan kehidupan rakyat Malaysia seperti kilang nadir bumi Lynas, lombong emas cyanide Bukit Koman, projek Rapid di Pengerang, pembinaan empangan-empangan di Sarawak (Baram, Murum, dll), projek laluan kabel kuasa tinggi Rawang, dll.

Menggesa agar pihak berkuasa menguruskan projek- projek yang berkontroversi dengan lebih bertanggungjawab serta mendapat persetujuan penduduk setempat dan orang ramai sebelum meluluskan projek berkenaan.

Pihak berkuasa juga harus bersikap terbuka dan membuktikan kepada orang ramai melalui kaedah yang saintifik bahawa segala projek yang diluluskan adalah selamat dan tidak akan mengancam alam sekitar.


Kami meminta supaya lesen operasi sementara (TOL) Lynas ditarik balik dengan segera memandangkan terdapat pelbagai bukti yang menunjukkan bahawa projek ini akan membinasakan alam sekitar dan mengancam kesihatan penduduk yang tinggal di sekitarnya.

Selain itu, terdapat bukti bahawa berlakunya penyelewengan dalam proses pengeluaran lesen kepada pihak Lynas dan kami menegaskan bahawa lesen operasi sementara Lynas mesti digantung sehingga segala pembicaraan di makamah selesai.

Kami menuntut supaya pihak Lynas mesti menyediakan Kajian Kesan Alam Sekitar Terperinci (DEIA), dan laporan kajian tersebut harus didedahkan secara telus kepada orang awam sebelum pengeluarkan semula lesen operasi sementara.

Untuk info lanjut boleh klik link ini, Facebook.

Atau mahu merasa protes secara live sila ke Dataran Merdeka sekarang!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Understanding Social Network Impacts to Organizational Performance

Nowadays the world was booming with the series of social networking site that's taken place in mainly of human life and give an impact regardless of positive or negative.

As the world becomes more vibrant and volatile, social media networking such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and much more become virally induced into human life as well as give an impact to the businesses and entrepreneurs.

In fact, without all of these social media human will not progress and moving like today and will cause any of major problems in communications and management strategies of particulars organisations and country as well.

This social networking come out with an outstanding number of active users since the very first medium exists. This type of communications medium seems to develop and expand rapidly year by year. This situation makes not only the effect on human but also affecting the business performance.

As reported by eBiz, Facebook and Twitter become the most popular and high-rank in the world for social networking regarding profits and registered users. The facts that each of entrepreneurs should take great consideration is, according to Forbes 50% of the population currently use Facebook and more than 37% use Twitter. [1]

So to questions the capability of social networking impact towards organisational and business performance should be considered as a nonsense attempt.

Facebook Influence of Marketing

According to World Resources SIM Center, Malaysia was in 2nd rank for the number of Facebook users, and the statistic show Facebook became the most popular site for Malaysian till December 2011. [2]

This statistic proved the need for detail study to be done on the effect of social networking towards business profits and performances.

The formula is very easy; the market is about conservations. It consists human being, not just about the demographic sector. The internet and for sure, on time being a social networking, enabling conversations among human being faster and the market getting smarter, more informed and organised.

A lot of studies proved successful CEO is the one who takes a progressive step in the manipulating social network, especially in a large company. They finally realise that to produce progressive companies is by using social technologies to engage with customers, suppliers, and even their own employees enable organisations to be more adaptive and agile. [3]

The study by BRANDFog 2012 CEO Survey state more than 82% of respondents are likely or much more liable to trust a company whose CEO and team engage in social media.

And an incredible 77% of respondents are likely or much more willing to buy from a company whose mission and values are defined through their leadership's involvement in social media. [4]

In Malaysia, some of the social networking-based companies have non-stop development day by day. The companies like PETRONAS and Shell, and a lot more companies seem like they are easily used these social networking-based company to advertising their products.

The company like which mainly used Twitter and Facebook to advertise a product of their client and which used a blog platform to gain profits by hiring a famous blogger to write an advertorial  the article to promote a particular product of client  and earn thousands of readers per day.

How Startup Should Use Social Network?

The successful company will try their best to listen, engage and monitor their client’s need and feedback. Without all these factors, the conservation that linked human being to each other and making networking stronger and directly affected by marketing progress will not happen.

Steven R. Covey once wrote in his greatest book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, in the 5th habit, he states, persons to seek first to understand, then to be understood. [5]

This should apply to business companies too in due to listening and engage with their customers and clients. The rule of customers always right should really understand. They have right to criticise. The jobs for each of the company to do is understand them and make an improvement. Period.

Nowadays, Facebook itself offers new functions that are “Group” which easily can be used by companies to engage and monitor the feedback directly from the client and customers without having a problem of the overlook of some feedback.

And through the Twitter, the company is permitted to use their own hashtags  #  to get client’s feedback towards their product and services directly without interfering with other conservations. [6]

Marketing is about building a trust between products and customers. The conservations and networking between customers and manufacturers are the only windows to realise the day to day improvement of each company’s profits.

Social Media ROI

All the CEOs used to look at Return On Investment (ROI) for each of the investment made by their companies regarding training, building and equipment to preserve the “gains from investment”. ROI will help businesses to evaluate the performance of an investment and compare it to the performance of their other investment. [7]

In social media investment too, the company wants to look up how long the investment in social media will sustain their profits in the market.

This is called Social Media ROI. According to the research done by InventHelp, a lot of companies gain the profits in significant amount after making an investment through the social media network. spent USD200 acquiring Facebook fans and resulting in USD1000 in revenue.

93% of business for Foiled Cupcakes comes from Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

Joie de Vivre Hotels booked 1000 rooms for its USD79 per promotion to its 10000 Twitter followers. Jimmy Choo saw a 33% increase in sneaker sales with its Twitter campaign. Edible Arrangements ran a Facebook promotion which resulted in double-digit sales increase. [8]

For the records, thousands of companies used to invest in social networking and already gain revenue from that. The social networking regardless their types of medium used to always give a positive ROI to investors.

This will directly give a massive impact on company and business performance and the chance for them to sustain their marketability among the users or customers.

Conclusion: A Gen-Z Era of Business

If in the current political environment, all political parties used to endorse their approach and re-evaluate their stand on each issue just because of the fever of new generation called as Gen-Z which their life surrounds with high-end technologies and information, all entrepreneurs and businessman should do the same.

Revaluation on the marketing approach used before must be done in due to avoid a dismiss risk faced by their company from the market arena. Social networking media are the smart choice unconditionally and unquestionable. For the time being, the smart will keep going, and conservative seem like quickly jump into their own grave.


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Understanding Impacts of Entrepreneurial Skills on Business Performance

Entrepreneurship is referred to the act of being an entrepreneur or “one who undertakes innovations, finance, and business acumen to transform innovations into economic goods”. [1]

This field of work is essential with ideas, innovations and inventions for a better life of the human and capitalise the materials.

The entrepreneur has always been connected with the business manner. In fact, in the real world, many of the businessmen did not do entrepreneur job, but comfortable being as regular businessmen which they are not able to invent something new to their product, do not have entrepreneurial skills and just gradually making a profit by selling and buying the ready-made product in the market.

By means of full respect for the entrepreneurship spirits, the entrepreneur is someone who made up the idea, design the product, manufactured the product and selling it into the market.

This kind of job required sort of skills which will help the entrepreneur survive in the business world. This skill is called as entrepreneurial skills.

Definition of Entrepreneurial Skill

Entrepreneurial skills are defined as the skills that critically needed in the business and marketing in due to ensure the business going through smoothly all the consequences of the decision-making and business strategy.

The skill is required when it involves the marketing process, financial management, client responses, business evaluation and assessment, the trajectory of companies in the long term planning and competitive market analysis.

Entrepreneurial skill also defined as the ability to create something new with value by devoting the necessary time and effort, assuming the accompanying financial, psychic and social risks, and receiving the resulting rewards of monetary and personal satisfaction and independence. [2]

One of the study states that the array of possible entrepreneurial skills encompasses the perception of economic opportunity, technical and organisational innovations, gaining command over scarce resources, taking responsibilities for internal management and for the external advancement of the firm in all aspects (of teaching enterprise). [3]

All these definitions by research strongly shown entrepreneurial skills is the ability of survival of particulars entrepreneurs. Some studies already sort out several skills that needed by each of entrepreneur to ensure they succeed in what they are doing. Skills mean autonomy to each entrepreneur.

All of them believe the power of self-government and innovativeness to face the globalisation and the needs of customers will increase their competitiveness in the business field.

The skills that they have will ensure whether they were able to manipulate the surroundings to give good feedback to their business or let the gross of the economy put them under par.

Impact of Effective Communication

Many studies lineup communication as the most important skills that must be completely installed and polished by each of the entrepreneurs. Effective communication skill will provide a ladder to any entrepreneur to take another level of their business.

Major of learning and teaching process nowadays at business school provides a particular course with majorly focusing on building the highest-impact communication skills among their graduates.

The impact during the process to sell the idea persuades the client and give a response to each customer’s feedback is the reason of communication skills always be a critical edge to decide everything.

The easiest analogy to understand the urgency of communication skills and its impact on entrepreneurship is how teachers at school operate successfully as an entrepreneur in teaching enterprise.

In order to be a successful entrepreneur in dealing with the client that is their student as a stakeholder of particulars schools and universities, each of teacher must have the ability to effective communication skills which means they are able to express the personality as educated and to understand students so that ideas can be shared. [4]

Same goes to entrepreneur outside, the need to have high-impact communication skill is critically endorsed by the challenging surrounding and the current economic environment. Business is about the competition.

To perform consistently in the business world, the entrepreneur needs this kind of skill.

