Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lifelong Learning

People come, go and part
Some, leave a deep mark on your heart

Each human we meet, is a part of his grand design
Each meeting has it own purpose, a purpose divine

A lesson to be learnt, from each encounter, however brief
Be it a holy man, a true friend or even a thief

Our life is a long learning process
We learn from each of joy or duress

And thus forms our character, our soul, our very essence
Life is a long class, made of many such lessons

From the time we are born and as we grow
Our experiences mould our psyche that we do know

Some factor can’t be help, some we can improve upon
Absorb only the good and the right, let evil be bygone

A child is so innocent when he is born
Radiant, beautiful, like the new dawn

Untouched, unaware, pure and essentially good
Let him develop as God willed it, as he should

No prejudices, no hate, love for all fellow man
Why discrimination of caste, colour or race then??

We all love hate, cry and eat and breathe the same
Then whats in the country, the cage, the religion or the name??

We all will die and go to the same dust
So lets live a fair life as we must

Death is the only reality, the greatest truth
So let conquering our ego, mark the final pursuit

This life is a precious gift from God to us
So as he wants us to, lets live it… Thus…

This poem never get old. I read it long time ago, and read again and again to remind myself. BIG Credit though to its writer.