Empowering Self-Governing

Each of entrepreneurs needs the skills to govern themselves by practising a right time management competence and self-motivation skills. Both of this skill also lining up as the most important entrepreneurial skill that must be adopted in the way to ensure the business is always done in the discipline border.

Without this discipline, it is impossible for any entrepreneur to achieve something.

Business peoples should master to prioritise their schedule which means they are able to balance between the urgency of some matter by the right of time sensitivity and another working schedule.

A great entrepreneur should know better to be effective on everything they are doing regardless the meeting with the client or own workers. The prioritising of sort of schedule and tasks will remain them in the time context of the particular job, and this will boost the business performance by the efficiency of their working.

Each minute is counted. The world nowadays seeks for the people who are able to do couples of jobs in the shortest of time given. The formula is very easy; the more time you can save the tendency of business performance get better will highly increase.

The study also showed most of the successful entrepreneur in the world manages to self-motivated to overcome the barrier built by them. Popular English idioms, the biggest enemy, is yourself is perfectly picturing this skill that should be able to grab by peoples in the entrepreneurial world.

An entrepreneur should see himself as a great manager, and he got his own class. The commitment, enthusiasm, and passionate are the brothers who will make their dream in the business world become a reality. This sort of skills will keep the entrepreneur on the right track to gain something in the business performance.

How Steve Jobs Sell 1st iPhone?

Many peoples wonder when Apple has become the most popular brand since 2007 after they start selling their product known as iPhone.

During peoples around the world still freezing with the magnificent Nokia N98 which called as the greatest smartphone, Steve Job come out with extraordinary phone with unconventional functions and design such as full touch screen, smooth lagging time, tons of gaming and entertainment applications, powerful camera and a lot more features which rarely found anywhere such of functions on the other brands. [5]

Business experts discuss this, and for the record, Harvard Business Review (HBR) once ago wrote about the impact of marketing skill done by Steve Jobs to the performance of the Apple in the industry of smartphones and brands.

They agree the right moment to launch the good marketing point of the particular product is the key point of the successfulness of Apple nowadays. This is the impact of entrepreneurial skills, having by Steve Jobs that driving him to do something to his business. [6]

In the business, an entrepreneur should know better on how to reach their customers using the best marketing approach. The sales and marketing factor is the most important skills entrepreneurs should have in their day to day activities and development.

As the year climbing the ladder of time non-stop, we could see how marketing has nowadays become more interesting, challenging and endurance.

The effect of marketing through social media networking like blogs, Facebook and Twitter give tremendous change to the entrepreneurs.

Whether they admit or not, the need for expertise in social media marketing is also considered as an entrepreneurial skill that must be had by each entrepreneur to make sure they are able to survive in their playground.

Conclusion: All-Rounder Entrepreneur

Current economic situation and global regression push entrepreneur, regardless their age in the business world to the limit of skills and expertise. Entrepreneurs should understand why they must skill in a particular area to get through any obstacles in front of them and bringing up their business to the next level.

Skills come with knowledge and experiences. The ability to extract the knowledge they had during in the universities and experiences they had in their life is called wisdom.

Entrepreneur does not ever object this statement because facts show only smart and well-rounded entrepreneur could have the chance to be extraordinary among others and their business performance is tremendously unconventional regarding profits and success.


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Internship Week #11 — Hallelujah!

On the last day at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd
Everyone, finally it’s done!

Means my internship will be the end today after the 11th week with a sandwich of joys and suffers. At the moment I write this, I must say that I’m at my office desk, sitting in front of the computer that has been used since I start working here.

To be honest, it’s not really easy for me to leave what I am doing for the last 11 weeks here.

Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd, a fabricator factory that located in Ipoh, Perak  I have to say that I have been enjoying serve you for several weeks!

First of all I would like to pay my highest tribute to my friendly supervisor, Mr Tan Thiam Heng for being so caring and cool with me along this internship. Thanks for everything. Your kind words and aspiration for always reminding me of work attitude and ethic is a much precious thing that I ever get here.

I will always remember once you said, “Technical skill you will able to gain from the practice. Anywhere and anytime. But working attitude and ethic is something that you will never find everywhere unless you have been reminded every second of it by someone who cares about you”.

Thanks, sir!

I would like to thank to Mr Wong Choong Meng, General Manager of IE that I used to work under him start Week 4 until today. Till today, I don’t get why you easily put trust on me to handle buckets of drawing to do weight estimation for a huge project like ALSTOM Coal Fired Power Plant at Manjung, Perak. I realize that is not an easy task since I’m a newbie here!

Anyway, thanks for this chance you gave to me sir. I don’t know how to appreciate it. After this project finish, I think I have a right to say that I’m a part of this power plant too!

To all IE’s staffs, thanks for welcoming and comfort me here, especially ladies in Human Resource Department. I smile during writing this – for sure because of your kindness and always nice to me.

IE just a small steel-based construction company. This is what I have been told by Mr James Todd, a guy from ALSTOM that is working in IE to supervise the Manjung project when I have a little chat with him yesterday.

And IE also didn’t take many trainees at the same time. According to Mr Wong, the maximum place for a trainee that possibly at the same time is only 2. To think about this, I felt much lucky to train here indeed.

Again, thanks for everything!

For this week, since it was my last week here I have to finish up all delay jobs from last week. It includes weighted estimation for Eco Hopper machine by the B&W AUMUND Group and surface area data compilation for painting purpose for Manjung project by ALSTOM.

Alhamdulillah yesterday I manage to finish all relating jobs for Eco Hopper Project. Even though I could feel several of my calculation data isn’t really precise since some of missing drawing, so I leave it to Mt Wong to decide the best and ideal data for it. Before this, I couldn’t imagine that I will manage to complete this task because of time constraint.

If you guys curious what is an Eco Hopper Machine, please feel free to read here. That was an Eco Hopper Machine fabricated and assembled by Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd.

So for today I am focusing on Manjung project to finalize the total surface area of all steel structures for painting purpose. This not really hard since I am just continuing what I have done before in Week 8. It only consists 2 main parts that are fabricated beam and I-Beam. Both of this structure have entirely had 48 drawer set.

Again, if you are interested to know what Manjung project is all about, feel free to read here. According to ALSTOM press statement;
“The Tanjung Bin power plant is to be commissioned in 2016. Combined with the new Manjung power plant also being constructed by Alstom and due to come online in 2015, the power plants will jointly provide an additional capacity of 2000 MW for Peninsular Malaysia. The Tanjung Bin power plant is Alstom’s second contract for a supercritical coal-fired unit in Malaysia, following the order to build the 1000 MW Manjung power plant in March 2011.” 
Source: ALSTOM
I must say that it boosts an extraordinary feeling to realize that I am a part of this project too!

After 11 weeks working in IE, I directly involve in three main projects that are;
  1. Fabrication and installation of steel structure for palm-oil plant at Kawasan Perindustrian Tanjung Langsat, Johor
  2. Fabrication and installation of the gas duct for 1000MW Coal Fired Power Plant at Manjung, Perak by ALSTOM
  3. Fabrication and installation of steel structure for Eco Hopper machine by B&W AUMUND Group
I hope every inch of experiences and knowledge I gain here will be useful for me to discover the future in front of me. I realize there is none in the world will come free with me unless I must put sweat and time on it before I have a right to claim that I deserve it

Internship boosts my goal in life for sure. It teaches me a lot. I can’t deny how internship changes my perspective on Master studies.

Yeah, some of circumstances happen during the training  may I call it as coincidence  but enough to make me think about the chance of study that I had now been very precious compared to many peoples at factory that don’t have the same.

It’s very unfortunate when suddenly the environment surrounds of you allow you to see the world that you never ever imagined before.

These circumstances lead me to re-think my life planning again and again.

The internship also makes me more human. I have learned how every factory labor who work very hard and spend their life every second on the risks but get a very small salary. If I have a chance to critique any companies, this is the point that I will arise upon the right of laborers to get a higher salary. Yet I know it is not easy for the company to do that.

Goodbye, IE. If the time comes, I will serve you again after graduate!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Internship Week #10 — The Heats Turn On

Hi, everyone. Have a nice weekend, hopefully. 10th week at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd, I realize this. Very long in terms of number, but really it's just a tiny of time in terms of working.

Start from Monday till Thursday, I manage to complete the data for weight estimation for Top Shroud part. I must say it was really difficult since a lot of drawing sheets missing and I need to repeatedly go to Design Department and Production Department to print out and re-confirm all the new sheets with the peoples there.

It’s not sometimes, but every second I am facing with a couple of problems in due to estimating the weight for each part in this Top Shroud category consist 54 drawing sets.

I am also managing to finish up the estimation for the Walkaway Assembly part which consist 15 drawing sets alongside the part mention above. Just for a side note, IE is just fabricating for handrail, support arm, fixing a plate and stair interface excluding flooring section.

Once ago, I wrote about head banging, so for this entire week, I recognize my head started to burn.

After both of this part finish, my hand still got 7 parts of drawing more waiting to estimate. Since I just only had 5 days left before my internship over next week, there’s got nothing to do with it.

Life must continue as well. Start Friday I work on the Staircase Assembly part. It much lucky for me since staircase only had 14 sets of drawing. When I state here 14 sets, that refer to Sub-Assembly drawing.

Each sub-assembly drawing got at least 7 to 8 drawing sheets. It’s consists support beam, handrail tube, infill plate, stringer and kick plate.

Sorry for some of the structural terms that I used here. I suggest if you guys wanna investigate more the kind of chocolate I put here just Wikipedia itself. Ok?

Mr Wong said he wanted to check all the data by next week. Till Saturday noon, I didn’t finish it up. Guess it’s better for me to continue on next Monday.

My learning point for this week, I supposed, to stress out about the working attitude and ethic. Somehow I felt to learn Engineering Ethic in the lecture hall is useless after you put yourself in the real job life.

My supervisor, Mr Tan  yet I may call him as a friend as well  always remind myself of working attitude.

You guys can refer back to my 2nd week of Internship update. Sometimes when you had a lot of jobs and being pushed to submit by a particular date, you will automatically try to find an escape plan by smart shortcut or simply used badass cheating.

Yes, you can cheat so do I. My job always opens for the cheater. If I want to do so, yes, I could do without any hesitation!

But for once I need to always questioning myself. It’s not good practice. I’m a trainee so internship period is my platform for shaping my attitude and ethic. So why I need to betray it?

Again, it’s only my 2 cents. You are free to be yourself. Imma do me, so you do you.

So next week is my last week here?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

UMNO & Falasi Kemerdekaan

Minggu lepas menjelang sambutan kemerdekaan ke-55, banyak di kaca televisyen rancangan-rancangan sempena kemerdekaan. Saya antara yang mengambil peluang ini untuk menonton beberapa rancangan terutama yang berkaitan dengan sejarah dan pengorbanan orang dulu untuk menuntut kemerdekaan Tanah Melayu – sebelum ditukar kepada Malaysia selepas 16 September 1969.

Saya menonton dengan separuh jiwa, kerana saya tahu rancangan itu tidak lebih dari untuk mendoktrinkan penonton tentang jerih perih penat susah pejuang terdahulu yang diambil cuma dari sebelah pihak sahaja dan dibuang sama sekali kebaikan jasa yang ditabur oleh penggerak kemerdekaan sebelah kiri.

Kita tinggalkan persoalan itu dahulu kerana saya menulis ini adalah respon terhadap falasi yang telah dilaksanakan dengan jayanya oleh media di Malaysia terutamanya media arus perdana tanpa perlu saya sebutkan nama mereka. Terima kasih untuk usaha anda pihak media yang mengadakan rancangan berkaitan sejarah ini.

Ya saya yakin skrip untuk objektif kepada rancangan ini adalah bagi menyemai semangat patriotisme dalam kalangan penonton dan semangat cintakan negara.


Saya menonton bagaimana pengacara rancangan terbabit menemubual salah seorang penjaga kawasan perkuburan pahlawan di Sabah. Rancangan itu adalah berkisar tentang askar British dan askar upahan British yang mati dibunuh ketika Jepun menyerang Tanah Melayu. Setelah 2-3 minit si pengacara terbabit bertanya soal sejarah perkuburan itu, terus beliau menyoal penjaga perkuburan itu dengan soalan yang begitu mendidik jiwa bangsa merdeka.

“Encik, di sini selalu terserempak dengan makhluk halus atau hantu berkeliaran?”. Bijak sungguh soalan dari pengacara rancangan yang bertujuan menyemai nilai patriotisme dan semangat cintakan negara itu.

Apa lagi, pak cik penjaga tersebut terus memulakan pencak tahyul mahyulnya. Sebaik habis temu bual itu, saya bertanya kepada diri saya rancangan ini untuk Hari Kemerdekaan atau salah sebuah siri Ghost Hunter?

Inilah rupa media di Malaysia. Di mana sisi mendidik dalam ruangan media kita? Masyarakat kita sejak dari berumur satu hari sehingga ke liang lahad tidak habis-habis dimomokkan dengan cerita hantu karut marut. Sehingga pada rancangan kemerdekaan pun masih lagi media Malaysia ini beriman dengan falasi yang membunuh minda anak bangsa.

Saya kira pasti nilaian wang ringgit yang dihabiskan oleh kerajaan untuk rancangan sedemikian diadakan dan disiarkan untuk tontonan umum tidak kurang dari nilai jutaan ringgit. Sebegitu besar kos yang dihabiskan, tetapi cuma mampu melahirkan rancangan bersifat sampah dan penuh dengan falasi yang mencemarkan pembangunan minda anak bangsa. Sudah pasti ia adalah petunjuk jelas kepada tahap merdekanya manusia di tanah air ini.

Sakitnya tahap pemikiran bangsa Malaysia boleh diukur dengan menonton rancangan-rancangan di kaca televisyen. Itu belum lagi dibicara tentang sambutan perayaan yang lain lagi. Persoalan di sini, sampai bila media di Malaysia terus mahu beriman dengan suasana falasi begini sedangkan setiap detik mereka begitu berperanan membentuk buah fikir dan tindak setiap warga di tanah bekas jajahan British ini.

Media perlu belajar untuk menjadi patriotik sebelum cuba mendidik rakyat ikut sama patriotik. Dirikanlah media dengan semangat yang membina bukan meruntuhkan dengan falasi yang menyesatkan. Cukuplah kemerdekaan tahun ini dirompak oleh politik sempit UMNO/BN. Jika mahu menerbitkan rancangan sedemikian, kajilah dan buatlah pemerhatian mendalam.

Timbulkanlah persoalan dari rancangan tersebut yang boleh menjana daya fikir rakyat bawahan. Hentikanlah momok tahyul yang sifatnya begitu tempang. Lazimkanlah rancangan itu dengan fakta dan olahan yang bersifat intelektual dan tepat.

Sampai bila lagi rakyat mahu diperbodohkan dan disempitkan ruang untuk mereka berfikir?

Berilah peluang ini kepada kami yang menonton rancangan kemerdekaan anda.

British Bukan Penjajah Tetapi Hero

Seingat saya, sejak diperkenalkan dengan subjek Sejarah semasa belajar di sekolah menengah sehingga sekarang tidak pernah lagi saya menjumpai di mana-mana sudut pun suatu kenyataan yang mengiktiraf British sebagai penjajah sebaliknya kesemua gelaran itu lebih senang ditabur pada Jepun dan Komunis.

Ini juga falasi terbesar yang saya lebih suka menyebutnya sebagai agenda membebalkan rakyat jelata yang dicipta semata untuk mengekalkan pemerintahan sedia ada. Tidak susah rasanya untuk membaca permainan ini.

Frasa kekejaman pihak Jepun semasa Perang Dunia ke-2 dan tentera Komunis semasa darurat adalah zikir harian media sepanjang minggu lepas. Jadi tidaklah salah untuk saya mengatakan bahawa British adalah hero sebenar Tanah Melayu kerana mereka ini telah diangkat dalam mana-mana media pun sebagai pihak yang sering menyelamatkan umat Malaysia daripada dibunuh oleh Jepun dan Komunis. Sejak dulu lagi persoalan ini bermain di minda, kenapa media cuma memberi ruang kepada Jepun dan Komunis?

Adakah British begitu berjasa kepada Malaysia?

Kenapa media tidak sesekali menyiarkan jasa besar Komunis membunuh Sir Henry Gurney yang merupakan “Mastermind” kepada penubuhan negara haram Israel?

Kenapa media tidak sesekali cuba mendedahkan kezaliman British sepanjang ratusan tahun penjajah terbabit tinggal di bumi Tanah Melayu berbanding berkali-kali mengulangi skrip kekejaman 3 tahun pemerintahan Jepun dan beberapa bulan Komunis bermaharajalela ketika darurat?

Kenapa media lansung tidak mendedahkan angka ribuan anak-anak muda Tanah Melayu dipenjara dan disiksa semata-mata berani menyanggah setiap detik penjajah itu berada di bumi ini?

Adakah tidak ada seorang pun penduduk Tanah Melayu ketika itu tidak dibunuh dan diseksa oleh penjajah British sehingga media lansung tidak mendedahkannya?

Kenapa media begitu kejam dengan meletakkan label seperti pemberontak dan pengganas kepada ramai pejuang kemerdekaan sayap kiri seperti Shamsiah Fakeh, Dr. Burhanuddin Helmi dan lain-lain tokoh gerakan kiri sambil menyifatkan mereka sebagai pengacau sedangkan semua maklum tanpa jasa mereka ini semua sudah pasti Tunku Abdul Rahman tidak berpeluang menaiki kapal terbang ke London untuk merayu diberi kemerdekaan oleh kepala British ketika itu?

Makmurkah penduduk Tanah Melayu ketika itu dengan pemerintahan pecah dan perintah oleh British?

Dan labih parah adakah media masih terus boleh berbangga dengan hanya menyiarkan jerih perih pemimpin UMNO yang bersekongkol dengan British ketika itu sahaja tanpa cuba memberitahu kepada rakyat bahawa selain Tunku Abdul Rahman masih ada ribuan tokoh kemerdekaan lain yang mungkin lagi banyak peluh dan darah terpercik semata-mata mahu melihat tanah air ini bebas dari cengkaman British.

Kenapa media begitu tidak adil dalam menyampaikan fakta sejarah?

Maka falasi yang membebalkan rakyat ini terus dimainkan. Tujuannya cuma satu, agar mereka yang berkuasa terus terjamin takhta kekuasaan mereka. Sejarah diceritakan di kaca televisyen tidak lebih dari menimbulkan spekulasi dan rasa sangsi dalam kalangan rakyat, dengan menimbulkan cerita jurang perbezaan antara kaum dan sensitiviti keagamaan. Gunanya tidak lain, supaya rakyat bawahan terus bercakaran dan mereka enak di kerusi empuk kekuasaaan.

Agar Rakyat Terus Bercakaran

Saya permudahkan untuk pembaca memahami konteks persoalan yang cuba ditimbulkan melalui penulisan ini. Rakyat Malaysia sehingga 55 tahun menyambut ulang tahun kemerdekaan masih mudah ditipu dengan ketakutan tidak berasas pada Komunis. Mudahnya bila disebut Komunis pasti lansung dikaitkan dengan kaum Cina. Kejahatan sebenar pemerintah sekarang adalah berada di titik ini.

Mereka tidak pernah berhenti melakukan dosa ini kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Media timbulkan tentang Jepun dan Komunis, sedarlah ia tidak lain dari bertujuan untuk terus menyemarakkan kebencian orang Melayu terhadap orang Cina!

Mereka menyemai benih kotor ini pada minda sekalian umat Malaysia bermula sekecil kanak-kanak berusia setahun sehingga mereka yang sudah tiba umur untuk berpindah ke liang lahad. Ya, ini adalah teori semata tetapi kebenaran yang terpampang di depan mata sekarang jelas menunjukkan hipotesis ini telah dibuktikan.

Tunggu lah sedikit masa lagi, bila benih jahat yang mereka semai ini mula menyubur maka mereka dengan begitu senang untuk menarik perhatian rakyat untuk membenci pihak-pihak tertentu yang mereka mahu hapuskan.

Izinkan saya menyebut pihak tersebut tidak lain adalah DAP khususnya dan Pakatan Rakyat umumnya menjadi lapangan sasaran kepada peluru-peluru kebencian ini. Sambutan kemerdekaan mereka gunakan sepenuhnya untuk rakyat merasa benci kepada Komunis. Ya tidak lama lagi mereka akan pindahkan gelaran Komunis itu kepada DAP. Ya mereka begitu hebat dalam perang media ini.

Ternyata sambutan kemerdekaan menjadi medium penerangan yang cukup berkesan. Setiap media sudi berkongsi perangai haprak ini demi menutup ketakutan pemerintah akan sebuah perubahan. Mereka tidak sedar, pelaburan berjuta ringgit bagi mendidik rakyat Malaysia agar terus berada dalam suasana ketakutan dan kebencian sesame sendiri adalah tidak menghasilkan apa-apa selain memusnahkan cita-cita untuk membina sebuah bangsa Malaysia yang bersatu padu dan demokratik.

Alangkah malangnya apabila parti pemerintah yang diasaskan oleh Dato’ Onn itu masih tidak dapat menerima hakikat sebenar Malaysia meski sudah separuh abad bebas dari cengkaman penjajahan fizikal. Sejarah pasti tidak akan lupa, betapa UMNO sendirilah yang membuang pengasas mereka cuma atas alasan idea bagi menggagaskan sebuah bangsa Malaysia itu tidak berasas sedangkan hakikatnya mereka buta untuk memandang negara ini lebih dari jangkauan biji mata mereka.

Ubah lah Sebelum Terlambat!

Pasti kita akan menyesal di kemudian hari jika hari ini kita masih gagal untuk melakukan apa-apa demi menyelamatkan anak bangsa tanah air ini terus dibebalkan oleh pemerintah. Saya bukanlah menulis atas semangat kebencian terhadap UMNO semata-mata, tetapi tulisan ini adalah manifestasi kekecewaan saya terhadap media yang sanggup menjadi alat untuk memusnahkan cita-cita murni rakyat Malaysia.

Berilah peluang kepada rakyat bawahan untuk berfikir. Sudah pasti tulisan ini tidak akan memberi kesan apa-apa kepada pihak pemerintah, tetapi saya optimis marhean yang membaca pasti mampu menilai dan befikir bagi membezakan siapakah syaitan dan siapakah malaikat.

Sekali lagi saya menyeru, UBAH lah jika kita tidak mahu melihat anak cucu kita terus dibebalkan UMNO/BN!

Tulisan ini disiarkan dalam The Malaysian Insider pada 9 September 2012.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Internship Week #9 — Engineer Got Confuse?

Hi, guys. I’m back for my internship weekly update. I stress out here; this is Week 9 out of 11. So simply says I just have 2 more weeks to go then will finish up my training as practicing engineer.

Throughout the week, I am working out on the drawing for the Eco-Hopper machine by B&W AUMUND Group. In fact, this project is already done by Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd couple month ago, but I need to re-calculate all the part of the Purchasing Order (PO) purpose.

So what I need to do is ensure the total weight of Assembly Drawing is same to Sub-Assembly Drawing. If there got any misplaced data, so I need to refer to Detail Part Drawing.

Mr Wong gives to me 4 buckets of drawing which include:
  1. Main Frame
  2. Stair & Walkway
  3. Top shroud & Air Filter
  4. Plenum Box
I start with Stair & Walkway drawing sets, but after almost three days’ work it, I stuck in confusing since a lot of drawing sheets missing and the total weight data can’t be calculated.

I refer to Mr Wong and he advises me to try to look at another drawing set. So I move to Top Shroud drawing set. Yes, I manage to get all the data and found several data on Assembly Drawing is just wrong. So I put all the new data on it and re-confirm with Mr. Wong of what I changed.

On Saturday, Mr Wong asks me to meet him in the room. He told me to try another way to ensure the data is right or wrong by using the Summary of Weight Data for this project. IE is only working on the steel fabricated part like the wall, hinge plate, pivot shaft, equal angle and several more steel parts exclude bolt, screw, nut and washers.

By using this summary, my task going more easy I must say. I guess by next week task can be done.

I can conclude what I have done for this week a just bit of engineer supposed to do. This is part of the tender requirement in project management. IE as a contractor must always be precise in material cost and calculation so that it will help this company avoid profit loss in business.

So guys, enough for this week. Stay tune…

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Internship Week #8 — Mood Raya On

Hi, guys. First and foremost, I would like to wish Happy Eid Fitri Al-Mubarak to all readers. How’s your Raya?

I could call this week for the saddest week ever after I have to come back to the office on the 5th of Raya. It’s not great at all. And it also was being my shortest Raya ever.

For the remaining three days, I have just completed all the calculation data for the surface area of Channel ports, Fabricating Beams (FB) and all angle parts. By Saturday, Mr. Wong asks me all the calculation data for tonnage so I print out the entire table and gave it to him.

He said will check it first then tell me if there is any misplaced data.

I hope there’s nothing wrong because he just gave to me another bucket of drawing to do the same thing. Only the difference is the project of that drawing is already complete and he asks me to re-check the total weight for each part on the drawing set for the bill of Purchasing Order (PO) purposing.

I guess I would start this job next Monday. Mr. Wong always told me; don’t rush  do your task slow.

So by the three weeks left for the internship program that I have it give to me enough time to finish the job.

Stay tune guys…

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Syawal Manusiawi

Kembalinya saya ke kampung halaman untuk menyambut Eid’fitri bersama keluarga di Kerteh minggu lepas banyak menggamit perasaan dan emosi. Orang-orang kampung masih begitu. Mereka jauh dari cakap-cakap politik yang berat dan bersifat teknikal.

Berbual dengan rakan-rakan ayah semasa menziarahi mereka sempena Eid’fitri lebih berkisar soal peribadi, kerjaya dan sedikit-sebanyak tentang pembelajaran di universiti. Saya tiada ramai rakan sebaya di kampung, mungkin kerana sejak kecil lagi sudah bersekolah jauh dari kampung dan tinggal di asrama. Jadi tidak lah janggal jika saya pulang ke kampung dan sedar bahawa tiada teman sekampung yang benar-benar rapat melainkan anak-anak rakan usrah ayah saya.

Saya merasai pengalaman hidup di kampung dan juga di bandar. Jadi untuk konteks umur saya yang baru mencecah 20-an ini saya tahu apa pahitnya hidup sebagai “country boy” dan juga apa kelatnya hidup sebagai “urban boy”. Mungkin di kampung saya – saya cuma mengandaikan sahaja – Facebook dan Twitter itu tidak seheboh di bandar-bandar. Mereka tidak begitu terkesan lagi terutama golongan yang lagi tua dari saya. Anak-anak muda mungkin tapi saya yakin ia masih tidak sekecoh di bandar.

Facebook itu subjek yang begitu “common”. Kalau berbicara tentang hipster atau lain-lain cara hidup budak bandar saya kira rakan-rakan saya di kampung sudah begitu asing. Saya perhatikan gelagat ini, masyarakat kampung lebih selesa dengan keadaan itu. Mereka lebih “content” jika dibandingkan dengan manusia di bandar.

Kehidupan mereka tidak mendesak mereka untuk bersaing dengan perasaan cemburu pada orang lain, memadai dengan keluarga mereka aman tenteram dan cukup makan minum. Frasa terbaik di sini, mungkin pada pandangan kebanyakan mereka hidup serba kekurangan namun kehidupan mereka begitu lengkap.

Berbanding dengan manusia di bandar mereka mungkin pada zahir punya kereta 2-3 buah namun itu lansung tidak menggambarkan mereka selesa dengan keadaan sedemikian.

Untuk menyaksikan bagaimana permulaan tamadun terbina, kampung-kampung di Malaysia menawarkan susuk pencerahan yang cukup baik. Nilai yang sering disebut dalam mana-mana perbincangan dan penulisan, malah sudah bersifat begitu stereotaip namun tidak dapat disangkal kebenarannya ialah bagaimana kampung merupakan tempat terbaik untuk kita menyaksikan nilai kejiranan dan kemasyarakatan yang utuh masih lagi kekal sehingga kini.

Itulah kampung. Juga kampung saya. Mereka tenang dengan kehidupan mereka. Saya tidak pasti dalam 10 tahun mendatang adakah masih ada kumpulan manusia yang bermusuh dengan binatang perosak seperti babi dan kera lagi. Atau semuanya sudah bertukar menjadi bandar?

Pun begitu sudah banyak hal yang berubah. Terutama sekali anak-anak muda di kampung. Mereka mungkin tidak kenal apa itu hipster, tetapi mereka punya watak mereka tersendiri yang, ya ianya berjaya mengusik ketenangan jiwa saya sepanjang berada di kampung untuk menyambut Eid’fitri.

Tidak dinafikan walau sejauh manapun mereka dari bahana teknologi terkini namun ia lansung tidak mampu menyekat rakan-rakan saya di sana terjebak dengan penyakit sosial. Mungkin mentaliti rata-rata anak muda begitu. Saya kurang pasti hal ini. Berhampiran kampung saya sedang dibina Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (Fasa II). Saya sudah lupa sejak tahun bilakah projek ini dimulakan namun sehingga kini masih belum ada tanda-tanda bahawa ianya sudah siap dan boleh digunakan sepenuhnya.

Sebahagian jalan yang sudah siap kini secara rasmi menjadi trek lumba anak-anak muda di kampung. Jika mereka menjadikan tempat itu sebagai medan lumba semata, saya tidak hairan. Tempat lain pun begitu saya kira. Tetapi apabila jalan yang masih dalam proses pembinaan itu menjadi “port” dalam segala gejala sosial yang tidak sihat maka ia sudah tidak begitu enak untuk dipandang.

Saya mempersoalkan ini, dengan ingatan untuk diri sendiri sebenarnya. Saya yakin inilah cabaran terbesar kepada mana-mana manusia yang sedang berangan atau sudah menjadi ibu bapa kelak. Tidak kira samada di bandar atau kampung-kampung, perkara yang sama masyarakat kita berdepan sekarang. Ujian penyakit sosial yang membarah dalam kalangan anak-anak muda seolah tiada penawarnya lagi. Jika di bandar dengan gaya mereka tersendiri dan di kampung juga tidak ketinggalan.

Saya menyebut awal lagi di atas, kehidupan di kampung ternyata lebih “content” namun hal ini masih gagal menjadi faktor penghalang kepada penyakit social dalam kalangan anak-anak muda di kampung.

Jadi bagaimana mahu mengubah hal ini?

Penyakit “tak mengapa” sebenarnya amat parah lagi-lagi apabila membabitkan soal ini. Ia bukan soal akhlak si remaja itu semata-mata tetapi kritikan utama adalah sudah pasti bagaimana si ibu dan bapa membentuk mereka sejajar yang dituntut. Amat sayang apabila kegagalan ini menyebabkan masyarakat telah kerugian ribuan “minda baru” yang sepatutnya pada waktu-waktu begini mereka giat dengan aktiviti yang membina idealisme mereka selaku anak muda yang menjadi harapan masyarakat pada masa hadapan.

Jangan salah faham. Saya tidak maksudkan di sini idealisme mahasiswa tetapi idealisme untuk menjadi seorang manusia yang sedar akan tanggungjawab mereka. Tidak kira di mana mereka berada dan apa sahaja perkara yang mereka lakukan, ini memang perlu. Tetapi akhirnya akan berbalik kepada persoalan pertama tadi, bagaimana ya?

Ternyata sekali ia bukan kerja mudah. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Begitu juga hal ini. Saya lihat di bandar, kebanyakan ibu bapa lebih mudah beralasan sibuk dengan kerjaya dan tidak punya masa yang cukup untuk anak-anak mereka. Untuk di kampung, saya tidak pasti samada ibu bapa masih punya hak untuk beralasan sebegini apabila ditanya kenapa mengabaikan amanah mendekati dan membentuk anak-anak mereka.

Jujurnya saya tidak dapat menerima alasan sebegitu. Adalah sangat tidak adil untuk ibu bapa beralasan seolah-olah anak itu robot mainan. Saya tidak tujukan tulisan ini kepada sesiapa pun malah lansung tidak berniat untuk mengkritik orang-orang kampung saya. Ia cuma sekadar refleksi kepada sambutan Syawal seminggu di kampung. Saya perhatikan dan saya berfikir dan saya tulis semula apa yang saya fikir di sini.

Sebenarnya Syawal di kampung mengajar saya banyak perkara. Cuma hal di atas amat menarik untuk dikoreksi bersama. Ia tidak lain, kerana agenda Ramadan itu juga adalah untuk memanusiakan manusia. Jadi elok untuk kita bermuhasabah akan hal ini moga-moga ada kebaikannya.

Bertemu dengan saudara mara dari sebelah ayah dan emak – yang mungkin cuma berpeluang setahun sekali – adalah detik yang cukup berharga.

Syawal kali ini mengajar banyak perkara; manisnya ukhwah kekeluargaan, bahagianya menjadi orang kampung, bertuahnya dikurniakan nikmat Islam dan Iman, besarnya hikmah Ramadan dan sudah tentu Syawal ini juga menyaksikan keluarga saya makin bertambah bilangan ahlinya.

Selamat datang Muhammad Ramadan Mikhail ke dunia yang serba mengasyikkan ini. Moga awak membesar menjadi insan yang hebat!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Salam Eid’Fitri 1433H

Salam Eid’Fitri 1433H dari saya buat seluruh rakan pembaca laman blog yang usang ini. Moga kita berjaya menjadi golongan yang berhak meraikan kegembiraan ini di mata Tuhan yang Esa. Dengan serendah diri saya memohon kemaafan atas segala khilaf yang berlaku sepanjang kalian menjengah laman ini.

Mari kita sama-sama berdoa agar diberi peluang sekali lagi untuk bertemu pada Ramadan 1434H bagi menebus segala kesilapan yang kita lakukan sepanjang Ramadan yang lepas.

Ya ALLAH kau terimakanlah segala amalan kami sepanjang bulan Ramadan yang lepas. Sungguh kami tiada hak untuk mendabik yang kami berhak merayakan Eid’fitri pada hari ini.

Ahmad Tajuddin Abdullah

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Internship Week #7 — A Technical Awkward

Hi, guys. Thanks for dropping by and continuing to read my note about the internship at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd. May it will be my quick update for this week.

Yeah, you know this week is the last week of Ramadan. Also, be my last week working during fasting I guess. I am not even writing before my experience fasting during working at the office so I think for this note I should shout some here.

I tweet before on Twitter on the 1st week of Ramadan. Just for record in the office only have 2 Muslims there and that’s meant only both of us fasting. Others are non-Muslim.

They as usual recognized us as we are fasting during Ramadan. They show their respect by not eating and drinking in front of us even I am not bothered whether they want to eat or drinking in front of me at all.

Yeah by the way I respect their honor. That’s we call as tolerance between us. It’s a beautiful thought.

To fasting during working,  in the true means of the essence of Ramadan – is not an easy job. Maybe I manage to fast by not eating and drinking, but to fast my other senses is the matter now. Yet I know I am far from perfect so I will take granted by it.

This is serious. In the process to find the ultimate reward as promised by ALLAH God Almighty, I hope this will give me some good lesson.

OK, enough for my Ramadan experience at IE. Let’s move to my note of internship.

As well, I said in the last note, my boss and me working out to find and compiling all calculation data for total weight and area of each part. So it is in this week. Some of part that I made last week need to be re-check and they spot some careless that I have made. This is part of learning process. They need a precise value. The value must come with fine justification.

“Why it’s so small Tajuddin?”, Mr. Wong asks me. “I think this value is not compatible. Based on your total length, it’s weight supposedly around 9 tons. Please do re-calculate for this one.”

Then he adds oil, “So next time supposed do minimize this careless.”

Yet I know this will not be my last error.

The point of learning for this week;

I do check all the detail drawing and assembly drawing for all parts (metal structure) in order to make sure the material that's being used is as stated in drawing or got other materials. The problem comes when I just recognized all the parts used Carbon Steel Q235B.

Yes, all drawing state they used Q235B but in another document from the client state some part also used differ materials.

It’s awkward when I found one and only drawing use Q235A instead of Q235B. Everyone wonder. And it terrific when all structure is not even used other materials beside both of these.

Mr. Wong asks me to search for the mechanical properties and chemical composition for Q235A and Q235B. He says if these materials got similar properties so he will just order Q235B. What I found is the differ point of these materials is their carbon percentage.

Seem like Q235B is much stronger than Q235A. I show all the data I got to Mr. Wong and leave it to him to decide. I am quite sure he knows what the best option we gonna approaches now.

Sometimes this is the recycled problematic in the engineering world. We cannot keep playing with assumption, but it’s must come with solid justification. I dare to say what am I experienced so far is thousands behind of what the real engineer facing. To get wrong, make a mistake time by time; just give to me a room for improvement.

Let’s live and let live.

So appreciated it, kid!

Note: By the time you read this, please do note I am already at my lovely calm hometown, Kerteh for Eid Fitri. I wrote this on Thursday – a last day at the office before off to hometown. And will off till next Thursday. See ya!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Refleksi 10 Malam Terakhir Ramadan

Meniti jalur masa di laman mikro Twitter pada fasa penghabisan Ramadan menemukan saya dengan puluhan kata-kata peringatan tentang manfaat 10 malam terakhir Ramadan dan ruginya mereka yang tidak tahu menghargai masa-masa begini.

Namun satu frasa yang tersemat terus biarpun laju jalur masa itu memberi ingatan kepada kita ialah Ramadan itu hanya untuk mereka yang berusaha dan mencari dengan penuh keikhlasan.

Menulis soal ini bukan mudah. Seolah ianya memberi gambaran betapa saya yang menulis ini begitu hebat melayan Ramadan selama ini.

Tidak. Saya cuma menulis untuk ‘refresh’ setelah 20 hari Ramadan berlalu. Berani saya katakan betapa rakan-rakan pembaca jauh lebih hebat mencari makna Ramadan berbanding saya. Moga-moga segala kebaikan dan kesalahan yang kita buat sepanjang Ramadan ini menjadi pintu kepada turunnya petunjuk dan keampunan Tuhan yang Esa kepada kita.

Insya ALLAH. Kita perlu optimis. Biarpun kita sedar sudah berkali kita tersadung dek dosa dan kesilapan sepanjang 20 hari yang lalu. Tuhan tulisan ini untuk diri sendiri dan rakan pembaca. Anugerahkanlah sedikit kebaikan Engkau pada mata-mata yang membaca tulisan ini.

Saya membaca beberapa catatan pemikir Islam. Mereka mendiskripsikan Ramadan dalam tona yang begitu lunak. Sebab itu saya menyifatkan tulisan ini sebagai ‘refreshment’ agar ianya menjadi suatu tujahan samada objektif Ramadan yang dikurniakan pada tika ini benar-benar tercapai.

Jika ya, masya ALLAH tabarakallah! Teruskan!

Jika tidak, optimislah wahai rakan-rakan pembaca. Sungguh Tuhan itu tidak pernah buta dan pekak pada setiap rintih rayu kita.

Mereka menyebut Ramadan sebagai “A Month of Humanist Spirituality”. Tertanya saya sejauh manakah kita menyedari hakikat Ramadan itu sebagai bulan kerohanian atau cuma layak pada kita dipanggil sebagai bulan pesta Terawih sahaja?

Saya sendiri cuba mencari maksud ini. Bayangkan jika pada bulan Ramadan pun tidak tergerak sedikit pun hati kita pada mana-mana janji Tuhan atau begitu sombong untuk tunduk menyembah ke bumi alangkah tidak terbayang kerugian. Bukan orang lain tetapi diri sendiri cukup merasa malas untuk berbuat lebih dari bulan-bulan yang lain.

Hari ini 24 Ramadan, sekali lagi Tuhan memberi peluang kepada kita untuk memperbaiki kesilapan semalam. Optimislah! Mari kita manfaatkan hari ini sebaiknya. Moga 10 malam terakhir ini membuka pintu kepada kita untuk meloloskan diri dari api neraka. Insya ALLAH.

Saya menulis artikel ini sejak 20 Ramadan lagi cuma hari ini baru berkesempatan untuk menyambung semula saki baki tulisan. Menulis ini bukanlah keutamaan di bulan Ramadan. Namun demi menjalankan tanggungjawab untuk kita saling ingat memperingati saya yakin masa saya diluangkan untuk menulis artikel ini pasti tidak akan dipersiakan Tuhan.

Begitu juga apa sahaja yang kita lakukan. Seorang ilmuan mengungkapkan Lailatur Qadar itu bukan untuk mereka yang solat malam tanpa henti sahaja tetapi ia hadiah untuk mereka yang berusaha mencari sesuatu dalam tempoh sebulan ini. Jelas bukan, Tuhan tidak lokek untuk memandang hamba-Nya biarpun sekecil kebaikan yang dilakukan dalam tempoh ini.

Maka ambillah kesempatan yang ada untuk mencari sesuatu yang dijanjikan ketika Ramadan masih berbaki lagi ini. Tiada istilah terlambat dalam kamus taubat. Berusahalah meminta keampunan!

Ya ALLAH jika ini ditakdirkan Ramadan yang terakhir buat kami maka kami memohon agar Engkau memberi kekuatan dan hidayah-Mu untuk kami manfaatkan sepenuhnya detik Ramadan yang masih berbaki ini.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monarki Tidak Berakhlak Wajib Disanggah

Terbaru pendedahan sebuah blog mengenai tingkah laku putera raja di sebuah negeri yang bernama Selangor bukanlah yang pertama dan terakhir malah itulah warisan berita generasi demi generasi mereka selama berada di tampuk kerusi monarki.

Banyak sudah sebelum ini dilaporkan malah sudah ada si pelapor disumbat dalam tahanan reman kerana mendedahkan tingkah laku yang amat “berakhlak mulia” dalam kalangan mereka yang bakal memimpin jutaan rakyat Malaysia dan paling menguja kan bakal mendapat gelaran Ketua Agama Islam negeri secara automatik.

Saya tidak dapat membayangkan apabila anak-anak raja yang berakhlak mulia begini tiba masa mereka untuk menaiki takhta kelak, apakah rakyat akan membiarkan mereka dipimpin oleh kaki perempuan, kaki botol, kaki kelab malam, kaki judi dan lain-lain amalan mulia ini dengan rela hati dan penuh taat?

Mandul betul rakyat sebegitu!

Saya ulangi, tidak pernah terdetik dalam hati ini untuk menafikan tentang keupayaan dan fungsi serta kedaulatan Institusi Raja Melayu namun calar balar yang dibawa oleh sebahagian besar kerabat diraja dengan perlakuan yang sungguh melayakkan mereka memegang gelaran sebagai Ketua Agama Islam negeri masing-masing menyebabkan saya kira kalau masih ada rakyat yang sanggup berada di bawah pimpinan mereka maka sudah tentu adalah jauh lebih bijak binatang berkaki empat dalam urusan memilih ketua mereka berbanding mereka ini.

Jika ada yang mengatakan saya menghasut, fikirkan semula kebenaran di sebalik kata-kata ini. Mungkin WAJAR mereka yang berada di kerusi monarki ini apabila tiba waktunya mereka berundur namun gagal melahirkan penerus kepimpinan yang terbaik secocok dengan gelaran mereka selaku Ketua Agama Islam maka serahkan lah kedudukan itu kepada legasi yang lain untuk memimpin.

Jika kalian yang berada di kerusi monarki cuma mengira kedudukan itu untuk mengenyangkan perut dan membulatkan poket masing-masing maka kalian langsung tidak layak untuk digelar Sultan atau Raja Muda!

Sanggup kah sang ayah melantik orang lain jika melihat sang anaknya tidak berdaya memegang kedudukan itu lantaran akhlaknya yang tidak melambangkan sebagai seorang pemimpin agama Islam?

Kalaulah si peneguk arak itu adalah pewaris kepada pak cik menjual petai di tepi jalan saya kira tidak perlu untuk diperbesarkan dan dihebahkan sebegini.

Namun yang meneguk arak itu adalah pewaris sultan. Mereka ini pada setiap Jumaat didoakan khatib dalam khutbah. Mereka ini bakal diangkat untuk melantik mufti dan menguruskan hal ehwal agama Islam.

Kalau ada lagi yang sanggup melaungkan sumpah bai’ah setia seperti yang berlaku di selatan Malaysia baru-baru ini, maka tidak salah untuk saya menyeru agar puak ini berpindah ke zaman purba dan berkawan dengan Hang Tuah yang sanggup membunuh saudara sendiri kerana kesetiaan membabi buta terhadap seorang sultan yang zalim.

Tulisan ini menghina sultan?

Habis, perbuatan dan tingkah laku pewaris sultan itu tidak dikira sebagai menghina Institusi Raja Melayu pula yang padanya tertanggung segala beban untuk membela kesucian agama Islam di tanah air ini?

Berwaspada lah dengan kedudukan kalian.

Singgahsana monarki bukan lesen untuk kalian bertindak sesuka hati. Jangan melenting jikalau rakyat mengherdik seluruh kerabat diraja hanya kerana perangai kalian yang sungguh mulia sebegitu. Perlu untuk kalian selalu semat di dada masing-masing bahawa rakyat Malaysia ini bukan lagi tunggul seperti kayu mati. Mereka masih punya maruah dan harga diri.

Adakah mereka akan rela dan penuh taat bersetia dengan seorang pemimpin yang suka menjadikan arak sebagai minuman harian?

Alangkah singkatnya akal kalian jikalau masih menganggap rakyat Malaysia ini umpama lembu-lembu yang tidak punya perasaan!

Jagalah harga diri kalian. Jagalah maruah institusi beraja yang terhormat ini. Janganlah kerana segelintir mereka yang berperangai seperti kalian ini merosakkan keseluruhan kepercayaan rakyat pada Institusi Raja Melayu.

Paling penting, sedarlah bahawa kalian itu bakal dianugerahkan pangkat sebagai Ketua Agama Islam negeri kelak. Jikalau macam ini rupa akhlak kalian, adalah jauh lebih baik saya dipimpin oleh bukan Islam yang mulia dan terpuji akhlak mereka.

Saya menyeru rakan-rakan pembaca agar sama-sama kita menolak pemimpin yang tidak berakhlak sebegini demi kebaikan dan rahmat di Akhirat kelak!

Tuntasnya, monarki tidak berakhlak wajib disanggah!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Internship Week #6 — Thanks Mr. Rashidi

Hi, guys. What's going on?

This week is totally differed compared to previous weeks. I got a lot of jobs. I got an instruction to do this and that. I manage to calculate most of the main metal structure for TNB 1000MW Manjung Coal Fired Power Plant  I mention about this in the previous note.

It’s not a small project. It’s only because I got a chance to do work with Mr. Wong, General Manager of IE. Work with him throughout the week; yes, I am happy, but it gives tremendous pressure on my shoulder.

For the first time, I got a chance to have met with “big guys” of IE like Mr. Wong and Mr.Liang, someone in Production Department. They are questioning my calculation data for every sheet of drawing and ask me to prove it how I manage to get that particular values.

Yes, again, I just think maybe this is the step should be facing before a Mechanical Engineering Degree holder can be recognized as an engineer!

Till Saturday, I still play with these drawings. After all, the total tonnage for each part being calculated then I need to proceed with calculation of total surface area for each part too. To rethink about this, it’s going to make me crazy.

For the record, this surface area data are needed to estimate how much supposedly our company order paint and primer for painting purposes.

Like I stated in a last note, my task is just easy, but when it comes to numbers of drawing like this  it’s not sweet anymore.

By the way, honestly I am enjoying my job.

Oh ya, this week too, I got a visit from my lecturer. He’s Mr. Rashidi from Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering UKM. Simply says, he just like a brother to me.

Thanks for visiting me here Mr!

He made up long chat with Mr. Tan, my supervisor during his visit. I am just sitting there and accompany them talking and discussing everything related to what am I doing at IE. And the thing that makes me feel positive is their discussion boosts my target to get employed with IE after graduating from UKM.

Maybe not for long term, but as a kick-start in working environment I think IE is suits with me.

OK, guys. Guess it’s long enough for this note. I need to off now. Wait, just want to ask this; how’s your Ramadan?

Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Internship Week #5 — When The Responsibility Comes

Hi, guys, this could be my super-fast update. Today I need to go to #UndiMsiaChats at Pusat Rakyat LB. So I am on leave for today – with full permission from my supervisor.

Back to the topic, this week is not gonna love me so much. It's sound legit yeah?

Throughout the week, I need do re-calculation for all parts done by last week. It was a usual procedure here to do a double-check for each calculation we have made. If for the last week’s job I made a calculation by referring to Assembly Drawing, to do re-calculation process I need to look at Details Drawing.

Just to mention here, Details Drawing for this project got 131 sets of drawing. Much enough?

By Monday, I finish all the 1st round of calculation process and this enough to make me take-off from office for tomorrow morning. Then the 2nd round of calculation being started on Wednesday and I manage to finish it up exactly on Friday at 5:25 PM.

The job scope still seem like last week, but for this time its much burden me as well when I need to re-confirm all the area of sheet metal plates and flat bar that being stated in Details Drawing instead of just do the calculation for total tonnage for these parts.

Like I have stated above, there are 131 sets of drawing. Doing a calculation of such numbers of drawing is not sweet anymore.

My head banging.

Honestly, I told you I just do a very simple calculation. The basic one like to find the total area, some trigonometric and some more of simple mathematics, but the hard side is revealed when it comes in numbers of drawing like this.

And to add oil for this week is; I have been told all my calculation will being used for project purpose and automatically I linked with Mr. Liang, someone in Production Department. He told me he need the total tonnage of steel plate part and its quantity which mostly used Q235B material by Friday evening.

Guys, me on speed-up mode yesterday seriously!

Everything need to rush. Production Department needs the calculation data for purchase purpose. They need the total tonnage of material to order it from the outside market. Being told that my calculation will be used to cause me; yes, trigger but it's not sound so nice to me.

That’s why I mention in this update about the responsibility. For the first time ever I feel a scary burden on my shoulder. This makes me do a double check for every single part of steel plate. Gosh, I don’t really like that kind of feeling.

After everything finish, I go to Mr. Liang and showing all the data that I compile in Excel file. He asks me do you put 5% of margin for every weight that you calculate?

Me: Not sir. I’m not acknowledging about that before…

It's a lucky moment when he replies that’s OK. He will re-add the missing information by referring to Mr. Wong later. I just smile and thanks to him.

Remember kids, it’s not easy when you work with the million-profit company that requires you to take charge of every single thing you have done.

Thanks guys for read this piece of blur-minded writing here. Enough for this week, I need to prepare myself for #UndiMsiaChats after this.

See you guys next week!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Internship Week #4 — Let's Move On

Hi, guys. It's good to get down here again and write up something for my Internship’s weekly update. For the first 2 days, I just sit in the office doing some small task. My supervisor doesn't give any work as he always says “Relax, don’t rush. When time is coming then you will know”.

Yes, he’s right. Start on Wednesday I was asked to go to QA/QC Department and meet with Mr. Fong. There he explains to me if I am interested to follow him do some QA/QC training and specifically he says will let me learn how to do a die-paint test for welding inspection purpose.

Actually, I only got 3 days for this job starting Wednesday till Saturday because Mr. Tan need to prepare a full report for project cost and should submit it by Saturday, so he let me do other work for a while.

But sadly to tell since I got a problem to get safety application  safety application is critically compulsory when you enter the manufacturing side  I ask to follow Mr. Wong Chong Meng, a Project Manager just like Mr. Tan but his working area is to deal with different client compare to my supervisor.

For the record, Mr. Wong deals with the client like TNB  such a power plant company. The first question he asks me is, “Do you know how to read technical drawing?”.


Well, for the information, especially to my friends in engineering field if you guys interested in oil & gas or power plant and anything related to both of these such as piping, metal structural the Must-Master-Software is AutoCAD.

So I am sad to tell him that I am not really familiar with the AutoCAD function since I just leave it for almost 3 years ago. I have almost forgotten anything about AutoCAD.

Then I tell him that I know  not a master yet  how to handle Autodesk Inventor. He just stares at my eye and smile. Kid, here Inventor has no value. Sigh.

The task is still same like before. What I need do a complete calculation of total tonnage for every single part of the metal structure.

Since this time, it was a drawing to build 1000MW Manjung Coal Fired Power Plant by TNB. What I recognized is it was designed by Alstom and Shanghai Chinehwa Engineering & Technology Co. LTD.

Yes, it was a part of the job scope for a structural engineer.

A lot of work  of course!

Complaining  not a good choice though.

The last choice, I have is ENJOY my work. Smile.

Stay tune guys….

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pembangkang Pasca PRU-13 Perlukan Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah

Malaysia perlukan pembangkang yang mampu berperanan dan berfungsi dengan baik. Hal demikian hanya dengan berlakunya fenomena ini barulah kita boleh mendabik dada bahawa Negara ini praktis demokrasi tulen. Tabiat kini para pengundi dalam kalangan warga Malaysia – kerana saya kira ada ramai juga pengundi untuk PRU13 nanti bukan asalan warga Malaysia tetapi jauh nun di Asia Tengah – kalau di pihak Barisan Nasional berkempen seolah-olah Pakatan Rakyat tidak perlu wujud lansung dalam sistem pentadbiran Malaysia.

Begitu juga perangai ramai penyokong Pakatan Rakyat yang turut melahirkan perasaaan sebegini seolah-olah biarlah BN itu hancur terus.

Hal ini tidak betul. Ia amat tidak sihat. Saya dambakan PR mengambil alih Putrajaya selepas PRU13 akan tetapi saya begitu berharap BN juga akan menjadi begitu kuat semasa pemerintahan Negara ini di bawah kelolaan PR. Kuat di sini bermaksud BN mampu berfungsi sebagai sebuah pembangkang yang baik dan effektif kepada system semak dan imbang untuk setiap polisi yang dilaksanakan oleh kerajaan ketika itu.

Saya memandang komen-komen yang berbaur sentimen kepartian yang keterlaluan sebegini tidak sihat untuk masa depan demokrasi negara kita.

Peranan Politikus Untuk Mendidik Masyarakat

Saya antara orang yang sering mengikuti setiap siri ceramah Pakatan Rakyat dalam YouTube atau secara lansung, boleh dikatakan secara keseluruhannya politikus PR pun masih gagal menunjukkan contoh yang baik kepada rakyat Malasysia dalam hal yang saya sebutkan diatas iaitu usaha kita kearah kesuburan praktis demokrasi tulen.

Kritikan saya secara terbuka terhadap Anwar Ibrahim terutamanya, lantaran imejnya yang begitu menonjol masa kini maka saya merasakan corak menghentam UMNO/BN dalam siri ceramahnya mungkin sudah tiba masanya untuk diubah. Saya tidak katakan kita tidak boleh hentam akan tetapi untuk survival demokrasi matang selepas PRU13 terjamin maka Anwar perlu mulakan dari sekarang langkah tersebut.

Maaf saya tidak bermaksud bahawa Anwar Ibrahim salah untuk berbuat demikian Cuma apa yang saya coretkan di sini semata untuk melihat cita-cita Malaysia yang lebih baik esoknya berjaya direalisasikan.

Ya kita faham kenapa ramai politikus PR dan penyokongnya suka mengambil pendekatan menghentam dan mengkritik secara keras pada setiap tertib dan laku BN. Logiknya manusia yang sering dikhianati pasti tidak akan meredhai secara mudah orang yang mengkhianatinya itu.

Dan kita sedar selama ini BN telah mengkhianati amanah kepimpinan yang rakyat berikan. Saya tidak menafikan hak masing-masing untuk merasa marah tetapi kritikan ini hanyalah memberi sikap terhadap keperluan mendidik rakyat ke arah penjenamaan semula wajah politik negara ini.

Politikus adalah golongan yang punya pengaruh masing-masing. Saya masih boleh memuji beberapa orang-orang politik di Malasia dari kedua-dua belah pihak yang sudah sedar akan hal ini. Secara konsisten saya menujukan pujian ini kepada Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah.

Kekadang sedar atau tidak, mana-mana politikus kita dapati mereka sudah tiada modal selain ideologi dan kepentingan parti masing-masing. Bayangkan, sehingga ketika diberi ruang untuk merasmikan temasya sukan sekolah rendah pun berlambak politikus kemarau modal ini menjadikan pentas tersebut untuk berkempen demi survival politik masing-masing.

Sekolah rendah?

Ya itulah “model” rata-rata politikus di Malaysia. Masyarakat yang mendengar tidak mengenal hak untuk berbeza pendapat dalam kalangan mereka secara matang.

Jika disebalah BN, mereka mahu hidup selama-lamanya biarpun diri tersedar yang pakaian mereka sudah compang camping.

Jika disebelah PR pula, sering didoakan terkuburnya UMNO/BN buat selama-lamanya.

Pembaca yang budiman, ta’asub kita pada parti yang kita dokong tidak bermakna kita harus menafikan peranan pihak yang berbeza pandangan politik dengan kita daripada proaktif membantu ke arah kemajuan tanah air ini.

Pembangkang Pasca PRU-13 Perlukan Dato’ Saifuddin

Sehingga kini, amat jarang untuk kita mendapati politikus yang begitu konsisten dengan prinsip yang dipegang biarpun berdepan dengan jurang perbezaan yang begitu luas dengan prinsip parti sendiri. Contoh terbaik yang boleh dibawa ke dalam coretan ini ialah Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah.

Secara peribadi, saya merasa jika Dato’ Saifuddin tewas atau tidak bertanding dalam PRU-13 nanti, ianya benar sebuah kerugian yang begitu besar terhadap survival demokrasi di Malaysia. Bunyinya tragis, tetapi saya amat mengambil kira peranan penting yang bakal beliau mainkan setelah BN menduduki kerusi pembangkang dalam Parlimen pasca PRU-13.

Beliau tidak perlu ke PR. Sama sekali tidak perlu. Cukup beliau di kerusi UMNO itu memainkan peranan sebagai ahli pembangkang yang berkesan. Maka UMNO/BN selepas PRU-13 jika mahu terus bernafas dalam atmosfera demokrasi di Malaysia ini, mereka perlu mengekalkan Dato’ Saifuddin dan beberapa pemimpin BN lain yang mampu berfikir dengan laras kotemporari.

Boleh dikatakan, antara penyelamat imej kerajaan masa kini terutama terhadap pandangan sisi orang muda dalam pelbagai hal dan masalah yang dicipta adalah konsistensi yang ditunjukkan oleh Dato’ Saifuddin dalam mempoertahankan prinsipnya.

Politikus yang begitu progresif sebegini, begitu juga halnya dalam Pakatan Rakyat seperti Nurul Izzah, Nik Nazmi, Dr Dzul, Tony Pua dan beberapa yang lainnya adalah amat diperlukan oleh sistem demokrasi yang menjadi amalan Negara kita sekarang. Sistem semak dan imbang yang diharapkan boleh terlaksana dengan adanya pihak kerajaan dan pembangkang hanya tinggal sebagai catitan sejarah sahaja jikalau salah satu pihak gagal memaikan peranannhya masing-masing.

Maka saya begitu yakin, Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah mampu memainkan peranan sebagai ahli pembangkang yang berjaya kelak. Cuma tinggal samada beliau mampu menarik keluar rakan-rakan Barisan Nasional yang lain turut sama berperanan sebagai barisan pembangkang yang baik.

Biar PR Didik BN

Untuk persoalan kenapa UMNO/BN menjadi pembangkang selepas PRU-13, ya itu doa saya. Mungkin selepas BN menjadi pembangkang selama 5 penggal, barulah mereka faham bagaimana cara yang sepatutnya pihak kerajaan melayan barisan pembangkang.

Kerana selama ini BN telah gagal mendidik rakyat tentang peranan pembangkang yang sebenar sehingga hampir keseluruhan rakyat terbuai dengan mimpi indah bahawa hanyalah BN sahaja dewa penyelamat di bumi bekas jajahan British ini.

Berilah peluang kepada Pakatan Rakyat untuk memerintah, dan mendidik BN tentang hakikat perlunya Negara ini terhadap sebuah sistem di mana pihak kerajaan dan pembangkang saling bermanfaat demi Negara.

Jika selepas itu ditakdirkan BN kembali ke pangkuan kuasa, saya berdoa lagi moga-moga mereka tidak kembali ke perangai lama mereka yang begitu buruk itu. Insya ALLAH.


Tulisan ini disiarkan dalam The Malaysian Insider pada 24 July 2012.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Internship Week #3 — Trainee or Permanent Staff?

Hi everyone this could be my very short update for throughout this week’s experience working at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd. Oh, sorry, I’m here not for working purpose, but as a trainee.

Do you understand what trainee means is for?

So I was trained with a bundle of jobs to finish in a short period. By continuing last week’s unfinished job to calculate the total tonnage of metal structure for palm-oil factory in Johor, my supervisor asks me to do the calculation for each drawing set including Refining & Dry Fractionation building, Boiler House, Chemical Store and Pipe.

It’s a lot. The calculation needs to finish in short time because IE want the cost estimation for tender bid purpose. The most suitable cost being proposed by any companies for this project will raise their opportunities to get the contract. Simple is it?

Sometimes I feel like I am not a trainee, but a permanent worker there. Sound interesting indeed, but believe me being a worker is the real boring thing you ever do in your life. I think my entire friends who doing internship got the same feeling.

By Saturday, I just key all the data in Excel file before submitting it to my supervisor. And it’s also the 1st day of Ramadan.

To conclude, all of this I just need to leave some word; remember kids please appreciate your precious moment at school and university.

If not I bet you will die with regret. Stay tuned next week…!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Internship Week #2 — Work Attitude Please!

Hi everyone, it’s good to meet you guys again for my Internship weekly update. As I mentioned last week, this week will go to busy with some new project. And of course it comes with sort of drawing!

Start from Monday until Wednesday, Mr. Tan asks me to sort out everything about the drawing start from managing to print out all the drawing at Design Department, make a checklist to ensure all drawing element is completely print out as given in Tender Document.

Just to mention here, for this time Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd gets a project to build a palm oil factory at Tanjung Langsat, Johor. It’s a new project and what make me shock is the drawing set that I need to manage is almost 250 pages per drawing set!

Gosh, it’s too much. I had to manage for 3 sets of main drawing and some more add-on drawing.

Look so naïve, it is my first time ever to see and go through the details of the complete drawing to build a complete oil-palm factory. It does include drawing for refining & dry fractionation plant, main office building, and chemical store, refuse bin, guard house, and canteen.

Actually, I'm not really sure whether what I am writing up here is ethically right or not, but for my concern to share something good with others I will put here some fundamental fact about what am I doing for this project.

Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd is a pioneer in manufacturing of pressure vessel, storage tank, and heat exchanger. That’s what IE is all about. Besides IE also fabricate heavy-metal structural like universal beams, column, truss, structure and anything related to the metal structure product.

So for this project IE was needed to build a factory for one company at Johor by providing expertise in manufacturing of heavy-metal structures.

By Friday, after all, the drawing is completely set-up, Mr. Tan asks me to start the calculation on truss structure, beams and column. It's much differ compared to the last week because Mr. Tan said he will use all my data from the calculation of the tender estimation cost. Is it a challenge for me?


On the other note, I am a trainee as well. So Mr. Tan was going to guide me through everything. To share this point is priceless for me. He reminds me of work attitude.

Yes, work attitude!

He says, to success as an engineer I should be;
  1. A very concern worker means don't ever make careless often. All bosses don't like careless worker even on a small task.
  2. Keep an eye on work attitude. A bad attitude has no place in engineering field work.
  3. Always try to be an aggressive worker. Ask, don’t ever be passive. He reminds me of the right to ask. Ask if you don't know and don't ever try to assume by yourself.
Yes, again, he pledges to guide me on how to be a very good engineer in the future. Thanks, sir!

Overall for this week, again and again, I am trained as well. Doing fault is not a fault, but its a sign of your effort. Like my best friend, Marvin Gau said last week, I’m still foolish and always hungry to learn.

Oh yeah, on Saturday I’m off to Kuala Lumpur to attend a lecture on Rethinking Islamic Reform by Prof Dr. Tariq Ramadan at Renaissance Hotel.

Thanks guys for drop by and read my short note on a weekly update for my internship program at IE.

See you guys next week…

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Islam is Not about Model but Values and Substances - Tariq Ramadan

Thanks for your nice sharing at Rethinking Islamic Reform organized by Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF). It is one of my great lecture ever I had attend. Yes Islamic nature is work with any good exist to have a better world. Great enlightenment, hope ALLAH will always bless you Prof Tariq Ramadan.

Best quote; Islam is not about model but values.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Internship Week #1 — Mechanical or Civil?

Alhamdulillah I was successfully reported as trainee at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd start July 2, 2012. It’s a big day for me for doing something new and goes to a new place and the environment.

To say I was inexperienced working at big company and do some work on factory side, it’s a lie because before this I already have a training at industrial site last year almost 3 months at DK Composites Sdn Bhd in order to fabricate our car body for Shell Eco-marathon 2011.

Also, for this year we manage to complete the car body modification processes at the same factory too.

However, to write my feeling during the first day of my internship is quite opposite compared to what am I doing at DK Composites.

Here we go, as I reported as a trainee to Human Resources Department my blood shrunk after introduced to each staff at the management office, also head of each department and introduced to my supervisor here.


For sure!

As I said, it totally differ to what I am facing during working at DK Composites. I recognize it’s because here I am alone. I am the one and only trainee at Ikatan Engineering Sdn Bhd!

Feel great? Don’t know how to answer this.

For the first day, I have been given a task to calculate the total tonnage of oil-palm factory structure. My supervisor is the Asst. Manager (Project) of IE, so everything related to the outside tender and project it will straightforward deal with him. Sorry, forgot to state his name here, Mr. Tan Thiam Heng.

He was a structural engineer. Therefore, what am I doing here is the job scope for the structural engineer. It is curious me a lot since I was a mechanical engineering student and after being at IE I was given a job as the structural engineer as we all known it supposedly in the civil engineering course.

Nevertheless, I am optimist just after he explained to me the big picture of being in the engineer’s world. Engineering is related to each other. Either you are mechanical or civil or anything, it will go to hang out with each other.

My interest is in oil & the gas industry so to be trained as structural engineer is a golden opportunity for me to gain as much as knowledge about this field of industry for structural engineering plays a huge role in oil & gas industry.

So what’s more I want to say here?

Like one of famous motivator, said  sorry I don’t remember his name  you enjoy your work, it will worth every second you have been at the office.

To say the least, I am enjoying my work. Analyst the plant drawing, trace the entire structural element in there and make a calculation. After everything, complete key in all the data in Worksheet. Easy is it?

For the overall record, this week I had one factory visit accompany with my supervisor. In addition, there I ever was being blasted by my supervisor after I made a very simple and incomplete table for data collection.

Hey guys, then I learned now how was a feeling of being blasted by boss on what we are doing is unsatisfied him.

The point here is I learn.

OK, that’s all for my short note for this week. I promise to write the series of my internship experienced every week. What can I say am I having a very great job; even it’s confusing me at first. I hope my supervisor didn’t read this. If you read this sorry ya!

See you guys next week…